How to choose curtains to wallpaper: Create a perfect combination

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13 May 2016

So, renovated the house is finished ... Gently pokleit wallpaper, the rooms are arranged and not very new furniture, cleanliness and comfort.But the integrity of the interior of something missing.Oh, and curtains.The process of their choice - a real science.Universal answer the question of how to choose curtains for the wallpaper, of course, does not exist.But some rules of "good taste" can not be denied.For a more capacious opening threads try to figure out the apartment on spare parts - namely, individual room.


Choosing curtains in the room ↑

The choice of these in the living room - one of the most difficult "curtain dilemmas."After all, this room - the abode of hospitality, and the integrity of its interior is very important."To please" all elements of the audience probably will not work, so the best

option to idealize space - to pick up the curtains, in harmony with the color, character and texture of wallpaper.

Olive curtains in the living room
Olive curtains in the living room: quiet elegance

Important!In no case do not purchase curtains for the living room, the color of which merges with the wallpaper - it's a little boring and aesthetically pleasing.

But the search for optimal curtains in the same range with the walls is quite possible - safely grab a light or dark samples.But this is trivial decision.And in the hall, and you can experiment.Curtains neutral colors (beige, terracotta, cream) create a "strong alliance" with almost any wallpaper.

Suffice it to add color to the interior accessories, similar to wallpaper.It can be decorative pillows and designer rug.If the wallpaper is diverse and expressive, it is better for them to become a party-colored curtains.

Pick up the curtain for the kitchen ↑

wallpapers for the kitchen, as a rule, choose not to frilly and quiet;It does not cause.Then why not add brightness to the interior by means of curtains?They can be with a thematic pattern, interesting pattern or ornament.Note curtains cell and strip.In some cases, kitchen flourishes precisely because of such decisions.

Кухонные шторы в стиле "кантри"
kitchen curtains in the style of "country»

And more.Remember that the complaint "typical" for the room?Small, cramped and so forth. Therefore, to get involved in dark tones here is not: this applies to the wallpaper and curtains.Walls still get "too heavy"?Compensate trouble light curtains of light fabric.

bedroom and curtains in her ↑

This room represents peace and tranquility.The brightness and saturation of the interior - are inappropriate.You can "play" in contrast, choosing curtains to wallpaper radically different color, but intuitively appropriate.For example, the wallpaper with gold leaf would look elegant in a duet with turquoise curtains and blue walls easily set off by white curtains.

The bedroom on the sunny side: the cold colors in the interior
bedroom on the sunny side: the cold colors in the interior

Children cheerful extravaganza ↑

Curtains in the nursery should be as light, but dense.If wallpaper thereof with a variety of thematic patterns, the curtains Pestryaev simply oversaturated space.

The room where the walls are plain, but the more plain, bright curtains simply needed.

Children: emphasis on the bright curtains
Children: emphasis on the bright curtains

How to choose curtains to wallpaper?Trust your intuition, show imagination: do not be afraid of bold decisions.But do not forget about the concept of "healthy" taste.

video advice on color selection ↑

An important selection criterion is the compatibility of the colorful palette of wallpapers and colors of curtains.About the video will tell you how to pick up the curtains, focusing on the color of wall decoration.

makes seasonal change curtains.So in your home will always be a novelty and originality of the interior.