Installation of interior doors with their hands - to help themselves

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17 May 2016

Doors - an indispensable element of the integrity of the interior in any room.Competent their choice (subject to nuances of style) will make them one of the main decorations of the room.But do not forget that in addition to aesthetics, the doors are designed, first and foremost, serve as very practical.Choosing the attribute of comfort, we mean his long and successful operation: with ten years of commercials, and even more.Do you want them to retain their original specifications and have not lost the original appeal?So installation of interior doors must pass at the highest level.


Even the reference, at first glance, the desig

n of an incorrect installation will not bring nothing,but disappointment.If the technology of the installation of interior doors will be made clear, without completely inappropriate in this case, creative approach, you can be absolutely sure that:

  • door will hang evenly;
  • closed easily but firmly;
  • not have excessive gaps;
  • you do not have to listen to "the sound accompaniment" of squeaks and rustles.
Interior doors
Doors - a mandatory element of interior

So how to install interior doors?Is it possible to carry out this process on their own - or rather, not worse, than a professional?

Questions definitely exciting, but the ability to accurately follow the plan and do not violate his order to help cope with the event "perfectly well".

Instructions for those wishing to install a door ↑

The first step is to prepare all the necessary auxiliary equipment - so that at the last moment not to make "run" on the neighbors frantically searching for a hacksaw or a screwdriver.What do you need?

  • building level;
  • Saw;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • pencil;
  • roulette;
  • chisel.
  • tank foam;
  • struts, beams, wedges;
  • screws.
Steps for installing interior door:
  • dismantling of the old design (if necessary);
  • box assembly;
  • tie-loops;
  • installation boxes;
  • landing web;
  • foaming new design;
  • transoms install (if necessary);
  • installing casing;
  • installation of the lock.

Removing the old design ↑

Remember, it should be done very carefully so as not to damage the door.A few points are made to file and end-of-century box is removed piece by piece.Do not overdo it - because you simply damage the wall.Garbage will be a lot - much more than it might seem at first glance.

Assembling door frame ↑

One of the most difficult and crucial moments.Why is that?That is how competently you perform this step, depends on the total amount of time it takes the installation of interior doors with their hands.

Box comes in the form of three bars with allowances - two vertical and horizontal.The size of the last of the porch should be equal to the door width plus 6-7 mm.With regard to the vertical, they are the desired size of the porch - the height of the web, plus 10-15 mm.Zapilivanie elements necessary to make an angle of 45 degrees.And to do that you need high-quality circular saw.

then short and long boards must be placed as shown in the figure.

Laying and connecting beams box
scheme interfacing boards box

Clamp assembly and drill at an angle above the through-holes 2.5 mm in diameter.Lift the unit.The length of the element to increase the diameter of the holes should be 4.5 mm.Similar actions make the other.Pull the elements;taking care to avoid their displacement.

Box hinges - a demanding job ↑

First, loops cut into the canvas.Prepare a pen and a tape measure and position the door in a convenient angle.Measure 30 cm from the top edge, draw a transverse line - it will be the middle of the first loop.Now take a "top card" (mother), attach it to the canvas, carefully align and draw a thin pencil.

Important: Do not forget to attach the loop and the end to mark its thickness.

Now you can proceed directly to the frame.Again, make sure that all observed correctly, take sharpened chisel and a hammer and punch, to begin with, contours, including the part that is intended for thickness.To apply the method of cutting a niche "hedgehog."The area inside the outline lightly "chop" chisel (strips about 5mm), but strictly on the depth of frame, and then remove the strip.Voila - a niche ready.

Niche for loops
Niche hinge

thereof is located in a loop and secure it with screws.Exactly the same manipulations to be carried out for the second loop.

finished "wield" a canvas, you can proceed to inset hinges in a box.To do this, please also apply the canvas and given the necessary clearance, to make relevant notes.The rest of your actions will be the same as described above.

Important: Do not try to measure the distance to the loops in the box without the "participation" of web - design "converges".

installation box in the opening ↑

Place the door frame into the opening, make sure the position of the unit in the wall.Fix it with wedges and spacers so that some mobility still remain.The box should be installed vertically on a level.

Important: Even if the wall has a deflection unit still installed vertically.When trying to "fit" the design to the wall, you get a spontaneous open or close the door.

After accurate setting secure box tougher uniformly knocked wedges.Having successfully reached this stage?So you can already say with certainty that the installation of interior doors alone - the task is quite feasible and decisive.Now certainly the case for small.

Planting leaf without distortions ↑

Hang the fabric on the box.Several times, open and close the door.Watch how it fits on all sides that there are no distortions, even if minor.In identifying the "defects" should re-adjust the structure.If everything is in absolute (!) Procedure can be continued.

Proper foaming gaps ↑

How to install interior doors?Still wondering this question?You simply do not read the article.Otherwise, you would be interested in a completely different question - how to fix in the newly opening element of the interior?For the final fixation use assembly foam, namely filled into the gap between the frame and the wall.

Important: The foam on curing increases in volume about 5 times!If the box is not in the lumen of the spacers, the material is simply her "mutilated."

Installing additional elements ↑

If the width of the box is less than the width of the wall must be installed dobornyh bars.Should wait for the complete drying of the foam.Production of doors on the order will help you get rid of this need.

Installation casing according to the rules ↑

plat, having made all the necessary measurements, saw off at an angle of 45 degrees.Tag interface and pritvorochnogo pripotolochnogo timber - this is the beginning of the angle.Secure them with finishing nails.

Installing casing
Installing casing requires attention and care

crashed lock - finish ↑

Finally, the apogee of the door mounting - Box lock.It is produced in accordance with the instructions supplied with the fittings.The optimal location of the door handle - a meter from the floor.

Video: how to install interior doors ↑

In fact, if you go deeper and understand the intricacies of the process, almost any repair measures can be carried out independently.The best way to dispel doubts about how to install interior doors - videos with detailed, vivid description.