Fireplaces with his own hands: the construction details

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18 May 2016

People have always loved fire.In older homes fireplaces were an integral part.And this tradition today, oddly enough, is reborn!When planning the construction of the house, there is the question of how to build a home?The hosts, who have even minimal experience in construction, fireplaces can build with their own hands.We suggest you look into this matter, having considered every aspect of the building separately.


construction and operation of the fireplace ↑

fireplacecalled simple oven with an open furnace that heats the room radiant heat energy.The product consis

ts of a chimney and firebox.

Design fireplace
design fireplace

Inside his erect bent gas threshold in a knee that prevents ejection of the pipe sparks and prevents drops of air streams that lead to the shoot out ash, fuming, hit the snow and rain, as well as necessary forsoot deposition.

The principle of the fireplace
direction of cold air, which stimulates the burning hot and used for heating

In colder areas of the country fireplaces can not be used as a heating device, because heat loss is 10 - 20%, and the rest of the energy goes into the pipe.

Fireside generate heat during the burning logs, moreover, unevenly.Heated air is best in front of the firebox.But the sides warmed slightly.To receive reflect more heat to do the firebox wide but not deep.

What you need to consider when building ↑

easiest fireplace is brick, its owners can fold themselves.By the hearth and home imposed some requirements.Fireplace must not smoke, but just have a good warm air.Also worth noting is its aesthetic properties.

What are the fireplaces
fireplaces with different types of heating

first point to which attention should be paid, is a design choice.If you decide to make a fire with his own hands - the drawings should be chosen carefully!Next you need to determine what will be the center - an open or closed, and what materials will be used in construction.

Selecting a location for a home ↑

Fireplaces perform and attached to a brick wall, built into it or free-standing.You can also place the focus in the corner by the interior walls.If you want to see as much as possible options should perform an Internet search for «fireplace with his hands photo".

Choose a place in the house for the fireplace
Choose a place in the house for the fireplace

It is not desirable to place the furnace wall, which is opposite the wall with windows: If windows are not sealed too, then erecting a fireplace in front of them, will create drafts.If the house is made of wood, it is necessary to take into account the fire regulations, because if the fireplace to heat for too long, it can cause a fire.

designing a fireplace, it is worth remembering that there chimney section of which should correspond to the size of the fire.It is necessary to organize the flow of fresh air into the room where the fireplace is located, and a platform that can support the weight of the structure.

hope the future size of the fireplace ↑

Design fireplace are two methods - select circuit ready poryadovuyu masonry fireplace or draw it yourself, using the table of sizes.To make poryadovkoy, you need to prepare a paper in the box.Apply and have a brick, and three-quarters, and halves.

How to calculate the size of the fireplace
project fireplace with calculations

Before you make a fire with his own hands, it is necessary to determine the size of the room in which it is planned to build a fireplace.Furnace hole should be 1/50 of the volume of the room.In the depth of the firebox and the height of the portal must be maintained the ratio of 1 to 2 or 2 to 3.

dimensions must be observed without fail, as they are very important.If we make the furnace deeper than expected, then the heat will decrease considerably, and if made smaller, it will provoke a smoke.

smoke hole depend primarily on the heating area.Dimensions of the chimney must be at every 8 - 15 less than the size of the furnace.If you want to make a round chimney, it is worth remembering that the pipe diameter should be in the range of 8 - 14 centimeters.The length of the chimney can reach 4 - 5 meters.

finished material masonry fireplace ↑

Since poryadovkoy all ready, you can build a home or fireplace in the garden with his own hands.

Materials for the construction of the fireplace
materials for the construction of the fireplace

necessary to determine the necessary materials and their quantity:

  • Full-bodied furnace bricks.They should be considered individually.It is recommended to consider all the partial products as whole bricks.
  • sand without debris and dust, which is different fineness close 0.2 - 1.5 mm.To remove dirt, sand should be placed in the water and to insist, changing the water several times, until it acquires a light shade.
  • Clay putting some foci.We recommend using blue Cambrian clay.If such material in your community there, you can take the clay and the kiln.
  • Cement.Suitable very ordinary Portland cement.
  • Rubble for mortar and pouring the foundation under the fireplace.
  • Reinforcing bars - about 20 pieces.The diameter of no more than 8 - 10 mm., Length - 700 mm.
  • smoke flap.

Fill solid foundation ↑

How to fold a fireplace with his hands what to do first?Building fire should start with the foundation and definition of its size.Foundations need to focus separately to build on the foundation of the house.It must have the same width as the ground and the front row can thus add 5 - 6 centimeters.

Pouring the foundation fireplace
Fill basement fireplace

First you need to dig a hole the size of which will be more dimensions of the foundation on 10 - 15 centimeters.The depth of the pit - about 60 centimeters.The foundation can be built of foam concrete or brick.It is better to calculate what kind of material will be cheaper, and check out what is available.At the bottom of the rubble taken to fall asleep.Then pit tamped and check horizontal base.

Then you can take the foundation.It should bring down the formwork required height without a bottom, using wooden boards.The inner walls of the box is processed or upholster resin for waterproofing roofing material.Formwork should be placed on the base and fill with gravel stones, arranged in advance, the solution, which is prepared from 1 part cement and 3 parts sand.

top of the basement is properly leveled, to make amends for all the irregularities, check levels, and cover with polyethylene.It is necessary to wait a week and then move on to the masonry.

Preparing material before laying ↑

Brick has dimensions - 6.5 by 12 by 25 cm, and seam - about half a centimeter.Bricks should be smooth, uniform, uniform in thickness and without chipping.Before laying should be podtesat, trim emery stone or brick of another plane.

Each brick is first necessary to omit a few minutes in the water to come out all bubbles.Otherwise, the bricks have the solution take away the humidity and this will provoke the instability of masonry.

Brick Fireplace
Brick masonry fireplace in front of a few minutes 'soaked' in water

on the foundation you need to roll out two layers of roofing material for waterproofing.Then perform calibration of bricks, in other words - choose from the material only bricks that are needed for construction.2-3 days should be soaked clay, gradually adding water and stirring until thickened.

Workflow masonry fireplace ↑

Above was indicated that under this scheme fireplaces built of bricks with their hands.Bricks should be clearly laid one above the other.Side brick, which is in contact with the rail, during a procedure such as masonry fireplaces with their hands should not be in solution.

Brick laid so he placed one hand on the rail, which is slightly pressed with the other hand is beaten on the brick mortar.Clay is not to be squeezed out rail.

first row should be laid on the edge of the solution, adding cement.During operation, should be very careful and check the geometrical dimensions of the fireplace with the help of the polygon.All the diagonal between them must be equal angles - vertical, each row - horizontal well.

solid ranks better spread using a tool - a trowel or trowel.When laying the firebox and the sweeping operation to be performed hands, as this can be felt with a solution to eliminate accidentally hit the stones.

Masonry fireplace
masonry fireplace

Rows should be checked with poryadovymi schemes, marking pencil or chalk all ranks.Facing the firebox to the outer walls are not bound, as in these cases, different temperature regimes and masonry can be broken because of this.

Reiki after laying several rows are deleted, but you can use them later.The third row is to lay two pins, which need to be put on the fender.Side tabs portal placed immediately clean - in a half-brick.Stitches after laying, you can optionally fill in the color solution - with the addition of dry dye.

to construct the firebox, smoke box and channels ↑

walls of the firebox and the sweeping to wipe the inside and remove the solution was speaking.Keep in mind that the inside can not be plastering.

curved surface and the sweeping arch is recommended to spread, making a gradual overlap bricks - up to 6 centimeters.Portal hole should overlap the brick lintels, which are of different types - arched, vaulted and canted.The jumpers are set using special molds.

The firebox fireplace
firebox fireplace

While putting some attention is to focus on checking the verticality of the chimney.When will reupload the chimney on the roof, it is necessary to go on a cement-sand mixture.When laying the pipe for closing the roof membrane, made to establish "otter" (overlap), and to provide fire protection ceiling - a barrier.

to fire showed the best heat-reflective capacity, it is necessary to make the inside wall at an angle.Both side panels must expand outward and back - slightly tilted forward.Above the furnace is to arrange a smoke chamber, firing chamber and the flue between the firebox ledge.Pass prevents soot fly out with sparks, as well as protects the room from getting smoke.

Design - an important stage ↑

Now you know how to build a fire with his own hands, and you can start decorating.Built center can issue any building materials - marble, tiles, tile, different types of stone and brick, decorative plaster.Furthermore, often used in the finishing of concrete imitation of various textures - preferably natural stone and expensive wood, since these materials are expensive.

Decorative trim fireplace
decoration with fireplace

first decorative details obkladyvaetsya ground floor of the home.Use accepted normal tile adhesive.Some products, such as jewelry made of marble, you need to pre-pasted plastic, because this material is very easily scratched.

In the design of the fireplace, you can use all sorts of forged elements - such as iron sculpture.But wooden crafts desirable very well insulated from the heat source.But above all, these accessories should be appropriate in general interior.

Thus, reading these instructions, you can build a fire with his hands.It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations and to verify all poryadovymi schemes.Particular attention should be paid to the choice of location for the future focus and estimated its size, since it affects the performance of your work.

Video: masonry fireplace in great detail ↑