Create a cozy cottage and garden in a rustic style

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17 May 2016

more developed civilization, the stronger the pull of modern man to nature.That is why fashion are simple forms and styles, both in the interior as well as in the landscape.How can you make a garden in a rustic style, and that advice on this matter experts?


Features garden rustic ↑

begin with, that will describe the main features of the suburban area, which is decorated in a rustic style.In one of his name it can be assumed that there are no special restrictions or rigid framework.Rather, it acts as the hallmarks of easy carelessness and freedom.So make out the landscape in such a direction is not adhering to a clear geometric forms, as well as adding a bold bright colors.Thus, he seemed st

iff and resists sleek palace gardens.

cottage in a rustic style
Feeling deliberate negligence and natural - that is present in the country rustic

Note that in every country of the style has its own specifics.So for us, the most interesting are those variations that are close to the Russian people.Behind them it will be easier and easier to care for, as well as to receive from this garden a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.You can safely say that in the summer cottage with rustic motifs really really relax, because there do not feel any frame.The only thing that comes through in everything around - a riot of colors of nature and its unique natural beauty.

start equipping garden with paths and trails ↑

If you decide to use a rustic style in landscape design, it is necessary to take care to virtually all parts of the landscape were performed in the same way.Is no exception, and the track to the design of which is to come, given the following recommendations.

arrangement of the garden path
Laid-stone slabs and if lost among the lush vegetation - that might look like a rustic garden path

Firstly, the taboo on any path with a neat masonry or severe form.From their appearance should feel a slight negligence.As if the tracks are laid inadvertently, as it happens in the forest.Of course, you must take care about the convenience and navigate the site.Therefore, you need to consider is where to pave the way.And not to wander on the grass, you can lay out the path Spili wood or granite dropout.In this place them at a distance from each other that between the individual elements germinated grass.Then it will give the impression that you go for long-stride.

Equips gazebo and choose furniture for the garden ↑

turn to the important point of work on suburban areas - legalize recreational area.Of course, garden furniture and rustic furniture will be here can be very useful.Let us outline the items and about the structure, which can be positioned in the corner, where you will have a rest from their everyday worries and holiday hassle.It is best to build a gazebo made of wood, and it can be further obsadit twine vegetation.When she obovet whole structure, it will feel as if he had created by nature itself.

pergola in the garden
Garden or country house will look most natural if they were surrounded by trees such as birch and weeping willows

inside to create the appropriate atmosphere.Items of furniture have to be unpretentious, and also made of wood.Organically and will look nice chairs or stools of wicker.And of course, let them be in its natural color.Additional impact of your use of the garden gates and fences made of twigs or deliberately carelessly knocked together boards that set even where without them it is possible to do.The classic version is also decorated their pots or braid vegetation.And then every visitor to your site will feel like a real village.

We make beds at the cottage in a rustic style ↑

Getting the most pleasant work at their summer cottage - Making beds.If these elements to work with the soul, it is possible to create a vivid and at the same time organic flower gardens, pleasing to the eye and relatively undemanding in care.Typically, in the garden a few beds, and one of them is removed as a central element.The peculiarity of each of the flower beds is that they are thrown into close proximity vegetable vegetation and flowers.For example, in the design of using such crop plants such as corn and ornamental cabbage, lettuce and sunflower.They perfectly match asters and hollyhocks, dahlias and nasturtiums, marigolds and pansies, calendula and chamomile.

bed in the rustic style
on a bed in a rustic style flowers do not hesitate to show all its beauty

Take care requires not only beds, but also about all the vegetation in your area.However, this concern is relatively specific.Unlike other styles in the landscape, the village suggests that none of the lawn or meadow in the country should not look well groomed.On the contrary, they have to grow grass and wild plants, thanks to its charming spontaneity and naturalness.

Decorate garden and work with fruit trees ↑

your house in rustic style is remarkable and original, if you put the work still to his garden, as well as fruit trees.By the way, even if you buy land only to rest, but not for very large-scale crops, we recommend that you make at least a symbolic gryadochki that will fit into a common space.For example, you can plant a few rows of carrots and onions, cabbage and greens.It is not necessary to work on them in the sweat of thy face: they will only be successful if some places where they are to appear shoots of weeds.Even better, the beds near the plant a few berry bushes.In the summer, they will be pleasing to the eye and give the harmony of its colorful fruits.In fact, some gardeners to be original, adding to the ranks of the crop plant flowers.

style cottages
Feel free to attach a rustic cottage flavor using carts decorated with flowers or coarse flower pots

addition to give your site a rustic spirit, you can use fruit trees.The peculiarity of their planting is that they must be placed in a chaotic manner.If between them stretched a wild pitch, then the charm of the total species guaranteed.

accents and enjoy their garden ↑

In conclusion, we give a few useful recommendations.Equipping suburban area, you should arrange and his house in a rustic style.One of the simplest solutions - is the construction of the building, similar to the Russian hut.If you already have a country house, just escaped with his siding imitating wooden beams.

pond on the site
Pond would be relevant to your rural country, especially if it is surrounded by greenery and decorative elements in an appropriate style

Another important element - is well.It is necessary to make at least a decorative design that will add color to your landscape.If you put on the site and even a scarecrow, made in accordance with national traditions, your villa will be a real landmark, and on it you will be comfortable and pleasant rest.

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