Corner fireplaces - especially in the interior accommodation, homemade corner "hearth"

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19 May 2016

Fireplaces known to man since the ancient times, when he built the first residence, which was necessary to heat.Of course, after many centuries, the fireplace substantially altered and gained several new features, but time does not diminish its importance to the house.Until now, a fireplace warms our homes, giving the amazing atmosphere of warmth and comfort.Moreover, modern models of fireplaces are aesthetic furnishings that allow you to place your accents to disguise flaws finish or create a certain visual effects.It became particularly popular corner fireplaces that are based on the name, located in the corner of the room.


Benefits corner fireplace ↑

corner fireplaces Current models allow to create the most harmonious interior.The variety of materials, which are used for the appearance of the product, the original design solutions contribute to the fact that the fireplace can e

asily fit into almost any living space, regardless of style interior.

There are several criteria based on which the selected corner fireplace: size, shape, degree of functionality, aesthetics and others.Particular attention should be paid to the size and shape of the corner by the fireplace if it is installed in a small room.The fact is that some models of the fireplace can "steal" a lot of free space of the room.

Placing a corner fireplace in the interior
Selecting corner fireplace determine its geometrical parameters, functionality and aesthetic appeal

If the installation is planned in an apartment rather than a country house, it is necessary to pay due attention to the angular electric fireplaces.To get started is just to connect the product to an electrical outlet.Furthermore, the electric heater is more heat transfer compared with a log analogue and imitation fire almost indistinguishable from real flames.

apparent advantage of a corner fireplace is the fact that the flames can be seen from virtually anywhere in the room.This is quite convenient, so do not have to equip a place to rest just before the fireplace.A special attraction is a living room with corner fireplace, where you can relax with the whole family after a hard day's work.

Fireplace corner
Placing the fireplace in the corner of the room provides the perfect angle: it can be seen from anywhere in the room

should be noted that there are cases when there is quite difficult to choose the model of the corner fireplace.However, experts do not recommend in such situations to give up their desires and needs.Solve the problem in several ways.

First, you can buy an ordinary trim fireplace and build on the site of the corner room falshstenku in which it is installed.Such corner fireplace in the interior - a photo of the relevant decisions can be found on many websites - will look very attractive, but will take a lot of space.That is why such a structure can be built only in a fairly spacious rooms.

Second, you can adjust the number of ready-made portal fireplace.For this purpose its upper and lower portions are cut so as to maximize its walls abut against the walls of the room.However, it is worth considering that such work requires a very careful approach and a variety of calculations, as a result of the insert may simply not fit in the remaining space.

Fireplaces for residential homes ↑

course corner fireplaces - photos of different models can be viewed on the Internet - heated the surrounding air, but as the primary heat source can not be operated.For these purposes, may come stove with a water circuit.The heated water circulates in water circuit may warm a small house with several rooms.

Stove Corner
Corner stoves are often equipped with an oven and means for heating the coolant to the water heating system

especially popular now acquired furnace corner fireplace with built-in hob or oven.Obviously, in this case, the product is installed in the dining room or a living room with a dining room or kitchen.Thus, fireplace serves several functions: it decorates interior heats the living room and is used for cooking.

Do not forget that the angular oven fireplace that uses solid fuel, necessarily requires a device-quality chimney, as well as fireplaces with an open hearth.However, it is acceptable to ignore the device reinforced foundation.

Modern stoves give residential premises certain charm, and can be placed in almost any room where there is the possibility of the device chimney.So, it may be even a bathroom.

Fireplace angular type with your hands ↑

Quite often in country houses and cottages in the corner fireplace is done by hand.As for the materials for the masonry fireplace, you should stock up on cement, gravel, bricks, rubble stone, clay.Brick is the most common material for the construction of the fireplace.

device fire with his own hands requires consistent implementation of a number of works.Firstly, it laid the foundation capable of supporting the weight of the fireplace, which can be up to 1 ton.Second, the design documentation, which takes into account design features a corner fireplace, its dimensions.Then, a thorough preparation of the materials needed for the construction of the fireplace itself.

The next step is placed brick corner fireplace.So, for laying firebrick inside used for the side walls, you can choose a heat-resistant bricks.In addition, each new brick fireplace future number keeps dry.In the process of laying bricks do not forget about the timely withdrawal of the chimney on the roof.

Corner fireplace with his hands
fireplace corner with his hands

The next step in the fireplace for country houses and cottages corner fireplaces to set the metal grille of the furnace.For this steel strip thickness of about 3 mm in the seams and infest grout.The final "touch" will be the exterior finish of the fireplace.

Thus, corner fireplace in the interior is functional and decorative element capable at any time of the year a positive charge, to please the eye and give a good mood cold evenings in the winter.Perhaps, few people will want to voluntarily give up this "warm" heart of a residential home.