A solid foundation for the fence - the unit and the phased construction of the supporting base

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19 May 2016

No private structure is complete without a fence enclosing the surrounding area.For its construction used all kinds of materials: metal, wood, stone.To guard was strong and served for a long time, you need to build the foundation for the fence.Only then your home will be protected against any encroachment.


types of foundation under the fence ↑

Depending on the type and design of the fence choose the desired option.Foundations are:

  • tape;
  • pole mounted;
  • pole-belt;
  • stone.

Before you build the foundation for the fence, it is necessary to make the marks on the ground.Typically, the plan design is a rectangle.

Therefore, marking is done on the perimeter an

d is a rope stretched between stakes driven into the corners.

Marking the future of the foundation for the fence
Layout - Step 1 for the construction of the basement under the fence of any of the types

Strip foundation for a solid fence ↑

most often the foundation for constructing the fence with their hands, use this option.It is a strip of reinforced concrete, laid on the perimeter.Consider all the stages of the construction of strip foundation.

Strip foundation
Ribbon foundation under the fence

Prepare the trench for the foundation ↑

depth of the trench for the foundation depends on climatic conditions, the stability of the soil and the weight of the structure.Usually it is 60-80 cm. The width of the trench depends on the thickness of the fence.Before further work to deepen the bottom is filled with sand and compacted, abundant irrigation water.

Stowage and securing fittings ↑

Laying fixtures
foundation needed for strength reinforcement

To give the castle the foundation for the construction of a fence requires a reinforcement.Standard fittings for the foundation under the fence has a cross-section of 10 mm.It should be stacked at a distance of 5 cm from the bottom of the trench.For this armature put some support.The first two series of rods mounted along the length of the trench, before reaching the walls of 7 cm. The cross bars are strengthened with the vertical at a distance of 40 cm from each other.Moreover, the uprights must be below the upper edge of the foundation of 5-7 cm. The top is also attached to the longitudinal bars.The design is fixed by welding or wire.

formwork to form a concrete base under the fence ↑

Formwork build of 25 milimitrovoy edged boards.First knock shields.From ready-made designs form a box, given that the top of the foundation should extend above the ground on 30 cm or more.Install spacer board, strengthen the shields.

pouring concrete monolithic base ↑

Pouring concrete formwork
Pouring concrete formwork

final stage - pouring concrete into formwork.To make the foundation of a mixture of cement and quarry sand (1: 4).To improve the strength of the composition or pour sifting rubble.It should get a thick mass.To the soil in the trench did not withdraw moisture from the solution, moisten the bottom of the pit.After filling must be at least 3 days before you can start building the fence.

Pole base - installation supports ↑

Pole foundation
established support for the construction of the foundation Stolbovoye

This type of foundation is mainly used for wooden fences or fence from the grid, less of corrugated board.Besides columnar foundations for fence much simpler in execution than other designs and much cheaper.Its application it is advisable to heaving soils.Distance between the posts depends on the design of the future and the fence is from 2 to 3 meters.At such a distance from each other dig grooves.For this purpose, it is amiss garden auger.

Threaded foundation piles
screwed foundation piles - also a good option

recess diameter is determined by the diameter of the pillars plus 15-30 cm. The depth of the pits is 100-150 cm. The bottom of the trench is filled with 20 cm of sand mixed with gravel and plenty of water drained.Inserted into the recess poles aligned vertically with a plumb and level and filled with sand concrete to ground level.As the supports can be used corners, wood treated with preservative, brick, square metal pipe.To the inside of the hollow pillar did not get the water and the snow caps on please.The result is a hard-standing pillars of the pillars on which are mounted the cross.

Combined band-pole version ↑

applied a foundation under the brick fence, mixed (wooden fence with stone or brick pillars) fence of corrugated.Accordingly markup dug a trench width of 20-25 cm, a depth of 0.5 m. Every 2-3 m made recesses for future columns support the fence.The width of these holes should be at least 0.4 m and a depth below the level of soil freezing, about 1.5 m.

Under support for greater strength, it is desirable to use a frame made of metal.By inserting a column in a hole, recess is filled with concrete, and the vertical support level is controlled or plumb.Next to the trench laid metal reinforcements thickness of 8-12 mm and as poured concrete until the ground level.

Driving belt-and-pillar foundation
Driving belt-and-pillar foundation
Belt pillar foundation - Stage 1
1 step - installing posts and formwork
Belt pillar foundation - Stage 2
Stage 2 - pouring the foundation and consolidation of the fence

stone-paved foundation ↑

most durable and reliable stone foundations,used for any fences except tile and grid fence.Combined with forged products stone foundation has an aesthetic appearance and looks solid.Self build such a structure is very difficult.Stones are different in size and have an irregular surface.Those who do not stop the difficulties it is advisable to consult a professional.

Stone foundation for the fence
most complicated process - the construction of the foundation stone

to the building was whiter even less, around large stones laid out smaller.A stacked stone exterior design with a smooth surface.Laying is performed either by dry or by applying the solution.

Foundations under the fence not less important part than the actual enclosure.The durability of this design depends on the consideration of all factors affecting the strength of the foundation.Namely subsidence base under its own weight, displacement of soil layers, cleaning the sewage.Therefore, to sleep should be to choose the right type of foundation, use only high-quality materials and technology to comply.

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