How to make a formwork for the foundation - details

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16 May 2016

Foundation - the foundation of any building, and the foundation of the foundation - it is the right formwork, which can make for yourself.But how to make the formwork, so you do not have problems?


Species formwork ↑

First, let's deal with the fact that the formwork is and why it is needed.Formwork - a design used for the construction of the foundations of the building mixtures, and it is necessary to keep the mixture inside yourself and do not let them escape.

Formwork is removable and non-removable.For the construction of the bases used removable formwork made of different materials: wood, metal or polystyrene.Because after setting the foundation formwork elements are removed, it is necessary to advance to think about what does it do, because the appearance of the foundations of the building is as important as the interior.

Fixed timbering made of polystyrene, a material that can rightly be considered the material of the fu

ture.This formwork is very easy to erect, is lightweight, reduces financial and time costs of construction.

The device penopolisterolnoy formwork
Easy Budget formwork of polystyrene foam simplifies and facilitates the construction of the foundation

How to formwork - a guide to action ↑

If you decide to build a house, garage, bath or other structure, and thinking about how to make the formwork for the foundationthen you are on the right track, because before starting to do anything, it is worth to think about all the details, so you do not bite your elbows in despair.

formwork required to create the tools and materials that you can buy in a store or find itself in the bins.Today, almost any hardware store you can buy metal molds with a perfectly smooth surface, specially designed for the formwork.They are fixed to the frame using fasteners and bolts.The advantages of this design are obvious:

  • ease of installation
  • smooth foundation
  • significant savings on building materials
  • reduction of time for finishing work

Metal formwork
Shuttering of metal elements - reliable supporting structure

But if you buy a metalPrices you can not, then it is possible to manage a wooden board, that's just the process of creating a casing bit more complicated and will require you some skill and dexterity.

In fact, the most ideal material for the construction of wooden formwork is a pine board: it is durable and cheap.But its thickness, depending on the type and purpose of the foundation, to be different.Thus, the need for strip foundation board of not less than "sorokovke", because it will have to withstand a large amount of concrete.

Important: thin boards will not withstand the pressure of concrete and just scatter in chips.

After you remove the frame formwork boards can be further used in construction, for example, for rough floor finishes.

But to fill decorative tracks in the garden is quite enough and thin, narrow boards with a thickness of 0.1-0.3 cm.

So still how to make shuttering of boards?

First, you need to drive around the perimeter marking wooden blocks (formwork support future).The more, the more solid will design.Next you need to fix on the bars of the board.This is done using usual nails, but they need to hammer the inner side to the irregularities as small as possible.A

to provide additional strength can be secured from the outside wooden formwork spacers with a frequency of approximately one meter.

Important: during assembly, check the level of the formwork level and plumb its walls, or home (or that you build it) can turn to roll.

Shuttering of wood
Make formwork can be of sawn

After assembly and scrutiny shuttering it must obmesti broom and well moistened.This is done so that the tree does not take the moisture from the concrete, thus reducing its strength.If possible, you can use a special wax paper, which will also prevent the absorption of moisture into the boards.And now you can start pouring concrete.

Important: remove the formwork structure should be approximately 2-3 weeks after the pouring of concrete, and even better to leave the lists in place until the completion of construction works - so you do not damage the outer walls of the basement, you never know what can happen on the court.

the details of processes of preparation, construction formwork and pouring sand-cement mixture will introduce video.

As you can see nothing difficult in the creation of formwork not, the main thing here - do not rush and carefully check all levels.Even I have a saying, "haste makes waste."