How to make an arch made of plasterboard with their hands: tekhologiya and recommendations

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17 May 2016

arched elements can transform a room beyond recognition.Beautiful curves not only attracted everyone's attention, but also give the interior a special charm.But in view of the fact that professionals often work in a decent amount of costs, many think the question how to make the arch and bring in their own everyday environment a bit of novelty and originality.


Internal arch - a great alternative to the doorway.With this part you can give the room a special kind of decoration.Arches can be made of various materials, but the most popular option - drywall.It allows to achieve remarkable results in the design, avoiding the standardness.

In rooms with arched designs will be more light and space, and the plasticity of the material will provide an opportunity to cut any, even the most unusual forms.

Among other things, the arch

of the drywall to hide defects perfectly premises.They are lightweight and virtually no effect on the wall.And if you decorate them with spotlights and shelves, you can easily create a unique look of the house.

types and architectural style arches ↑

following types of the most popular arch designs:

  • arch classical form.It is the most common type, the hallmark of which is the rounded portion with a radius of the ideal, which looks very impressive;
  • arch in a modern style, characterized by a slight rise of the arc;
  • arches in the romantic style, which attract the attention of a large number of both direct and rounded corners.
Arch classical form looks impressive
Arch classical form

Generally, the arch can be arranged in any form and in any place apartments.But most of the arched structure built in the interior openings.You need to know what to mount the arch in the doorway, the height of which is less than 2 meters makes no sense.Low arch can only worsen the appearance of the premises.In addition, because of the visual reduction of the opening, while passing through a piece of decor, inevitably there will be a desire to tilt your head.

There is only one way to make a low arch in the doorway - hollow upper portion, thereby increasing it.

higher arch, the more attractive it looks and harmonious.

How to make an arch with their hands ↑

Installation sides arches ↑

Before arch device to be inserted into the opening of the metal rails arranged horizontally and vertically, fixing them by any means of fasteners such as screws.Two profiles set on the sides of one - on top.You need to fix them in such a way that the sheet of drywall to the wall located at one level.From
prepared drywall should be cut out of four right-angled triangles so that their legs were more than planned length of the arch curvature.

arched contour can be cut in different ways: mounting a knife, nail file, metal (not setting in the machine), but it's best to do this jigsaw.

Making a template rounding
Master Making rounding

Make of drawing paper template curvature arch.On plasterboard triangles, according to the layout, cut the pattern rounding.Similarly produced second semicircle.Next, the two parts are attached to the profile on both sides of the arch.

Make sure the distance between the profiles that must be the same.Otherwise, from different angles, the arch will look differently.

get a figure tighten the corners of the opening, two on each side.

In order to stiffen and to avoid cracking, must be mounted in front of drywall anchors, zasverlennyh advance.Is it possible to mezharochnoe space by installing additional part profiles.

Formation and installation of the end face of the arch ↑

to form an arch, you need to make an incision in the back profile with step 7 cm, then bend the profile back in accordance with the rounding.Reinforce the structure between the triangles.At the junction of the metal profile with an opening, bend the metal inside and fasten it with dowels.

ends of the metal profile and the projecting parts, remove drywall.Prepare a strip of drywall, adhering to the required dimensions: length must exceed the bending arch 10 cm. In the current band, drill holes with a spacing of 8 cm to obtain a simulation of the perforated tape.Do it to increase bendability strip that prevents increased fragility.

Arch bring the interior of originality
arch made of plasterboard - the best decoration

Fastening drywall elements to each other and the aperture by means of a metal profile PN28 / 27, which is good that the wall thickness allows to apply the most convenient fastening material in this situation - screws.

go directly to the drywall.To give flexibility, moisten it with a damp cloth.Attach a strip of an end to the profiles by repeating the arch bend.Give plasterboard dry (minimum 12 hours).After drying the resulting need to putty structure, including joints and seams, but avoiding grazing screws.Then treat the elements of the protrusions with sandpaper to rounding and deburring.

After the primer works and spackling, painting still awaits arches and pasting it wallpaper.

Now you know how to make arch of the drywall, and therefore free to make the interior of the storage components, - an elegant bar, which will decorate your home.