How to make a warm floor in the bathroom: the selection and installation rules

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13 May 2016

Bathroom - a room where we can each charge of positive energy for the day or to relax after a stressful working days.For this reason, the question of arrangement comfortable environment in this corner of the apartment can not be ignored.The problem that requires urgent solution and competent approach - creating the optimum temperature, the implementation of which does not present a problem if you want to install a warm floor in the bathroom.


you think the system "warm floor" - a wonder of this century?And here and there.This heating technique has its roots in the distant past.

ancient "roots" of underfloor ↑

Who would have thought that the warm floor was used in anc

ient Rome.Of course, the technology was not as advanced as it is today, but the principle of heating the Roman Baths was no different.Smoke from the stove passes through special channels, laid under the floor, contributed to the rapid heating.
With the emergence of water (steam) heating this principle, bearing heat, has not lost relevance.Heated floors, heated water, are widely used today.

Variety floor heating ↑

We decided to arrange a warm floor in the bathroom?Perfect solution!It only remains to choose the type of such coverage, because it turns out to be different.

Water heating system ↑

The water floor heating in the bathroom is made up of plastic pipes, which circulates water.The thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature range depending on your mood and preferences.The advantages of such a floor may include low cost, absence of harmful electromagnetic radiation and the ability to save on electricity.

Disadvantages - difficult installation, which requires both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Water floor
Water floor

Electric floor heating ↑

unusually popular for easy installation, which is the strength to carry on their own.Floor consists of cables laid under the screed and thermal insulator.Electric floor heating in the bathroom is placed directly under the tile.

Electrical floor
Electric floor

This is important!
Electric floor heating, usually in large areas is not mounted sincecalculated on the premises of a small size.

the minuses is to provide electromagnetic radiation and high energy consumption (especially in winter).

Film (IR) version ↑

Recently this kind of underfloor heating is becoming very popular.Infrared Heated floor in the bathroom may be laid under any cover.The film can be used not only for the floor heating, but also for other areas.

The advantages of such a coating mass.Screed installation is not needed, and thus to raise the floor to anything.The strips are connected in parallel (as opposed to electric floor), i.e.If one band out of order, the bathroom will still be warm.

Film floor
film floor

This need to know!
The package includes a film floor thermostat, thermo liner with electrical, temperature sensor, isolation.

Set a warm floor in the bathroom ↑

installation of floor heating is better to make under construction or repair.This eliminates the need to remove the old flooring.

Installation of electric floor heating ↑

1. The plan specifies the location of the thermostat, the sensor and cable connection zone.Draw a plan on the existing installation scheme, not forgetting to take into account the rated power of the system and follow the instructions given distance between the stripes.Plumbing fixtures do not take into account, astheir heating in our plans not included.

This is important!
scheme after installation do not throw - in the future it might be useful.

2. The next step - heat insulation.Puts on the basis of insulation.Ignore the existing irregularities - nothing wrong with that.If the insulation is not reflective film, it is necessary to supplement it with aluminum foil.
3. Laying of the cable.Fix the cable on a metal mesh that not only will it not "drown" in the insulation, but also to add rigidity to the structure.Remember, you can not cross the ranks!After checking the resistance of the cable and attach the electrical part of the heat so that the resulting compounds were as close as possible to the thermostat.

Installation of electric floor
Installation of electric floor

This is important!
distance from the area of ​​the connection to the wall must not exceed 20 cm. The length of posts thermostat and thermal cable must be flat.

4. The regulator is mounted at a height of 1 meter from the floor, in accordance with the circuit assembly and installation.The sensor is placed in goftrubku and located between adjacent rows of the cable.Make sure that when pouring the cement tube sensor was above the screed.
5. Pouring cement.Again check the coupling, the cable resistance and integrity.Evenly distributed over the floor mortar and leveling it along the cable.

This is important!
The screed should not be void.This can lead to overheating, reduced heat transfer and system breakdown.

screed thickness should be about 5 cm. Tester check the integrity of the cable, and if defects were found - reserve concrete screed to solidify.

Laying tiles - final stage
Laying tiles - the final stage

include a system only after 30 days.Otherwise, possible violation of the integrity of the cable and the formation of cracks in the screed.

Installing infrared floor ↑

floor installation of film elements is not much difficulty.All very simple.
1. Dismantling of old flooring.
2. Placing the required number of thermal components.Connection of the sensor and thermostat.
3. Verifying the system.
4. Insulation thermal elements with a protective film (dry installation) or pouring cement screed (wet mount).

Mounting water underfloor heating systems ↑

installation of water sex is not much different from the installation of electrical floor.
1. If polypropylene risers hot water have not been previously installed, the process begins with this.
2. Planning tube location.
3. Laying reliable waterproofing.Overlapping waterproofing material strips are connected by soldering or stroyfena.
4. Fill draft (the first) screed from a mixture of cement and expanded clay.The level should be about 7 cm below the level of the floor finish.

Installation of water floor
installation of water sex

This is important!
For convenience make a provisional mark on the wall and using level drag it around the perimeter.

Ignore the small irregularities.Within a few days moisten the screed water so that it is not cracked.
5. Applying foil.Joints need to glue the special aluminum adhesive tape.
6. Installation of water the floor.Attach a polypropylene tube in accordance with the plan to the screed.The distance between the parts of the pipe - not less than 15 cm. Curved system is connected via a control valve to supply and return risers.We give the floor to cool.
7. Fill a second tie (same solution).Here it is important to ensure that the surface was smooth as possible.

Video: again about the installation in detail ↑

Now that you know what a warm floor, and how to install a warm floor in the bathroom with their hands, comfortable atmosphere in the house is assured.