Floor heating boilers: Types, selection guidelines

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14 May 2016

Every house, if it is intended for year-round, it is necessary to heat.Currently, the market of heating devices offers consumers a lot of variety of products.They are classified according to a variety of symptoms: depending on the material of manufacture, size, fuel used, the principle of operation, etc.One of the most popular devices for heating residential building steel Boilers submitted by manufacturers in a fairly wide range.


Principle of operation of gas boilers ↑

worth noting that the principle of the floor of the gas boiler is very simple.For its operation using natural or liquefied gas, which on burning its heat existing in the heat exchanger device.That, in turn, heats the water passing therethrough is injected

special pump.Thereafter, the same circulation pump delivers the already heated water in the heating circuit.

heat exchanger - the main element ↑

For effective operation of the gas boiler needs high-quality heat exchanger, which is used for the manufacture of a variety of materials: cast iron, steel, copper.One or another material causes, not only the effectiveness of the device, but also its durability.

So, floor gas heating boilers, heat exchangers are made of cast iron, the most durable.The fact that the cast iron heat exchanger is not subject to corrosion and burns are extremely rare.Such a device can be operated for about 50 years, but it is worth considering that iron is fragile material.Bounce or contrasting water temperature may lead to cracking.

Cast iron heat exchanger
cast iron heat exchanger outdoor gas boiler

steel heat exchangers are more resistant to cracks and various deformations.Moreover, their weight is less than that of iron analog is about 2 times.With such virtues steel heat exchangers lose that is easy enough to corrode and burn through quickly.The service life of the gas boiler depends on the type of steel used, and ranges from 5-15 years.

copper for the manufacture of heat exchangers is almost never used.These products are becoming increasingly rare in the market of heating devices.

Types of floor gas boilers ↑

Today the owners of country houses it is possible to choose between single-circuit and double-circuit gas-fired boilers, which have a number of fundamental differences.

unit with one loop ↑

The main purpose of the Single-gas boiler is just heating premises.The design of such a device does not provide for the presence of functional elements, that allow the house hot water.This leads to the fact that the device for hot water supply is necessary to purchase additional equipment.This results in an integrated system, each element of which is clearly and effectively performs its function.

Single-circuit gas boiler
Outdoor Single-circuit gas boiler

Today, there are several options for the construction of such a system:

  • economy.In this case, in addition to the outdoor gas boiler becomes a single-loop flow gas water heater.Such a system is sufficient for two full service delivery points.Furthermore, it provides a minimum fuel consumption.
  • optimal.This embodiment provides for the withdrawal of gas from the boiler heat exchanger, which is placed in an indirect heating boiler.Such a system allows a sufficiently large daily consumption of water.

However, when installing the system with a boiler capacity is necessary to harmonize the two instruments.The fact that the boiler capacity less than that of the boiler will be quite difficult to provide the necessary premises daily amount of hot water.Boilers, which amounts to 250 or 500 liters, it is to meet the needs of a small family with a sufficient capacity of the boiler.In some cases, may be an additional electric heating, hot water accelerates to the desired temperature.

Heating system: gas boiler and water heater
Floor gas boiler and hot water boiler

When you select the Single-gas boiler should pay attention to some of its characteristics:

  • power;
  • voltage;
  • dimensions;
  • type of combustion chamber.

Thus planimetric outdoor gas boiler is a heating device, wherein the combustion gas heats the water and its distribution through the tubes.

outdoor Turbofan gas boiler ↑

Available in an assortment floor combi boilers can be used as a stand-alone device for the heating system in a country residential building and to provide hot water.

This boiler is the optimal solution in the case where the amount of free space does not establish a system consisting of a single-circuit gas-fired boiler and water heater.

Any outdoor gas boiler two-circuit comprises the following functional elements to ensure its effective operation:

  • circulating pump;
  • burner;
  • expansion tank;
  • exchanger.

to provide heating and hot water is only necessary to hold the pipe to faucets and radiators.

Outdoor Turbofan gas boiler
outdoor Turbofan gas boiler

Functioning of a bypass gas floor boiler is in accordance with the priority of hot water mode.In simplified form, it looks like this: the user opens the tap, and then switches off the heating circuit.This burner is working only on water circuit.Water heating is carried out in a continuous mode.

worth to pay attention to one caveat.With a fairly large daily water consumption, for example, when a family of three people or more, there are several toilets and bathrooms, experts recommend to opt for double-circuit gas boilers with built-in boiler.This will avoid quite a long shutdown of the heating circuit.If you do not take these measures, there is a risk to actively use hot water, but in a poorly heated apartment building.It is unlikely that such a perspective can be considered happy in the harsh Russian winter.

Installation of floor gas boilers ↑

Today, outdoor gas boiler - it is one of the most efficient heating devices, since the gas is available and relatively cheap fuel.If you have a centralized gas boiler installation should not take long.It will be enough just to connect to it and from that moment not to worry about the temperature of the batteries.

worth noting that the outdoor boilers are heavy and are characterized by large dimensions, so it is recommended to install them in specially designed for this room - the boiler room.In addition, the boiler must be equipped with high-quality chimney, which will display the products of combustion of gaseous fuel.

Installing underfloor gas boiler
Installation of gas in the boiler room

to finish the boiler and its equipment to meet a series of requirements established by the appropriate state agency.So, they are directly related to the boiler room, in her communications, ventilation and device chimney.

For example, the materials used to furnish the boiler room should be fireproof and non-flammable and free space for installation of the boiler must be at least 4 metersThe boiler must be sewer, electricity and water supply.Himself gas boiler is installed on a flat floor surface and away from sources of ignition.The approach to the boiler must be unobstructed by either side.

facilities security systems ↑

modern outdoor gas boiler - a heater, meets all safety requirements.Safe operation is provided by a competent boiler arrangement and compliance with the rules of using the device.

worth noting that manufacturers have tried to provide the time of the boiler during a power failure.This is especially important for the reason that the vast number of models of boilers is elektrozavisimym.Thus, when a power outage occurs blocking gas flow and as a result, the burner is extinguished.Of course, the boiler stops working completely.

With the resumption of power supply the models of boilers, which are provided with a function of self-renewable automatically.In the absence of such - needed a mechanical trigger.

In addition, each floor gas boiler is supplied with a plurality of sensors designed to respond to the slightest faults and malfunctions.Such failures occur, but rarely as successfully boilers can operate in virtually any conditions around the clock non-stop.This will provide a much-needed peace of mind when you use the appliance.

Video: all about choosing gas boilers ↑

Thus, the diversity of modern gas boilers floor type allows you to choose the model that is most suitable for use in existing conditions, and will be available.Properly chosen product and the required power level of functionality promotes heating efficiency apartment house, unit hot water system.Obviously, in the house where it is always warm, it will create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort, comfort and hospitality.