Typical fees and the cost of electrical work: calculate the cost to repair

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16 May 2016

can only welcome the desire to re-stick wallpaper on their own, or prepare their own overseas dish for dinner.Learn something new is never too late, when suddenly his plan will not work, the result is easy to correct.It is quite another electrical device.Entrust the execution in this case can only be a qualified technician, because of his knowledge and skills depends on the final result - well organized and properly organized operation of all electrical appliances.Errors in the wiring installation can cause a fire, such cases are not uncommon.It is therefore important knowledge and experience, highly qualified specialist, they are a guarantee of good results.Each of us is willing to pay a high price for the safety of loved ones.But, on the other hand, the market may be the mass equivalent of the proposals, it would seem, performers.Is inflated value declared in the list of services to a particular company?As it formed prices for electrical work?Try to understand.


Anyone who has faced with the necessity of laying electric wires, repair or reconstruction of the cable networks, the installation of lighting and other things that can be grouped under the title "electrical work"interested in several aspects: first, the quality of execution of electrical works, the cost of services and, of course, the timing of implementation.A guarantee of high quality of work can be a solid experience of the company in this area, the availability of the necessary permits and licenses, modern buses, the high level of staff training, positive feedback from friends or relatives.You can see a fairly wide price spread.

How to do a lot for a low price?↑

When comparing price lists of several dozen firms providing services for installation of electrical wiring, you may notice a pattern: if given the relatively low prices for the electrical work, the small letters spelled out additional conditions that significantly affect the final cost.Lack of project documentation may lead to the possibility of exceeding the previously announced price, the cost of electrical work does not include VAT, innovative materials and structures are paid at the contractual rate, etc.In such a case would be to stipulate the content supplied in advance to find out whether additional supplies for electrical work.

fixed price - the concept is very, very conditional.The vagueness of the phrase "lowest cost of services on replacement of electrical wiring for the studio correspond to the amount equivalent to $ 300," says only the smallest of all possible indicators of price.Cost example shtrobleniya raceways will depend on the width of the channels and their length (unit in this case is considered meter) and on the kind of surface (brick, concrete, plasterboard).Consider the average price for a certain type of electrical work.

Typical prices and estimates ↑

Drilling holes
Preparatory work (drilling)

preparatory works include drilling different holes in the wall: through (the cost varies from 100 to 300 rubles, depending on the material to be drilled (brick, concrete), drilling holes for the installation of spotlights (opening for spotlights drilled into the drywall will cost 120 rubles on average, suspended ceilings - 200 rubles).

Junction box concealed installation
Mounting the junction box

Installing the junction box will cost 120rubles hole for junction box is drilled for a fee - from 120 to 240 rubles, depending on the material of the wall overlap.

If you have to replace the wiring, the dismantling of the already served his sentence equipment (machine kabelkanal, terminal boxes, electric meter) coston the average from 30 to 390 rubles, depending on the complexity of disassembly.

electrical installation with connection to the mains - a separate type of service, pay attention to the cost of the service is not included cabling.When installing and connecting jacuzzi, electric stove or cooker hood (1500, 950 and 1500 rubles, respectively), all services allow cables to be paid separately.Installation of ground loop will cost 14,200 rubles.

Wiring open pit will cost the customer from 80 to 130 rubles per meter (on brackets for wood or plaster, or the corrugation).

Emergency leave the house master in the city or outside the city paid for some tariffs, as well as counseling on work and cost estimates.

preliminary pricing
Example preliminary calculation of the cost of electrical work

Factors affecting the cost ↑

  • number elektrotochek (sockets and switches);
  • material overlap the walls;
  • difficulty level of execution of works.

summarize all of the above to derive the general scheme of counting the cost of electrical work: after watching the prices on the site, the client must specify the cost.Artist studying the problem and offers a number of solutions, with its recommendations on the advisability of one or the other option.The agreement to provide services is some assurance of timely fulfillment of obligations by both parties.The total estimate for the electrical work includes the list of services and materials.Selecting products widely advertised brands and proven quality products from lesser known manufacturers will significantly affect the final cost of all services in general.Recommendations masters of their craft (mainly electrical rather than merchant) will be very useful.

Track firms with the lowest payment for services is not necessary.Of course, we would like to see detailed prices, it would save a lot of time.However, the price of services is determined individually, the total cost of similar works may be different for the two seemingly identical apartments.Non-specialist to understand the specifics of the design documentation and complexity of the work is not easy.It is better to trust the professionals, honestly indicating the real cost of services and knowing the business.