Calculation of radiators (battery) heating: compute power and the number of sections

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19 May 2016

Radiators - is the most common heating device, used in residential, industrial and public premises.They are hollow elements are heated continuously filled with water.Important technical features that should look for when buying a radiator is its operating capacity and pressure.Before installing heating equipment need to think carefully about every last detail: the planned material for the radiator, its design and budget work.Further calculation of radiators should be to determine the number of radiators and their sections and the required power for heating.


calculation - the basis for competent selection ↑

Ontoday's market presents a huge number of radiators with different specifications.

After selecting the most suitable equipment for the design space and its own requirements, you can start the calculation radiators.You will need:

  • roulette;
  • calculator.

In addition, you need to be familiar with the properties of the selected source of heat and power to find out one section of the radiator.

The calculation of the number of sections of bimetallic radiator
power of one section of the bimetallic radiator is 122 watt

Before you calculate the number of sections radiators should calculate the power required for heating.

Calculation of battery power ↑

to start determined by the area of ​​the room.To do this, simply multiply the width of the room in its length.For the convenience of calculating all measurements are made in meters.After measuring the height of the ceiling is necessary to count the number of doors and windows, identify the material from which they are made, find out the location of the apartment and the lowest outdoor temperature during winter.Besides the power calculation requires knowledge of the radiator coolant temperature.

According to "snip" to heat each square meter requires 100 watt heater.Therefore, to calculate the necessary power is necessary to multiply the total area of ​​the room is 100 watts and adjust the value obtained with the help of special factors increasing and decreasing power.

adjustment factor power ↑

Please consider derating factors :

  1. If the room is fitted with PVC double glazing, the resulting value should be reduced by 20%.
  2. with a ceiling height of three meters less power is reduced by a factor, which is calculated as the ratio of the actual height to the provisions on standard (in this case - 3 meters).That is, if the ceiling height is 4 meters, the lower the ratio is equal to 4/3 = 1,33
  3. At temperatures above normal heating boilers, each 10 "extra" degrees reduces power by 15%.
Steel radiator mounted under fiberglass
presence of glazing on the windows to reduce the power needed for adequate heating, 20%

Factors increasing the power :

  1. at the ceiling above three meters capacity should be increased by a factor, which is calculatedIt performed similarly to the calculation for ceiling heights less than three meters.
  2. If the apartment has a corner location, power is increased by a factor of 1.8.
  3. If the room is located more than two windows, power also increases by a factor of 1.8.
  4. When connecting the lower radiator introduced multiplying factor of 8%.
  5. For every 10 degrees lower than the standard coolant capacity increased by 17%.
  6. At very low winter temperatures capacity should increase by 2 times.

Tip: When calculating consider the possibility of different random factors, the value for this required capacity should be increased by another 20%.

The calculation of the number of sections of cast iron radiator
Capacity one section of cast iron radiators - 160 Watt

How many sections you need to heat ↑

There are several ways to carry out the calculation of the radiator heating the room:

  1. calculation sections radiators, an ordinary method.After calculating the required power for heating the resulting value is divided by the power of one section (this is stated in the specifications).For example, the capacity of the radiator is 200 watts, and the required power for heating rooms - 2400 Watt.Then you must install the 2400 W / 200 W = 12 sections.
  2. Calculation of radiators in volume.If you know how many cubic meters is able to heat one section of your heater, the number of radiators can be calculated as follows: the volume of the room (we recall that for a finding of this magnitude need to multiply the length, width and height of the room) is divided by the number of cubes, heated section of concretebattery.
  3. exemplary method of calculation.As a rule, all sectional batteries have standard sizes, the small difference does not play almost any role.Experienced people have long noticed that, with a ceiling height of 2.7 meters, one section enough to heat 1.8 is, if the floor area is 25 square meters, it is necessary (25 / 1.8 = 13.9) 14 battery sections.

course, using our methods of calculation, you will be able to achieve the required level of heat in your home, but do not forget that all the details can only take into account the real professionals.Even a small error in calculations or neglect at least one factor capable of affecting force the occupants of the house in the winter suffer from painful cold.