How to make the area rutary - stunning garden of roots and driftwood

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20 May 2016

That infield can be transformed with the help of vegetation, well known even novice gardeners.Here's how to turn it into a cozy and unusual area with the help of improvised means - roots and driftwood, a science should learn.Sadiq of such materials is an interesting name - rutary.Let us know what secrets will help it build on the territory of the villa.


What begins rutary ↑

In the modern landscape design such a thing as rutary, appeared relatively recently.This method of registration of land came to taste the first inhabitants of the European countries.It all started with the fact that some gardener invented to decorate their territory with a composition of roots, snags, stumps.Gradually his fame spread throughout the world, and Russia is no exceptio


Sometimes the decision to create a composition of natural materials arises spontaneously.For example, your arm turned up dried branch or stump intricate form that resembles a fairy-tale character.Then I feel like they fit into the landscape, connecting your imagination and the imagination.

creating a song, you need to take care to make it look voluminous, and its different parts in harmony with each other

However, amateur gardeners should be aware that rutary on the photo will look really impressive, if its creationadhere to certain rules.Considering the specific recommendations, it is possible to create a very intricate and lovely corner at his dacha.Let's learn it.

find a place to start, where to place the rutary.Stumps and snags in the garden should look harmonious continuation of the landscape.Before composing the composition, it is necessary to introduce, well she fit into the surrounding landscape.For example, sometimes the best place to put it right at the entrance to the cottage, where she will meet each of your guest.In some cases, you can give the territory of mystery, if placed in remote corners of dark driftwood, which are so similar to the fairy-tale characters, or unusual animals.

are looking for and process materials for the garden roots ↑

Work on the garden begins with the search for suitable materials.To do this, you can walk on his own gardening area.What we will need to process rutariya?An excellent basis for compositions become branches that remain after pruning fruit trees.If your site is such a rarity, as the old moss-covered stump, do not rush him to uproot!Perhaps he would be the central figure.

composition of the country
rutariem working on, we are actually creating in his garden a certain mood.The composition can customize the way to peace or alert, awaken memories or inspire new feats

If you have at hand there is no such material, it is possible to walk them to the nearby woods or park.Feel free to collect driftwood and remains of tree stumps, large branches and pieces of bark.You may want to drag the logs to the country, even if they raise the strength.Sometimes there are also such a good deal, like a stump intricate shapes.

collected materials must be properly prepared before doing one song.It is best to dry the wood is preserved if it free of dirt and moss, rinse and then dry.After that, it is lacquered or impregnated by special means, which will prolong its life span than a dozen years.However, even without processing branches or driftwood able to please the eye for a long time - over 6-7 years.And since some of them are attractive precisely because of mossy, you can leave them in their original form, only to eliminate dust and insects.

Select rutariya view and think the basic idea of ​​the composition ↑

Here come the most interesting phase of the work - we need to think what kind of garden and create what would be his idea.

garden design
One of the indisputable advantages rutariya is that it will always look original: in nature do not find two identical stumps or snags.Therefore, even the same idea will be filed in their own way, and the composition will not be similar to some of the previously seen

Garden roots and driftwood can be of three types.The first of them is called natural.This means that to create it can be used as obsolete and its remnants of trees and vegetation alive.This solution is the most beautiful, because in such a composition perfectly intertwined dry branches, stumps and roots of the original form with flowering ornamental plants.

second option - a simple garden, which involved only snags and stumps.Of course, you need to work hard on them, for example, give a kind of hemp-old man lesovichka or another character.In fact, it is about creating the sculpture, which then must be entered into the landscape.

Finally, you can create a so-called decorative rutary.This means that the key role it will play a dead tree and a figure of him, but it will surround the living vegetation.

choose the direction in which you act, you need to come up with the main idea of ​​his composition.For example, if your cottage frequent visitors are children, it can be used in the garden fairy-tale motifs.For those who like to philosophize on the lap of nature would be more appropriate for this mysterious composition evokes thoughts about the impermanence of life and the meaning of life.

Learning "golden" rules for creating spectacular rutariya ↑

Moving from theory to practice and starting to translate his idea into reality, you need to consider several key recommendations.They help to create a charming area that will look beautiful and harmonious.

first rule says - the more used in the composition of living vegetation, so it will look more cheerful.So how would not want to use all the unusual and original dry twigs and roots, they must apply to the extent that the garden has not turned bleak.It is best to select a few snags spectacular and steady hand to throw out the rest.

second rule sounds - do not limit your imagination using only wood materials.If your head has matured a great idea, but only snags and stumps to realize it is not enough, then pick up other handy tools.For example, in rutarii would be appropriate to any garden decor, pebbles, pieces of natural or artificial stone, forging the elements and ceramic products.

garden decoration
If you have artistic talents, do not hesitate to use him in the garden of the roots.For any branch, snag or stump can be given an interesting image

Finally, the third rule concerns the choice of vegetation that is most harmoniously fit into the composition.It is believed that the best ones are those plants which are not very pomp.For example, to play along with fine wood figure and periwinkles daisies, cornflowers and phlox, petunias and Chernobrivtsev.Ivy and ferns make your garden beautiful.By the way, nothing prevents each year to make something new in composition, changing vegetation.Then the garden of the roots and driftwood will be a real attraction, which will be pleased to enjoy your family and friends.

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