Guide waterproofing bathroom: to prevent the negative impact of water

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10 May 2016

Specificity bathroom dictates the need for manual optimization of waterproofing characteristics.The room, designed for hygiene, high humidity.Deposited on the surface condensation contributes to the destruction of building materials.The vapor penetrating through the wall adjacent to the bath, may damage the finish.Necessary waterproofing bathroom is also in order to avoid the Gulf of living downstairs neighbors in the event of accidental leaks.Summing up the arguments in favor of waterproofing is easy to conclude - these activities is much more economical cost of rebuilding a strange and personal property, tainted water and steam.


For application protects against condensation and water bed industry offers a wide range of products.There are a number of ways, the implementation of which is only available to experienced professionals, equipped with special equipment.However, perfectly working waterproofing can make any host that does not have the skills repairman.Only need to choose wisely the material to determine the scope of work, to study the implementation of technology, patience and the necessary tools.

Waterproofing - a method of storing personal property and ceilings neighbors
Hydro bath will help keep the building materials, finishes, eliminate unpleasant situations with emergency flooding of downstream apartments

plan that will isolate ↑

preliminary stage any work that requires the cost of buying material should be planning.You do not need drafting, enough circuits with accurate dimensions bathroom.Well-designed area intended for the treatment, will minimize costs, excluding acquisition surplus.

There is no question that the plane of the floor in the bathroom is necessary to protect the relevant layer.If it is intended only waterproofing material laying on the floor, it is desirable that the lower 20 cm of the walls were also protected against moisture by the same layer.Waterproofing in these cases resembles a kind of container, prevents the waste water in the overlap area and bathroom downstairs living neighbors.

If the landlord concerned about the safety of walls, adjacent to the washing areas, the plane combined structures should also be treated.Waterproofing is applied on the surface of the walls and near which set the showers and other plumbing fixtures.

Zone hygienic premises to be isolated
bathroom areas needing insulation

assortment of waterproofing materials ↑

difference in the methods of applying a layer that prevents moisture penetration, determined the division of the entire range of waterproofing materials Wood banding and more popular now obmazochnye compositions.Pasting or obmazochnuyu technology chosen, focusing on the preferred owner's premises timetables and surface characteristics, intended for processing.

Pros and cons of back-lining materials ↑

most famous, proven method of waterproofing bathrooms were applying to the surface of the roll material, the main component of which is bitumen.Delivered in our time to market, roll, polymer products are modified by the introduction of components reinforced with glass fibers or other synthetic fabrics.Among the materials with reinforcing the foundation of self-adhesive and have a variety of fusing.Technology laying the waterproofing layer on the surface of the weld is too complex for a beginner and is impossible without the use of special burners.Because wishing to save time and facilitate the production of works inexperienced performers prefer to adhesive options.

Recognized dressers and builders positive qualities of roll waterproofing considered ease of self-adhesive insulating layer, reducing the processing deadlines.Made using rolled materials waterproofing the floor in the bathroom does not require waiting hardening the surface, allowing you to start without delay finishing works: laying tile, linoleum, ceramic granite.A significant plus - a clear adhesive fixation modifications.They do not move and do not spoil on the movement of persons laid on the surface.

Materials for waterproofing bathroom supplied in rolls
Roll materials with a bitumen base, designed for waterproofing rooms with high humidity

negative side gluing roll waterproofing:

  • need for preliminary alignment of the surface, as the unevenness exceeding 2 mm is not permitted;
  • basis, to be treated should be dried;
  • presence of a sharp smell of toxic bitumen, not "erode" extended period.

If, focusing on speed of execution, the owner of the premises to the leveled surface yet chosen to pasting, it is recommended to prefer self-adhesive versions of waterproofing materials.Features

surface waterproofing ↑

Unpretentious universal obmazochnye formulations do not require thorough preparation surfaces before application, as to some extent themselves function as a leveling layer.For those who do not spend time on the preparation of a preliminary surface waterproofing - the optimal choice.This category of more expensive materials Okleechnaya counterparts, but considering there is no need to buy the leveling mixture is quite acceptable and even economical.

lubricative compositions presented:

  • bitumen-polymer mastics with a basis of oxidized bitumen and the inclusion of an organic solvent;
  • bitumen-rubber mastic enriched increases the elasticity of synthetic fillers;
  • cement-polymeric mastic is a mixture of cement with mineral additives.

should know that if the waterproofing of the floor in the bathroom was performed with the use of mastic asphalt with the main components necessary subsequent screed.This scheme completely prevent penetration of moisture.But in order to tie after shrinkage cracks did not appear, in the need to add fiber of polypropylene.The modifying component is to strengthen the concrete base.

Hydro bath using lubricative composition
Waterproofing bathroom with lubricative material

lubricative materials have excellent adhesion to the treated surface.The presence of inclusions plasticizing improves work with any rigid foundation.Priorities processing mastics concrete structures due to the maximum penetration of the compositions into the concrete structure and the formation of new crystalline stronger ties.Created with the help of the components of mastic prevent the formation of crystalline water, but breathable.

calculation of the amount of material ↑

Once a future artist decided on the scope of work, found out which plane it will process and chosen material will need to calculate the necessary amount of lubricative mastic, roll waterproofing materials, or both in the case of sharing.To calculate the material requirement is an elementary formula - the area of ​​the treated surface is divided into a kind of a factor equal to 1.5.Round off the result to be in a big way.For the application of the impregnation layer or laying on the floor only the features that need to be split, the floor space will be.Do not forget that a 20 cm perimeter walls is desirable, too isolated.Similarly calculated demand for self-adhesive materials for walls or segments of vertical surfaces.

technology waterproofing bathroom ↑

Preparatory milestone ↑

Regardless of the choice of material and method of waterproofing the initial stage should be to prepare the surface for subsequent processing.All planned to spray material plane must be cleaned of dirt, worn coatings, traces of oil and grease-containing formulations.

To waterproofing bathroom with their hands was effective, need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • before fixing roll layers on the wall or laying it on the floor should conduct alignment before applying the mastic these measures are not necessary;
  • concrete surface must be sanded, remove the weak layer, the so-called "concrete milk" hold unravel damage and cracks, repair them using special compounds;
  • concrete waterproofing prior to moisturize, but the floor is not permitted the accumulation of excess water.

In order to maximize the formation of the insulating effect is recommended that additional insulation abutting structural components and joints between the elements.For this purpose, the seams do not indent depth of 3 cm, which must be filled with a special solution.A more affordable way - taping joints with insulation tape.

At the junction of structural elements need to paste special tape
Areas abutting structural elements bathroom handled special tape

significant recommendations: Before applying any waterproofing material should be treated with the rough surface of primer to optimize traction.Perfectly paired with an insulating material is lubricative composition for priming the same class.Those wishing to make a bath with the help of the insulation roll of self-adhesive materials should be preferred formulations are compatible with the base, you can simply cover the surface waterproofing paint.The ground in front of the production of further work should be dry.

Application surface waterproofing ↑

Among the market has lubricative materials prepared for the application of the compositions and dry mixes for the preparation of which is necessary to carefully study the instructions of the manufacturer and observe all the points indicated in the briefing.Ready or do yourself a homogeneous mixture is applied with a flat brush, roller or special construction spatula, evenly distributing material on the surface of the lubricative.If the manufacturer recommends multiple application, each of the subsequent layers is directed "to cross" the previous one.Between coats is necessary to respect the manufacturer of the interval required for complete solidification.No less days must elapse after treatment lubricative materials, after which it will be possible to begin facing.

Self-adhesive insulation and other methods ↑

whole job is to open and fixing waterproofing material.Form laid on the floor layer should resemble the trough.The final phase - treatment of joint sealant having a silicone base.

The simplest scheme waterproofing - staining waterproof paint
Cheap simplest scheme waterproofing bath - painting special structure

owners, puzzled question "how to make waterproofing in the bathroom the most cheap" repairmen advise cover the surface of the elementary composition of the coloring waterproofing, prevent the entry of vapor and moisture.Cast option is not advised, it is effective, but difficult for self-fulfillment.Loose-fill insulation layer will be too powerful and not particularly effective.

Video: how to make waterproofing ↑

Ways to improve the waterproofing characteristics of the bathroom, available for self-fulfillment, not too much, but enough to choose from.Between them, there are notable differences.What is more important for the owner: speed or cost?He will decide on their own, and after consulting with the specifics of the production work will be much easier to make an intelligent decision.