How to get rid of wasps on the site

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15 May 2016

Summer residence area, compared to a city apartment, looks paradise.Anything created by nature, correctly and beautifully.Touches babbling brook, giddy scent of cut grass, the hum of insects seems funny, but ... only until such time as the sting of not vopetsya in someone from the family.That's when the problem of how to get rid of wasps become very urgent.


Video story of how you can get rid of wasps ↑

Benefits and harms of the "neighbors» ↑

These insects are beneficial in that their larvaefed flies, caterpillars, beetles and other pests of cultivated plants.But the damage still more obvious.

  • Hurt bite and cause allergies of varying severity.
  • Are carriers of intestinal infections, because in search of sugar-containing products ma
    y be transferred to the garbage right on the dinner table.
  • Spoil harvest.Usually they do not rebound from August.They love to feast on fruit and berry fruits, especially grapes.
destruction of wasps
Wasps spoil fruit and berry fruits

invasion of wasps or bees can not only spoil the rest and become a real nightmare.We have taken security measures to adapt to the conditions that are "dictating" wasp swarm.Adult healthy people can protect themselves, so in some cases and not pay attention to insects.Need to get rid of them arises if a family has small children or people with disabilities.

First Aid hornet sting ↑

probability that the wasps will settle directly on the site or nearby, is very high.Therefore, it is necessary to stock up on spring anti-allergic agents (cream, tablet) and know CPR and first aid at a sting.

  • Unlike bees wasp can sting multiple times.When she left the sting, it should get.This is not to squeeze the skin, or the poison in the body will be greater.
  • Then apply ice to relieve swelling.Well softens the seal at the site of the bite of vegetable oil.
  • in a glass of boiled water at room temperature to dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda and make lotions.
  • You can just rub the wound with garlic, onions and parsley.
  • Take allergy tablets (suprastin, diazolin, Phencarolum).If the reaction is severe - hydrocortisone.It is a hormonal drug, therefore its own "appoint" can not.

Important!The reaction to the bite can be different: a high fever, rapid breathing and heartbeat, soft tissue swelling, seizures.In this case, be sure to call an ambulance.

wasp sting
Insects can sting and cause severe allergic

Where are wasps ↑

fight against separate individuals who strive to bite or occasionally do, will only bring short-term results.If they are often, therefore, there is a nest nearby.Usually it is located in a secluded corner: the attic, under the balcony, roof, in a drainpipe, chimney, between the lining of the walls.There earthen wasps that build nests, similar to the mole moves directly into the soil.They are even more dangerous because they can strongly bite, if a person does not notice, and come on home.

place chosen for insect nests in late May.It was at this time is to take action.If last year you will not have to deal with wasps in that they will fly again.

To avoid invasion, it is necessary to burn the nest, and its location to clean the knife handle with a solution of potassium permanganate or chlorine.Returning female will look for another shelter.

nest wasps
Nests are located in secluded places

Methods of disposal wasps ↑

After determining the location of the nest should choose a method that will help to get rid of insects.

  • If you can bring a bucket (or other container) with water so that the socket fit into it, 10 minutes is sufficient to complete the procedure.Housing razmoknet, pests die.
  • tightly closed plastic bag refuge.It is necessary to attach it with tape or buttons (depending on location).Then, make a small hole, to send abundant aerosol jet available and tightly tie a hole.About an hour later the package can be removed and remove the wasps nest with extinct.
  • In conventional sprayer pour gasoline, spray the entire surrounding area and the very nest.All individuals will die.Replace tool can be diesel fuel.The result is the same, but for a long time to be eroding the smell.
  • not withstand insects and impact "Domestos".Apply it undiluted better.
  • If the nest is located in a remote place, it is necessary to process the abundant wherever wasp crawl.Gradually insects adapt to the means of combating them, so some aerosols purchased may not bring the desired result, but only make them angry.The most effective "Troapsil", "Moskitol protection from wasps," "ghetto", "Sipaz", "Ambush", "aktellik," "Smelnet."
  • well proven smoke bomb "FAS".But "Fumitoks" to fight is not suitable.No harm it does not cause the wasps.
  • buy bait and cook them a "treat".Infected individuals will infect their colleagues, and eventually they completely disappear.
  • wasps nest excavation can pour boiling water, then well compacted earth.But the kettle or pan of water will be enough.
  • Prepare a mortar with the addition of sand in a ratio of 1: 3, to fill in earthen houses.
earthen wasps
nest excavation specimens resembles Mole course

This is interesting!Previously effective means to combat considered kerosene.But now he killed one, the others begin to take revenge for his trouble.

Rules "attacks» ↑

in the dwelling wasps flock at night.If you remove the empty nest, can only aggravate the situation.They still come back and will attack you with more power - these insects are very vindictive.The operation can be carried out only late in the evening until the early hours.

Regardless of the method it is necessary to take precautions.Disturbed insects will bite anything that moves.And instead of a relaxing holiday without the annoying buzz you risk to be in the hospital.

  • Clothing should be made of thick fabric with long sleeves.Required headdress.
  • Face and neck are covered by a three-layer gauze cape attached to clothing.
  • In addition to all - long rubber gloves.

necessary to completely remove all traces of the nest, using a knife or other tools, the place treated with a solution of potassium permanganate or chlorine.And just in case the hang tape.

humane way to deal with insects ↑

destroy wasps are not required.You can just act so that they just left the place.On a good result should not count, but, in any case, will have a choice: to destroy or to coexist.

  • Place near the nest a few pieces of red hot pepper (small incisions on it will have the effect faster).After a while the wasps leave.
  • Dilute the jam in a jar with water and put them in a remote place in the area where you rarely.Insects will move there.

risk of problems greatly reduced if you make a preventive treatment at the stage of construction or home repair.

how to destroy wasps
insects reproduce very rapidly and begin to "dictate" conditions of the site owner

Bees neighbors to get rid of or tolerate ↑

Wasps - not the only problem.Much more difficult to resolve the issue if a neighboring property put beekeeper hive and the bees prefer to work on your site.These insects bite in two cases: in protecting your home and when they are frightened.Destroy their home no one is going, but the bee accidentally entangled in her hair or clothes, be sure to sting.Even fellow attack.

matters and breed bees.Near one can gather the harvest of berries and other attacks targeted at a distance of 10 meters.The cases are very sad.An adult can escape into the house, and the dog on a leash in the booth the door will not close.And angry bees can bite her to death.Then we have a solution - how to get rid of the neighboring bees - becomes a precautionary measure, and the need to protect their family.

In good beekeeper had to take permission of neighbors, and only after installing hives.But in practice this is often not available.Particularly inconsiderate place bees away from their home without having to worry about the problems that may arise from other people.In this case you should contact the local authorities.If the issue is not solved, by thinking how to get rid of bees.

most innocuous measure is the installation of a high solid fence.If the air path to the nectar flow goes through your site, the bees will immediately climb and fly by.

can simply alert the neighbors that you are going to put the bait and poison the bees that will appear on your site.Usually it acts much more strongly than the requests and entreaties.

If you need to get rid of wasps or bees, but no method has brought the result, it is better to apply to the health service.These measures fully solve the problem for a long period.