Filter coarse and fine water: purpose, classification

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22 May 2016

most accessible, and therefore the most popular method of water purification from suspended solids and impurities is its treatment of filters and fine strainer.After the water passes through the strainer inputs it gets rid of any harmful solids (sand, silt, rust, etc.), Which also can spoil and sanitary equipment.The water is then sent to the fine filter.It, in turn, delays the smaller, not filtered at the initial stage of the particle: the insoluble metal salts and some microorganisms and chemical and organic compounds.


Clean water - a necessity?↑

no secret that water is necessary for human survival.The human body is nearly seventy percent water.Therefore, much attention should be paid to the quality of water consumed.As is known from the

tap water is very low quality.It slowly destroys a person, increasing the load on his body.

water is a good solvent of different chemicals, so it is fairly easily contaminated.To date, the use of clean water - is one of the prerequisites for a healthy lifestyle.Therefore, many people who care about their health, drink bottled water and use special treatment filters.

Unfortunately, the water is purified municipal water only from the most dangerous types of contamination.For this chlorine is mainly used, which are extremely toxic and harmful.In addition, utilities have at most only think about what will be the quality of the water leaving the treatment plant.But then the water passes through pipes and can easily become contaminated again.

Pure water - your health
water that we use for food and beverage, must be clean and quality

Besides the increased hardness of the water is the cause of salt deposits in the body.Negatively affect our skeletal system and the high content of manganese.Excessive amounts of iron in the water causes liver disease, violates human reproduction and increases the risk of heart attack.

We must remember the fact that the raw water is not only harmful to the human body, but also spoil the expensive imported sanitary ware.Lime deposits clog the small holes in the shower nozzle and nozzle.Magnesium and calcium salts at high temperatures form a scum.And she, in turn, becomes the main reason for failure of the heating equipment.Now there is even a special sanitary calculated only purified water.

Water Filter ↑

water filter - a device that cleans the water of impurities, viruses, chlorine and its derivatives, bacteria, insoluble and mechanical particles, heavy metals and so on. D.

Flow built-in filters
Household flow filtersseparate faucet combines the cleaning performance and ease of use

For potable water use household filters.They, in turn, conventionally divided into 3 categories - extremely clean, moderate and simple.For simple household filters include pitchers and tip.Under ultrapure understand cleaning quality and most advanced technology to date - household reverse osmosis filters.

classification of devices for filtering ↑

By application area:

  • Household
  • Industrial
  • Aquarium
  • For private homes
  • Travel - an alternative to boiling water.Small-sized and designed to clean a small amount of water.

By way of purification:

  • Electric
  • reverse osmosis
  • Ion exchange
  • Biological
  • physicochemical
  • Mechanical

essentials for Coarse ↑

An example of a coarse filter water
coarse filter water brass

This is a simple filter element of the system with a minimum purity, and therefore is called the coarse filter.All these filters have the same structure and clear water only on major pollutants: rust, sand, etc.They are placed at the beginning of wiring, ie. E., Where the water is distributed between the toilet, bathroom and kitchen.Inside the filter there is a special mesh, which is located along the water.Special outlet prolongs life.When blockages need only block the water tap and unscrew clean the sump.The same should be done every 3 months of preventive considerations.

filter is supplied to consumers is completely ready to work, and therefore do not require further adjustment.Before installation, the pipeline should be cleaned from scale and rust.Systems of internal hot and cold water, heating, heating boiler pipes after installation should be rinsed with water to release it without a mechanical suspensions.

filter should not be subjected to loads from the pipeline (uneven tightening of fasteners, distortions, torsion, bending, vibration, compression, tension, etc.).If necessary compensators must be provided, or support, which will reduce the load on the filter from the pipeline.Filter set "cover downwards revision."If water is supplied from the bottom up for the installation of the filter is necessary to provide the horizontal section.Special tools for installation or dismantling of the filter is not required.Filter the pipeline needs to be fixed reliably not allowed to leak water through the threaded portion.

in major cities in many new homes such filters installed by the builder.If not, then the filter can be easily purchased on their own.They are inexpensive and can be purchased directly from the tap.There is also a special attachment to the crane, which is also a strainer.They are used when it is impossible to reach the tubes.

Watch a video about the types of filtration devices for rough water treatment and achieved their results using:

Devices for fine water ↑

The fine filter water odnokolbovy
fine filter water odnokolbovy

may be single function and multifunction.Singlefunction for purification of salts, heavy metals, chlorine and rust.Multi-function performs several functions at the same time and last longer - up to six months.All the fine filters are inlets and outlets without a direct connection.Through the inlet water is directed into a transparent container, where it passes through the filter is removed via the outlet.

fine filter can be woven or mineral.

cleaning cloth filter ↑

Woven filter is a cylinder with a wound on his special harness or rope.Thus the filter can be cleaned with water from several chemical additives, metal oxides and undissolved salt crystals.Please note that most additives contained in the hot water.This is done to ensure that it remains hot for a long time.If the drum cloth changed its color, it means that the filter should be replaced or cleaned.To clean this filter, you must fill it with warm water and boil until it becomes white.

Mineral filter - protection against chemical ↑

The fine filter water
fine mesh water filter extends the life of high-pressure

Mineral filter - a mesh cylinder filling saline crumbs.It also protects against chemical additives and salts.Drum should be changed, with the appearance of plaque on the walls.

Deeper water purification filter is provided with an adhesive.It reacts with dissolved even in the liquid fractions, thereby delaying them.This changes the color of the drum.It is necessary to carefully monitor the replacement of the drum.Otherwise, the mistake can cause severe food poisoning.The apartment building drum fine filter should be changed once a quarter in the case disable / enable hot water.It should be a little more expensive filter.Moreover, expensive foreign filters are not always as reliable as they might think.

filter biological defense appeared relatively recently.However, it has already become popular around the world.Such a filter is almost 100% disinfects water, protecting people from different bacteria and viruses.His addition to the basic pose.

Water treatment in a private home or cottage ↑

All of the above filters are best suited for the apartments.To clean the water in a private home or cottage, you should use filter system - a combination of several types of filters in a single device.It works in an automatic mode.Depending on the quality of the water filter system can not change to a year.Some of these systems can be self-cleaning.It is best to choose a system with the store, so that the water in the tank is also advocated.