How to paint a wooden door: the sequence of work

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18 May 2016

question "How to paint a wooden door?" Is set for sure, anyone who starts for the first time or is planning to do their own repairs on their summer cottage, apartment or home.Painting wooden door - not a difficult task, however, requires time, patience, accuracy, and how all the works - competent approach.Speaking of painting doors, the whole process should be divided into several stages: the selection tools, processing doors, choice of materials for painting directly the process of staining.


Selection tools for surface treatment of doors ↑

Before you begin to paint a wooden door, it should be treated.To do this, you need the following tools:

  • manual (portable) sander;
  • building dryer;
  • spatula;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • mount;
  • chisel;
  • brush or roller.

Building hair dryer, grinder, chisels, knives and scrapers are used for processing and polishing the surface.Crowbar, screwdriver, screwdriver is needed to remove the door from its hinges and removal of hardware.

Preparation for painting wooden door ↑

If the door is already in use in the house, before processing it must be removed from its hinges and secure by putting on a sturdy table or goats.

It will relieve the door and your hands from accidental damage during operation.It should also be removed from the door all latches, handles and locks, leaving only the wooden surface for processing.

painting wooden doors
preparation for painting wooden door - dismantling accessories

Primary processing doors ↑

Most of the time during the processing takes removal of old paint and sanding.For removal of paint required portable grinding-machine with coarse sandpaper or hair dryer building.In the first case, there will be more difficulties and debris at all times because the paint will clog the surface of the abrasive tape and you have to change it often.

sanding doors
Old paint / varnish must be removed, it is advisable to use a sander

The fine shavings and dust from paint and create unnecessary problems with the cleaning of the room.Therefore, to remove the paint from the wooden door of the building is better to use a hair dryer.With it, heating small areas of the surface can be easily removed by heating bloated paint spatula.Accordingly, it is necessary to observe safety rules when working with a hairdryer from time to time to give it to cool so that it did not burn.

After removing the old paint must be sanded the door.For starters, you can use a grinding machine with an emery-tape with medium grit to clean large surface of the door from the remnants of paint and polish irregularities.

sanding wooden surface

final stage of preparation - secondary treatment ↑

second stage of processing is softer sanding and priming the surface.In the process you want to use fine sandpaper.

It also can use the grinding-machine for the treatment of wide areas of the surface of the door.The rest of the surface must be processed manually.After processing the wood surface should be smooth.This can be checked by touch, running his fingers through the tree.

primer wooden door

Next door should be primed with a special primer to paint does not absorb too quickly.It is important to know that this will also avoid large consumption of ink.After the primer has dried, the door must be re-sanding with fine sandpaper.Now the door is ready for painting.

choice of materials for painting ↑

Before painting wooden door should pay attention to the types of currently existing colors.

Paints, organic solvents used for staining wood include:

  • alkyd;
  • acrylic;
  • oil;
  • Perchlorvinil;
  • polyurethane.

Alkyd paints are inexpensive and used for both internal and for external processing of wood.Polyurethane and acrylic enamel film is formed on the surface of wood, which provides resistance to the external environment, sunlight, long wear and color retention.Oil paints are the most popular and frequently used in the process of painting wooden surfaces.After drying, this paint a homogeneous smooth film that is highly resistant to temperature changes.

choice of paint
choice of paint

Painting wooden door ↑

Painting wooden door can be both a brush and a roller.Brush harder work, because it leaves when painting stripes and streaks.It is therefore necessary to carry out a few times along the brush across the surface and thereby smoothing the strip.Before using the roller must be how to roll out the paint so that it lay on a thin layer of cushion.When painting surface, do not press hard on the cushion and evenly roll it lightly.

painting wooden door roller
painting wooden door roller

When painting wooden windows should pay attention to the fact that the first time the surface is evenly painted, and most of the paint will soak the tree.It is therefore necessary to re-inked surface of the door.

Door paint brush
painting wooden doors

In order to achieve a smooth surface after the first application and drying the door can be manually sanding with sandpaper grit with the smallest, without pressing on the surface.

done all this work yourself, you will not only update the look of old wooden door, but also save quite a large sum of money compared to the cost of buying new.

the result of painting the doors
alternative design wooden door