The range of perennial flowers for decoration of flower beds: study the most unpretentious plant

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17 May 2016

Practical gardeners who do not want to mess with every season planting seeds and seedlings sparring, the main focus in the beds made on perennials.These plants require attention only to the first year until take root.Then, when at full capacity will begin to bloom profusely and rejoice with decorative leaves.Some nasevayutsya themselves, but so intensively, that the seedlings will have to share with the neighbors on the site.Here's how to choose the right flowers for the decoration of perennial flower beds, combined with what and where to plant.


main group perennials ↑

plants that can live in one place for a long time, very much, so growers be divided them into several groups:

  • The peculiarities of the root system:tuberous, bulbous and rhizomatous.
  • on arts: with beautiful leaves, with large flowers, blooming all summer.
  • On special care: requiring digging or shelter for the winter and do not require.

to pick up the flower beds, not only perennial flowers, blooming all summer, but the background addition to them - the plants, which is quite spectacular aerial part (leaves, stems, etc.).Against the background of thick green vegetation lush blossoms look even brighter and more spectacular.

Unpretentious flowers for flower beds: study of the original plant foliage ↑

Making beds is better to start with the most undemanding plants that are good not only flowering as increased decorative bushes.They winter to keep a wonderful view, will not come until the first frost.About such plants still say "put and forget" because they require minimal care.Just put the roots in the soil healthy, to ensure the right level of moisture - and your site by next spring will shine showy patches of green vegetation.Most perennial garden flowers: a photo care and features:

  • Hosts

Perfect for partial shade.Massive juicy leaves create a beautiful semicircular outlet at its center by June shoot high flower stalks with small flowers.Host valued for a variety of textures of leaves.Not only will create more than 70 varieties of different colors (from dark green to yellow with white trim and bluish veins, etc.), so still and the surface of the sheet itself is matte, glossy, pupyrchatoy with embossed stripes, etc.. Monotsvetnik from one host - an excellent show!

perennial flowers
Hosts are so self-sufficient and decorative, they can decorate any area, even without the involvement of other perennials
  • Astilba

be called "friends" host because too love penumbra.However, their root system is weaker than that of the host, and require frequent replenishment moisture.Only in this way the plants will provide a lush bush with small patterned leaves, and in July and August will enjoy unusual paniculate inflorescence.

beautiful flowers
The flowering period is crowned with luxurious fluffy cap paniculate inflorescences
  • Astilboidesy

The name of the plant you hear all Astilbe the same, but the reality is quite different perennial.He rounded the corner with patterned leaves that cover the rosette, like a bunch of umbrellas.Planting is always in the center of the flower beds because it increases the height of the plant each year.Up to 3 years - held in the metro area, and close to ten leaves grow inordinately tall above 1.5 meters.To grow such a beauty, buy seeds of perennial flower shrub or divided into several parts, cutting the roots.Like many plants with large leaves, astilboides prefers partial shade and moist place.

dekorativnolistvennye flowers
huge leaves with jagged edge astilboidesa require a lot of space
  • stonecrop

characteristic feature of these plants is a clear, compact form of the bush.All the leaves come from virtually the same point and form a nice ball, which looks powerfully by fleshy stems and leaves.By the fall at the end of each stem is covered with pinkish buds without losing decorative foliage.Stonecrop not "friends" with the previous plants, because he loves the sun.In the shadow of its stems can lodge.But to soil absolutely not picky and grows well on sandy ground.

beautiful flowers
If you put a young stonecrop in concrete decorative ring, he will always keep a compact shape
  • Badal

secrete powerful leathery leaves that fall closer to becoming a bronze or reddish tint.Blooming in May, about 4 weeks, but may not release the stems, if planted in a shady place.But there saxifrage escalate beautiful green mass even on poor soil.For the peculiar form the leaves got the nickname "elephant ears".Under natural conditions the lower leaves of Bergenia gradually behind the outlet, carpeting the ground carpet protects the soil from drying out.On a bed dry leaves will not look very aesthetically pleasing, so they are removed, but the land mulch.

flowers in the garden
Badan not tolerate dry places, because the massive leaves too quickly evaporate moisture

most beautiful perennials: select plants with large inflorescences ↑

When the green background is created to do bright color spots.To do this, fit tall varieties of perennial flowers, there are large inflorescences.They can be planted as soloists, breaking the monotony of lawn, or be in the middle-tier beds.If you examine a selection of photos of flowers in the perennial network, there are four most popular plants.First place - rose.Compete with a rose in its beauty can no plant, no wonder these perennial flowers in the photo appear more often than others.When it is the season of flowering bush if poured colorful, large and fragrant buds, visible from afar.Depending on the variety, roses can bloom once, twice during the season and during the summer.The simplest of care considered climbing varieties.They are able to build up the whip for the season up to 3 meters and please gorgeous blooms.However, only a month and a half.But most varieties of winter transfers without shelter.If you want a rose that will bloom again in the fall, you should look at hybrid tea variety.A suit for permanent flowering floribunda, which grow up to a meter, but the flowers are not released all at once, but gradually.

Roses are good in single landings, especially climbing varieties that reach 2-3 m. In height

second place - Cannes.These flowers are conventionally divided into two types: large high leaves, but smaller peduncles and vice versa.It all depends on the variety.Cannes advantage is that all of them until the fall, you can forget.None of the weed is not able to break through the thick veil of leathery leaves, and they grow inordinately tall and 2 meters.Low-growing varieties are distinguished luxury large inflorescences in red, orange, yellow.It is for the people sent them in early spring perennial flowers in a nursery.Canna starts to bloom in early summer, and does not stop until frost.The only negative - in need of digging in the winter, otherwise vymerznet.

Reproduction Cannes
Cannes hardly affected diseases, but the cold winters in the soil will not sustain

Third place - the Chrysanthemum.These hardy perennial flowers running the show in the fall because it is in bloom this time of year.But in the spring of their aerial part with fluffy leaves very decorative, so it can serve as a backdrop for the early-flowering bulbs.Chrysanthemums grow in any soil, but can respond to variations of illumination poor flowering.They do not recommend planting near streetlights, not to confuse the life cycle.These perennial flowers from seed to grow for a long time, so the hostess trying to buy ready-made bush and gradually divide it into parts.

Chrysanthemum in a pot
Chrysanthemum more convenient to buy a bush in a pot, because they bloom later this season

fourth place - irises.If you look at a catalog of perennial flowers, the iris it will take no less than 3 pages.Created by a huge number of luxury varieties that are not afraid of drought or frost, the winter without shelter.Most irises have a height of 50-70 cm, although the flower stalks grow inordinately tall over a meter.The leaves are narrow, long, placed a circle around the rosette.Permission is granted as an autumn planting of perennial flowers, and early spring.This flower is a couple of years becomes so powerful bush, which requires a division, or may deteriorate bloom.

the variety of irises
Irises good as in monoposadkah, in combination with lower plants

Bantam flowers for the garden: perennial plants with a long flowering ↑

to frame the edges of the tracks, create a living border use undersized perennial flowers.They cover the ground a carpet strewn with a scattering of small flowers, and fill the lower tiers beds.If you need to fill in the cracks between the stones in the alpine hill, then pay attention to chickweed.It creates so tight cap that kills all weeds.However, the first year will have to suffer with seeding, because the seedlings of perennial flowers of this variety is found on sale very seldom.Yaskolka sown at about the same time as petunias and keep on the windowsill until June, when the threat of frost has passed.The following summer in late May your slide covered with incredibly beautiful flowers and thick, which will bloom about a month.

perennials for the garden
Deadnettle perfectly divided roots, but this method of reproduction can only be used for the overgrown bushes

For lower-tier approach and perennial bulbous flowers because most of them have a height of not more than 40 cm. Cheaper, of course, use varieties notrequire digging in the winter - daffodils, ornithogalum, anemones, tulips, lilies.Some gardeners planted in perennial flower beds in summer potted plants - geranium and begonia.But it requires proper selection of seats and lighting, because after the hothouse conditions apartment plants to be acclimatization period.

Video: perennial flowers do not require special care ↑