How to improve the productivity with the help of liming the soil and the expulsion of moles

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13 May 2016

summer residents and owners of private holdings annually solve the same problem: trying to preserve soil fertility and maintain a persistent struggle against the invasion of moles.At first glance, these things are not really related, but in fact better than the composition of the soil, the more useful worms to crawl.And, accordingly, they will be pulled for predators (ie, moles).Therefore, by liming the soil to increase the yield, it is necessary to be ready for that unexpected guest at the site increase.


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Why spend liming acid soils ↑

can often hear that the vegetable crops prefer acidic soil, so why spend liming.In fact, most plants grow well only on the ground, where the acidity level of no more than 5,5 pH.This percentage is rather weak, and every year because of mineral fertilizers, sediment harmful impurities land increasingly becomes acidic.As a result, the Cottagers will face a number of challenges:

  • in acidic soil dies useful microflora, which recycles organic matter and humus in digestible roots fertilizer.
  • acid blocks the release of nutrients from the soil, and the roots can not absorb them.
  • Phosphorus reacts with the acid and becomes unavailable to the plants, and then everything will be done feeding wasted.
  • after snowmelt or heavy rains sour land long dries up, and the heat generated on the surface of the solid crust.
  • All the heavy metals that have accumulated in the soil can not be decomposed into harmless components, and the food fall into the human body.

Does land liming ↑

is best described by the level of soil acidification in special agrochemical laboratories, but they can be found only in major cities.Most gardeners use to analyze simple "grandfather" methods that give good information.

the level of soil acidity
There are special devices that help establish the level of acidity of the soil in the home

analysis of cultivated and wild plants in the beds in the flower beds ↑

So, first of all make a list of all the green "inhabitants" of your site, which grow better than others.If it will include conifers, rhododendrons, azaleas, heather (of cultivated plants) and wild nettle, horsetail, oxalis, sorrel, Belous and mosses, your land is in need of liming, because it is too soured.But, mind you, in those areas where rhododendrons bloom luxury, soil improvement is not required, because it is such a composition promotes the best growth of plants.In slightly acidic or neutral grounds are well developed weeds such as couch grass, plantain, mother and stepmother, birch.

If the country prospers plantain - from your soil all right

experiment with cherry and currant leaves ↑

When the plants analyzed, grab a handful of soil from different points of the site for a home experiment.Pour boiling water into a glass mug on a pair of pieces of crushed currants and cherry leaves and let them brew.The slightly cooled infusion throw a pinch of soil (for each cup of soil from different places) and watch the reaction.If the liquid is painted in green, it means that this land has a neutral pH level.Blue points to slightly acidic soil, red - too acidification, which you want to restore.

definition of soil acidity
Similar results show and the litmus test if you omit them in moist soil

Which means you can spend liming at home ↑

The most popular method is liming the soil deoxidization.To do this, made up of the autumn or spring digging earth following compositions.

  • hydrated lime.For sale as a finished product already slaked.If such an option could not buy, buy an ordinary building lime.However, it will have to repay the pre-water or put in the shed for a week, to nourish the moisture from the air and settle on their own.
  • Lime flour.Often several classes depending on the degree of grinding.Faster other extinguishes the acidity of the flour of the first class with the fine grinding.
  • Drywall.A special kind of lime produced in the trenches of dried natural reservoirs.The speed of soil deoxidation it beats the ground limestone.
  • Dolomite powder.Acid slowly extinguishes all of the above compositions, but has a set of useful trace elements that enhance the growth of many vegetable crops.
neutralization of acid soils
addition to neutralize the acid, dolomite flour makes the soil an additional set of useful trace elements

Traditional methods of dealing with moles ↑

soon as your soil normalizes acid balance, revitalize not only the bacteria, microorganisms and worms, and moles, whichrush to the area for a delicious treat.They do not apply to plants that are planted in man, but in the pursuit of moving food break roots and thrown out of the earth mounds.Particularly disturbing to see this spectacle on a perfectly flat, well-kept lawn.So we have to win from animals captured territory, although victory is not always on the side of the hosts.Consider the most effective ways to deal with moles.

Scare animals at the time: no need to inexpensively ↑

If a mole has already begun his criminal activities at your favorite flower garden or lawn, it urgently needs to expel it outside the zone.For this "weak points" animal - a keen sense of smell and hearing - all sorts of annoying devices.Moles do not like strong smells, and excessive noise, so change the timetable in the safer side.The most effective work the following means:

  • Royal grouse and beans

These plants root system highlights strong pungent smell, which penetrates into the soil and annoying animal.Therefore, the beds, which were planted on these "flavors", the mole prefers to get around.For lawn the best option would be planting marigolds around the perimeter.They do not like the smell of small animal, and in the fall you can chop and sprinkle flowers on the garden beds, sanitized way of soil pests.

Royal grouse not only deter mole from the site of the family, but also to create a spring flower garden gorgeous composition
  • dug bottle

successfully maintained control of moles using the most common glass empty bottles.They digged 2/3 the height of the beds around the perimeter or area not directly, but obliquely, trying to place the neck by often blowing winds.In windy conditions the empty packaging begins to "sing", making buzzing sounds.This "concert" mole will not stand.

  • Scare ultrasound

Manufacturers of various gadgets, which seems to struggle with moles on the site also has finished, invented a useful thing - ultrasonic repeller.The device resembles a thick pin, which is driven into the ground almost up to the cap.Inside the device - battery.They are automatically triggered after a few seconds, releasing around the ultrasonic waves and the sound of squeaking.Squeak is not heard from the top, but the cost of mole moves far enough.The batteries last for about half a season.Even more lucrative option - repeller Solar.He stores energy during daylight hours and converts it to ultrasound.Each manufacturer's specified range of your instrument, but it is usually enough power for 10-12 meters, so that the lawn or flower bed can be saved.For the blockade of all land put repellents on four extreme points, the rail.

Mole Repeller
Repeller Solar operates without interruption for several seasons

tricky fight against a mole in the garden: create an impenetrable shield ↑

most effective struggle with moles in the country - an exception to penetrate into your garden.Begin to "war" before the "enemy", ieuntil the animal has not yet settled on your territory, but already marked by the neighbors.To do this, create two feet of soil a kind of shield from a slate, to cast stones, broken glass or other materials through which the animal can not get through.The easiest way to make such a blockade during the installation of the fence, deepening the foundation of the fence.But if the land is already fenced in, then put a shield near the fence.

However, keep in mind that through a continuous barrier to you in the land will not get worms and beneficial rain.You have to own them after a rain collect on nearby puddles and bring on a bed.And you can use a grid-Ryabitsev as a shield.Her cell is too small to penetrate the moles, but small animals freely pass through the barrier.If the fight against moles with their hands not over your victory, many go to drastic measures: put traps and other devices krotolovki who sacrificed animal.But as the animal lives on site with his family, then you will need krotolovok 7-10 pieces, and put them all at once.

bad that some owners are starting it with these methods, though, tend to deal with moles can be a humane way.Then the garden will be saved, and your conscience will be clear.