How to get the pump out of the well if it stuck: professional advice, and popular wisdom

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23 May 2016

submersible pumps, used for pumping water from wells drilled in the area, need periodic rise for preventive maintenance and minor repairs.Also linked to the rise of the pumping equipment and the replacement of end-of-term assembly on a more powerful machine.However, surgery is not always retrieve the submersible pump out of the well pipe is successful.It also happens that the pump is jammed in the pipe tightly.The owners of the well, the first time faced with such a problem, do not know how to get the pump out of the well so as not to break the rope.


reasons for jamming in the body of the pump wells ↑

Basically, all the reasons that lead to this vexing problem, caused by the human factor.When, during the installation o

f the pump technology requirements violated the mounting of the pumping equipment and does not pay attention to their quality workmanship, it is difficult to expect a favorable outcome of the case during the dismantling of the pump.

1. Slack electric cable ↑

For this reason, there is the greatest number of cases of jamming equipment.This happens by biting sagging electric cable in a loop which is tightened around the pump housing.

In this situation, it is not necessary with all his strength to pull the unit, as this will not lead to success.But for that pull, can be stopped.By then it will be difficult to do something on their own.

Trying to pull the pump on its own
Trying to pull the pump on its own

specialists, not just lift the pump from wells to the Council in this case, to try to push through the device back.Please try again, try to feel slack and at this point continue to slowly rise.Generally, the "better disease to prevent than to treat."For in their practice will not face sagging electric cable, you must fasten it with special clamps to the tube or hose at the stage of installation of the system.Moreover, the electrical cable to the cable mount is not recommended, since it can fly off tension clamps.Lift the pump, you must also make sure that the cable and hose out simultaneously on the surface.We can not allow any slack from the rope, no cable, no hose.

2. Sedimentation well as a result of long periods of inactivity ↑

There are also often in practice, when the duration of a simple hole leads to its strong silting.The resulting layer of silt raises an insurmountable obstacle in the way of the pump.When the pump is stuck in the hole for this reason, experts recommend to start his swing during which the device is lifted, then lowered.What does it lead?Water may gradually begin to erode the silt.Eventually, possibly, the road top free, allowing to remove the pump outside.The main thing is not to rush things and do not show excessive activity to prevent pump jamming deaf.

There and unconventional way of dealing with the well silted.It is necessary to solve the problem involve firefighters which via hoses dropped into the well, can erode the sludge deposits.Freed the pump will go smoothly upward.To prevent siltation process well, it is necessary to carry out preventive cleansing, the frequency of which should be at once in three years.

3. Solid obstacle - a difficult barrier ↑

to the movement of the pump can meet solid obstacle that will play the role of a wedge.As such a barrier can act:

  • dent in the pipe, which arose due to the progress of soil;
  • flattened edge of the tube;
  • burrs from careless weld;
  • marriage sedimentary column assembly in which instead of a threaded pipe connection, their weld, allowing axial displacement.

meeting with obstacle accompanied by a characteristic solid thud, and the movement of the pump runs down freely.Whether and how to pull the pump out of the well in this situation?There are cases when the rotation of the pump by a pipe around its axis helps to round embarked on the path of the barrier.However, one hundred percent probability of release stroke movement of the device is not guaranteed.This may be a one-time success.But it's worth it, suddenly in a particular situation the problem will be solved in this way.

Specialized care
Specialized care

solid-state barrier may be accidentally fallen into the well tool fasteners or other foreign object.At the same time stop the pump occurs during the rise sharply and unexpectedly.This occurs at the moment of contact with the gap between the wall of the well pump and a solid object, which leads to jamming.This course is free to down, and the top wedging intervals vary depending on the cable sample.The subject will not be able to slip, the gap is too narrow.Therefore, experts advise to stop, call the experts.Special equipment available to them, is able to remove interference from the well.

4. The effect of the reverse siltation ↑

This effect is observed in wells formed in limestone soils.As a result of long operation sedimentary layer is formed over the location of the pump, turning into a "plug."To stop this process, clean the hole every three years.

Cleaning wells
cleaning wells - an excellent prevention of siltation and clogging the barrel

Tips craftsmen ↑

  • jammed downhole pump snapped in the effort by cable can be pulled out a metal device with pins, popularly referred to as "cat."Attach directly to the pump is considered to be a great success.Most likely you can grab the end of the cable or hose, trying to get the equipment up.
  • for pushing down a jammed pump some inventors manage to use the crowbar to the cable tie.The main thing is firmly attached scrap to throw into the well, not even leave it there.Of course, it is possible to act, if the old pump is not supposed to operate, because the likelihood of damage is very high.It may work on a small depth of the pump.
  • to the meter section of pipe weld "ear".Skipping rope through the pipe, hose and cable, lower the tube on a separate rope into the well.Under pressure from the weight of the pump it can slip down and hang freely on the cable.Then simultaneously pump and the pipe is pulled from the well.Since the weight of the structure can reach 50 kg, the work must be carried out with the assistant.
  • If suspension pump has not interrupted when trying to force the extraction equipment from the well, we can fix it in the form of tension and occasionally tapping on it.If there is slack in the cable to carry out repeated stretching and tapping again.These steps may be performed within a few days.Method for particularly patient, but in some cases it is crowned with success.

What pushes people to the invention of different ways to solve the problem with the pump stuck?The answer is simple, the high cost of service firms specializing in this area.

In some cases, the cost comes to the price of installation of new wells.Therefore, to save the budget, it is necessary in advance to do everything possible to prevent jamming of the pump.

Valuable advice of professionals ↑

1. Do not skimp on the quality of the rope used to hang the submersible pump.It is advisable to purchase a cable and attaching it to stainless steel.

2. Avoid using downhole pieces of hoses and cables spliced ​​together.After all, when lifting these weaknesses may differ, bent and jammed pieces of climbing apparatus.

3. It is advisable to buy a minimum diameter of the pump to increase the gap between the wall of the wellbore and the casing of the equipment.It is understood that the pumps having a small thickness, more expensive than their bulk counterparts.However, if you compare the price difference of pumping equipment with the cost of a new well, the purchase of a thinner device becomes not so unfavorable.Carried out a replacement pump in the well will reduce the likelihood of re-jamming device.

Submersible pumps

4. Install the well headroom, manufactured in the factory and shall adhere to the walls of the well pipe.This item does not allow ingress of dust and wells of different random items.

Installing the new pump into the well
Installing the new pump into the well

We will be glad if presented in the article will help you deal with the problem.It would be even better if you never have to "drag out of the marsh hippopotamus", because the pump is mounted out of the hole like clockwork.

And do not forget to carry out preventive cleaning of wells: