Korchuem stumps and trees in the garden

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12 May 2016

When the plot growing and green, the heart of every summer resident trembles with joy.But one day, almost every gardener has to be faced with a situation where some tree dries out with age or due to disease.This is not only sad to behold: even raises purely practical question - how to uproot it?Stump extraction - it is not an easy task for a beginner.So let us together with you look at how to solve it simpler and easier.


most common methods of removing stumps ↑

Of course, you can go on the shortest path - to entrust the work of art.But it's worth noting that this service is not cheap.Therefore, gardeners often prefer to save, undertaking independent struggle with stumps.

Before the clearing, you need to know what are the ways to get rid of stumps.Moreov

er, there are a lot of them, but some prefer not always easy to solve.

Conventionally, they are divided into several types:

  • removing tree stumps using mechanized equipment, gasoline or electric tools;
  • manual way of getting rid of the remnants of the tree and its roots;
  • chemical destruction of the stump.
uprooting stumps
Heavy Equipment will quickly solve the problem, but it needs an entrance, and by non-professionals it is also a risky venture

first option involves the use of mechanical equipment or other tools.The second - a purely physical work, but it requires some knowledge and to be able to correctly apply their efforts.The chemical method - is the destruction of the stump with the help of special tools.It is necessary to understand the features of each method, clearing, to choose the most suitable for a particular situation.

mechanisms and tools for grubbing ↑

If you walk along the way to attract special tools or mechanized equipment, you can choose one of several options.Stump extraction can be carried out using an excavator, or tractor, unless, of course, a special transport have in your household.It is provided that the land be developed to allow for such a colossus of the transaction.

uprooting stumps tractor
Invite tractor to the country - is not only expensive but also risky: a stump pulling, tractor can damage the roots of surrounding vegetation

Most often gardeners are using smaller-scale tools.For example, come to the aid ordinary petrol or electric saw.She cut off the root upper part of the stump that will be cheaper just.However, if you want to place a bed of wood to split, then this method does not suit you.

If possible, it is possible to transform the area with a special tool, which is called - stump grinder.It helps to chop wood in the usual dust, causing minimum damage to the surrounding area.But it is quite expensive device, so that it is not worth buying for a single application.It is better to rent it, or choose other methods of grubbing.

how to uproot the stump
Shredder can not be used at the site, where they can be metal objects - screws, nails, etc.Because they hurt the milling equipment, and the damage would have to compensate the cottagers

How quickly remove the stump with his hands ↑

now proceed to the option as to perform stump trees without using any tools or machinery, but the most simple that surely everyone hassummer resident - shovels, saws and an ax.

first option - first dilute the soil around the tree, and then gently release the roots from the ground, the thickest and deepest vypilivaya a hacksaw.This method is acceptable, if the soil at the site lightweight - sandy or loamy.It should also take into account that around the stump should not be planted, that could be affected by water pressure.

remove the stump
When you need to remove a tree stump, and then we can wave a hatchet if there is power and desire.Plus this method - it will gain if the tree is not possible to approach with other tools

second option - is to dig around in a circle object, and then uproot it, palming off under a crowbar.Only it is acceptable in the case of a fairly small stumps - a diameter of not more than 20 dm.

third way to get rid of the remnants of the manual tree - a search for the roots of the major processes in a circle and filing them.Then you can tie a rope stump and pull it out.But it is necessary to take into account that this is not so simple: most likely not do the efforts of one person.

use chemicals ↑

Tell you now about how to perform tree stump with such sciences as chemistry.There are a few tricks, how to remove tree stumps on a plot using chemicals.Some of them exist in the economy at the gardener, and some have to buy.

The easiest and most popular way - is the removal of the wood and roots using potassium or sodium nitrate.He suggests that the chemical is introduced under a tree stump in a large amount.When it is well soaked with chemistry, it can be diluted at this point the fire, and all underground and aboveground parts of the tree completely burn out.To ensure the most effective results, it is worth nasverlit holes in the stump, in which then pour nitrate, pouring water.Then the remnants of wood wrapped with polyethylene, leaving it in place until next year.During this time the chemicals will do the trick, and the fire will complete the task.Just Collec this can not be used in areas with peat soils, or may cause an underground fire, which is extremely difficult to control.

ways of uprooting stumps
Chemical methods are good because they destroy the root system of the tree, so you will not disturb the green shoots or roots, billowing sometimes suburban track

To combat stumps fit and normal urea.It helps to turn wood into dust, and then it is easy to remove the remains with a shovel.The technology of urea application method analogous nitrate.Only the stump under the film will need to stand for a year, but better - two.Then in its place will be over.

next version of the chemical grubbing - is the use of a conventional coarse salt.It is poured into a hole in the wood nasverlennye then stump covered turf.Salt gradually turn wood residues into dust.

Finally, you can go and not to the usual way - to use in the fight against the stump fungus saprophyte.His populate moribund on the tree, after which the mycelium grows and decomposes wood.Summer resident also receives just two advantages - it mushrooms can enjoy their own production, and after three or four years to finally get rid of the remains of the stump.

Important tips for choosing the method of stump extraction ↑

At the end of the article will give some important recommendations that will help determine the most appropriate way for you to remove the residues of dead trees on the site.The mechanized technique has advantages such as high speed and low application of physical strength.But if you do not own special vehicles - bulldozers, tractors and the like, it is expensive.

can be called ideal crusher for stumps, but it has one drawback - its mills pull out to a depth of only 30 cm. It is not enough if you want to break up the flower bed at the site of the tree.

Chemical ways of fighting some do not like because of the fact that they are long enough.And in this area is not immediately able to grow other vegetation.

remove the stump
If competently remove a stump with his hands, then the following year in his position can break a bed

Handcrafted from wood residues perhaps the most gentle, but it is very heavy, so not all fit.

Video: mechanical removal of stumps ↑

Removing stumps with the help of fungi has its advantages, but it also carries a threat: there is a risk of infection with mycelium neighboring trees, if they have a dying part.So you will have to carefully take care of your garden, choosing such an original way.