Basics decor flower pots with their hands

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17 May 2016

presence of colors in the interior decorate our life.And no matter where they are: on the windowsill in the nursery, in the kitchen, on the balcony, terrace or in the attic.Grow mini garden in pots we usually bought in a shop in the market.Often, they do improvised: cans, bottles, boxes, cups.A beautiful piece of plate to the plant is expensive because of the decor flower pot growers, not devoid of imagination, taken willingly.Innovation is encouraged.


ideas on this score is a lot of home designers - the most interesting and accessible of them, we will try to describe and illustrate.They usually involve the use of paper, textiles, films, pieces for weaving, knitting, and has a leaky places unnecessary clothes available in the inner corners

of each needlewoman stocks fabrics-lace-fitting, "shortage and" pugovok-buttons, beads.

often in the course are not spent for the repair, the restructuring of the building tile pieces, remains of mineral aggregate, plaster, cement, paints, varnishes and even empty plastic and glass containers, bottles, cans, cups.Paper sheets, covers, corks drinks, twigs, sticks, wedges and even some products find application in this exciting competition of amateur creativity and ingenuity.

introduction of "maritime" projects ↑

description of our "ten" start with technology decoration flower pots with their hands in line with the popular destinations "wave-to-shore beach."To realize this idea we need the shells and colored pebbles, fill our boxes, vases after the last trip to the sea.You can jot down a potential plot on the paper, and you can create and in the course of "calculations" auxiliary tinsel on the surface of the future "house" for flowers, shrubs.

  • Shells + stones: a simple program

to simple ceramic boat, alone with the help of "moments" are attached pebbles, seashells - washed and degreased.Pieces of tile oskolochki broken plates, cups can "to keep them company."We just try to keep the tint range - are in good stead to play your own personal taste.Waiting for fixing parts on the sides of the container, decide whether there is a need for some place tint.

Pots with shells
Pots with shells may look rather exotic

Pot with shells

next step - filling the voids between the elements of the picture.This can serve as a mixture of cement with PVA (ratio 3: 1), diluted with water to the consistency of thick cream.Want to give a "wave" of color - turquoise drip in a solution-aquamarine.Brush dipped in the resulting composition, paint over an empty space around the existing composition.As soon as it starts to stiffen, sponge or cloth to remove excess weight with decorative parts.The thing is ready.

possible and other methods.Brush glue "wires" between the shells, stones.Then, at a slightly tilted position of the cup, smeared with glue beautiful locations sprinkled grainy sand (not essential, sea or river).While it is not a dense layer of shielding all gaps remain until around fragments of "pictures."Complete work nail polish (as an option - "grasping" paint-spray), which should cover the entire workspace.You will see a spectacular shine.

  • complicate plans

If desired, you can use the shells, stones, glass pieces to decorate the unoccupied sidewall very tight, by covering the treated area completely, leaving no empty seats.A person with good skills with drawing and ability of the painter under the force would be like the original drawing, composition and intricate ornamentation.In this case the first phase ("landing" on the adhesive elements arabesque basis) will take more time, and the last (painting) may not be needed at all.

Shells on the pot
Examples of "solid" finish in a maritime style can inspire to create their own masterpieces

Decor pot Making pot Decor flower bed Decor pot inside and outside Decor shells in pastel colors

mosaic decoration pot ↑

Since the technological processes "related" to the above, we restrict series of amendments, clarifications relatedwith a wide variety of "raw material", participating in vykladyvanii mosaics on the walls of the plastic / ceramic pots basis.Here is a list of fragments can be extended by the remnants of building finishing materials, the pieces were "irrelevant" in the design of bathrooms keramplitki, variegated pugovok-beads, beads, sequins and other "little things".

decorated Gorny If container is to start stripping the sidewalls sandpaper.The ground-contact concrete imposed from above, provide a perfect grip with the base trim.The next layer of adhesive will form a mosaic.He trimmed the reinforcing mesh, and then proceed to installation of cellular bands - from the bottom up.Having laid mosaic, waiting for drying.Paper and remove damp.It is necessary to fill the grout joints.The process of decorating flower pots held.Drywall can be stand-circle.

Work with a mosaic plot
phase sequence when working with a mosaic plot (example 1)
The mosaic decoration
Example 2

Similarly, "are building" a sectional drawing of the remains of tiles, colored glass pieces, broken pottery, coins, buttons.If the tiles are a whole, it is crushed into pieces that will take place later in the draft plane."Planting" jagged shards of tile is best in the tile adhesive.Dries is the "panels" per day.Ends art "epic" grouting.It is recommended as an adhesive and trowel mixture choose lighter.Wash, clean-plastered areas 10-15 minutes after mashing.If the particles are stacked mosaic without clearance, the grout is not needed.

mosaic of fragments of plastic, buttons, beads - the list will continue to do ...

Making buttons

Decor mosaic pot

Decor flowerpot

«Magic» shell - to help decorator ↑

Beneficial means finishing - delicately refined amenable to crushingand any correction - acts shells, schischennaya with boiled eggs.It is like a snow-white and dark cream.If you wish, you can touch up, vyvarivaya with onion skins, or immersed in a solution of paint - plates easily absorb any color and keep it for long.Do not forget to start design manipulation remove the peel plenochku, degrease and dry the delicate finishing component!

impressive scenes from the egg of light "ripples" in the black and brown, burgundy, blue background (sort of a home "Gzhel").Dark as "zebra" spots look very elegant on a white field.Acrylic paint creates the necessary background on an empty cup, vase easily.Thus the method of design experience to successfully reach Crackle - intricate design, built on the alternation barely visible cobweb of cracks, causing the association with "the aged" products.

pot process Decoration in oriental style
Here is the process of decorating the pot in oriental style using eggshells
Decorating eggshells
pots decorated unpainted egg cells, too, are pretty

Sequence application "Crustaceans" mesh fit into two main stages (See below.).

  • Cooking basis

Clay covered land in a place to which will be attached fragment shells facing the concave side to the background-based.Fingers should be carefully pin down - to lay the surface tightly.Want to give curls pattern conceived outlines - Work on arrangement of parts, armed with a thin awl, needle or toothpick.If you seem to be large gaps, move between them extra small flakes.Then comes the turn of fixing PVA glue.

  • paint and painted

technique of this phase can be mixed.If the shell has already been painted previously, it can be set off only slightly, by making clearer, sharper - forced to stand on a light.Just touching lightly brush with paint convex part - that they stood out sharply, seemed expressive.For the same cracelures decorating flower pots with their hands will look a little harder.Perhaps the sheer staining glued shells.In the cracks it is advisable to thin brush (on it - a different color).In order to strengthen the drawing surface varnish.

Sticking everything is possible ... and it is impossible to ↑

The fact that the role of the scenery can perform ordinary metal caps from beverage - deployed as a wavy "skirts" and colorful picture out - many did not even know.Verify the absence of any restrictions on the work of this type allow the photo exclusive "pots".They confirm the practicality of his "sculptors" in an economy which really does not disappear, but will "put into the case» ...

Design covers
screw Nut-cork-lid design amaze everyone

Spanner design

Decoration pot

enormous resourcesdecor sources exist.Sprigs-shoots, sticks, sticks, seed grains, legumes (buckwheat, wheat, beans, peas) can be brought to the decoration nice "huts."Each version of the said art "cover" vazonchika has a chance to become a pretty sweet pestrenky mini-pad is ideally suited to the interior of the apartment.Technical ways to implement the plans with a powerful arsenal of jewelry - hundreds.

stick pot decoration
curve sprig and clippers - a great "couple" to decorate the pot
Sprigs for decoration pot
Sprigs can not cut so short - the result will not be worse
sticks, twig
association with rural life can be created using "non-format"sticks-hvorostinok
cones for decoration pot
Design flower vases sometimes overshadows his view content - planted in a container plant
Technology decoration flower glasses
Technique decoration flower cups, buckets, plant seeds available to many

work with yarn, rope, cloth ↑

It is impossible to ignore the technology decoration pots cloth, threads, ropes, sisal, paper.Most of these elements are retained on the surface of skin adhesives.Coated textiles stenochki vases, pots can be further decorated with ribbons, thin yarn, ropes, braids of twine, buttons, straps with buckles, fragments of lace, applique, seeds of fruit, coffee granules.From these parts lay out patterns in the form of stripes, swirls, petals, leaves.

decoration pot with string
A similar sequence of actions you elect to work with twine as decor
Finishing ethno
But look like pots, decorated with the help of a rope-sisal finish.Background and trim the same ethno
ornament from coffee beans
simple decoration of coffee beans "animated" picture
Design congestion
That's what a well-chosen details

tailors, knitters decoration vazonchikov-pots, planters - no problem.They can hang-strap a bright, cheerful cloth - polka-dot-cell-stripes-uzorchik.Women who love to tinker with spokes Hook, happy to express themselves and in the art of "dressing" in the garden utensils stitched-related Soothers.Not to mention the art of macrame.The results needlewomen always look cute, bright, family-cozy.From them comes the warmth of women's hands and the light of love.

Sacking with buttons
Sacking + buttons + severe thread - and the super-modern mini-bowl "green»
bags for pots
«family» in pouches born easily - with the case handle any
crochet pattern
Simple pattern hook - and two polosatenkie "Mittens "ready
colorful ornament
Be the skill of knitting multicolored ornament - a total of worth your effort
bright socks for registration pots
to the original" clothes "will be useful old colorful socks - women's or children's
Paper for decorating pots
Paper - good material for artistic decorationpots-vazonchikov

Hopefully these descriptions and photos to help in the selection of opinion what type of design activity is closest to you by nature, the amount of available skills and in terms of individual concepts of beauty and practicality.Let your home flower garden will take the form which will allow it to organically fit into the home environment and ennoble the world.

Ideas decorating a flower pot with his own hands - picture gallery ↑