How to arrange alpine slides at the site with their hands

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20 May 2016

rocky hillsides adorned with a scattering of flower islets are unforgettable picture that wants to enjoy again and again.You do not even have to go on a long hike.In the hard-working hosts with imagination could quickly emerge alpine slide his hands on their summer cottage.It is only necessary to provide for all the details.


Create an alpine slide step by step ↑

Select location ↑

height of buildings can be up to 3 meters, but you must take into account the dimensions of the plot.For large-area restrictions for the imagination not: alpine slide may occupy a decent plot, which will be held on the track and stairs or a very small island with a couple-three stones.A modest size in the country is to provide an area not exceeding 2.5 m2.Otherwise you may have no decoration, and piling up.

When choosing a place you should not focus on the north.It is better to choose the south or east.Heat-loving plants will feel very comfortable, and for the rest it is a wonderful place.It is important that the building was visible from all sides, and not "hide" behind the house or gazebo.Because alpine slide - usually the most beautiful place in the landscape design.

natural landscape
right combination of rocks and plants look like natural landscapes

If the site is located on a slope, then come up with nothing special.Suffice it beautifully "throw" stones and planted plants.But the design can be positioned on a horizontal surface.Then the key to success will be good drainage.

Preparations ↑

need to begin work in early autumn.By the time the scheme alpine garden (it is being built with his own hands or not) must be displayed on the paper.If everything is given a large area (more than 10 m2) should mark the location of the garden paths, bridges, crossings.The practical part takes a few steps.

alpine slide
scheme will enable the correct sequence of steps to plan and layout of the plant
  • On the designated area removed a layer of soil thickness of 40 cm.
  • ¼ of the depth is filled with rubble, with broken bricks and other debris.Do not use a white silicate brick and wood waste.In the land they quickly disintegrate.
  • then seized the soil should be mixed with gravel and coarse sand in the ratio 3: 1: 1 to form a hill.Earth is pre-treated with herbicides because weed control that will make its way between the rocks, it is very difficult.
slide on the site
Good drainage is the key to the success of

Important!Each layer abundantly watered and compacted.

Decorative rocky part of the design ↑

device for an alpine slide his hands can use any gems.They can be roughly the same size and color, or create a mixed picture.In any case, there is a suitable alternative.A good assistant will be a lot photo alpine hands.On this basis, you can create your own unique design.

It is interesting !The stones of soft rocks (coquina, limestone, calcite) well absorb moisture and air, but with time destroyed.Cobblestone and granite do not lose their properties at high humidity, but not all plants like this "neighborhood."Yet for the alpine slide will approach the second option.These stones look nice and do not create obstacles to the arrangement of the reservoir.


  • Chopped chunks do not fit into the surrounding landscape.
  • on a small patch of large boulders form a heap.
  • Stacked stones do not have to swing.

Stones is spread over a hill in a chaotic manner, then the design will look natural.Bury them in the ground with the flat side so that there is less on the surface of a part.Then 3 weeks of work are suspended for the shrinkage of all components slide.

Site arrangements
on a large plot just need to provide a track and transitions

Alternatively, you can use pebbles to create individual elements or the whole of the rocky hill.

select plants for rock garden ↑

For plants should prepare a fertile soil and fill the space between the stones to her.You can make a hole, poured on the bottom of an additional layer of gravel for drainage, then ground.

important !If oversaturate the soil with fertilizers, plants will quickly be drawn by depriving the planned construction of beauty.

Seedlings should be selected so that the rock garden was in the colors and in the spring, summer and autumn.It will be a wonderful addition conifers.When choosing a tree species is necessary to provide their final dimensions.

Perennials provide a basis and will be pleasing to the eye for several seasons.And annuals can be used as an inexpensive version of the design changes.Should choose a different group of plants.

  • Carpet or ground covers spread over the site, forming a decorative mat via creeping shoots.This St. John's wort, daisy, yarrow, speedwell, alpine strawberries, thyme.
  • Female require more attention, but are the most beautiful elements of the alpine slide.It manzhetniki, Levisa, orostahis young.

can be positioned on top of juniper, mountain pine, thuja, cotoneaster.They will decorate the structure all year round.Rock suitable for wormwood and ferns.Permanent "residents" are alpine gentian and edelweiss.Stonecrop grows in any soil, and completely unpretentious.It looks wonderful spleenwort fern.

plant on the site
on shaded areas for vegetable decorations better suited conifers and ferns rock

primrose blooms in March, April and May will be the ornament of saxifrage, bloodroot grandiflora, daphne boletus.From May to September, bell flowers Poskharskogo.He is white, blue, pink and purple flowers.A September-October, Chinese gentian blue stain.

Alpine hill with a waterfall ↑

best option would be the alpine garden with a waterfall, which is also easy to make your own hands.Harmony stones, flowers and water creates a wonderful place for rest and relaxation.I admire such a structure can be infinite.In order to make the waterfall, you need to add a few additional steps.

device Falls
Cascade easier to mount of flat stones
  • After marking the area to be dug pit.For the reservoir you can use any household utensils, coarse film.Future first pond filled with water, and then set with the level.
  • area around the tank is filled with sand and pebbles in several layers, each of which is abundantly watered and compacted.
  • stones cascade is to choose flat.They are easier to install.The construction must be slightly tilted back, but so that it was not visually noticeable.
  • Fixing is effected by means of mortar or foam.The remains is to remove the mask and the small pebbles or other elements.
  • At the bottom of the pump is installed, the power of which depends on the height of the stage (in-store pick up suitable option).
  • hose between masked and carried stones to the top.
improvement of the pond
hose between masked stones cascade

you can install it anywhere - the water does not become cloudy or in the shade or in the sun.But in the first case, the choice of plants will be limited, and both want to set off the gray stones in bright colors of flowers.In the pond are planted moisture-loving plants.Decorate the pond can be, and the surrounding area.

with their own hands
combination of stones, flowers and water brings peace and tranquility

Rock garden with waterfall brings additional trouble.The water should be completely down several times during the season, clean the capacity of leaves and dirt, replace the filter pump.But the peace that brings the quiet murmur of the water, it compensates spent force.

Additional decorations ↑

for alpine slide is to provide coverage to its beauty is revealed in a new way at dusk.The best option would be solar-powered lights.For their operation is not necessary to lay cable and use of electricity.The battery is charged during the day and illuminates the area at night.A waterproof model can be placed directly into the pond.

alpine slide
illumination creates a late evening completely new kind of design

Do not forget about the bench.The adjacent area for her have to find a place.Harmoniously will look wooden model carved their logs or snags.For extra comfort you can provide pads that will be another step to true bliss.

The beauty of the alpine coaster is that there are no two identical variants.Each design is universal.The device is an alpine slide his hands brings great joy, especially if the process involves the whole family.After all, you can come up with their own model and create a "pearl" of the landscape.