Repair of the foundation of the old wooden house: cosmetics and capital

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12 May 2016

One glance at the old wooden structure can be judged on the need for repair work of its foundation.What signs indicate the presence of problems in the construction of the house foundation?This may be skewed structure, partial or total subsidence of the building, the occurrence of cracks on walls, on the base and other deformations.The reason for these phenomena lies in the seasonal temperature changes and frost heave, and the destruction of the materials from which the foundation was carried out under the influence of time.Depending on the severity of the situation, a decision on what the repair of the foundation of the old wooden house hold - partial or overhaul.


repair the foundation and its species ↑

If the base of wooden build

ings went into the ground, thus remains intact, it suffices to perform partial repairs.Construct a little rotted foundation, made of wood, it should be replaced or strengthened.This building rises to the desired height, the base built up by a concrete block or brick.

Repair of the foundation of the old house
repair pier foundation - raising house

Overhaul foundation of wooden houses is carried out in the event of failure or cracking.It is necessary to take into account the availability of features in the terrain, deep foundations, soil type.Also, when selecting the optimum technology of repair of the foundation of the old wooden house pay attention to the original design of the base.

If it is made in the form of a strip foundation, the possible option of partial dismantling and enhance all around.Complete replacement is carried out in the event of a large degree of destruction.

Staging a home for special inserts
Staging a home for special insert
Estimates of distances for jacking
estimates distances for jacking

If the structure stands on the pier foundation, then the repair in most cases require the complete replacement of poles.This building carefully lifted to the desired height, using jacks.On reinforced concrete pad set a new robust pole.Likewise, the installation is carried out other pillars in the construction of the foundation.

Strengthening the old base ↑

1. Begin to repair the foundation of the old house, which has damaged the entire perimeter, with trenching around its construction.

2. The surface of the foundation and the walls cleaned thoroughly from adhering dirt and old plaster.

3. Stepping back a certain distance from the wall, fastened with metal mesh anchors fired from the basement and plinth.

4. installing formwork, concrete is poured.

5. After enduring the time required for curing the concrete mixture, the trench is filled.In addition, each layer is enhanced compaction.If

destruction suffered only a single portion, then the sides are building up the foundation laying of the stones to the required width.At the same time provide a link between the clutches of old and new construction.The sole foundation in this case, as a rule, does not go.In identifying the weak areas of the base of the house, made of rubble, rubble concrete, soil-concrete, reinforced concrete and other materials, made of reinforced concrete broadened clip.Her carefully anchored to connect through an existing masonry.This ensures that a joint "work" re-arranged plot with the old part of the foundation structure.

also increases the bearing capacity of the old base, spreading along the weak areas on both sides of the new foundation, which supports the load on the severity of the house through the metal or concrete beams passing through the basement of.Also be sure to spend anchoring the old and new structures for the integration of their power.

Replacement of dilapidated foundations ↑

Repair dilapidated foundation
repair dilapidated foundation begins with the dismantling of the destroyed structure

who came in complete disrepair structure must be replaced with new ones.Repair of an old foundation in this case is considered costly and inefficient.The work begins with a partial or full discharge of the old who have served their time, the foundation.

The task is to ensure the stability of the builders of the house and the preservation of all structures located above.There are several ways, namely:

  • installation of temporary wooden "chairs" on sleepers arranged cross;
  • device under the walls of stone pillars that transmit the load from the ceiling to the ground (in a particularly thorough needs strengthening windows and doors).

also apply braces that support the plinth wall, transferring the load from the wall at an angle to the ground.Before working on wrapping up the foundation wall fixed reference beacons by which to easily monitor possible deformation.Following the preparatory work digging a pit.Laying the foundation spend two-meter sections between which make breaks in size from 2 to 4 meters.Taken into account the order of reference works.

The device is a new strip foundation
new device strip foundation

in wooden houses usually completely unload the old foundation, "posting" of the wall.Under them fed laterally positioned reinforced concrete or steel beams are laid in a specially punched holes at a distance of 2.0-2.5 m. These beams rely on temporary supports, pre-set builders.Replacing the old foundation of the new, with its base located below.

uneven bulging foundations ↑

Foundations of wooden houses that were built in the former peat workings, forested areas with loamy, clay and grussy soils, tend to experience uneven bulging.These processes begin on the southern side of the structure, because there is thawing the ground faster.Therefore, in these places much moistened soil layers.Brick foundations, even reinforced, covers a multitude of cracks dividing the structure into separate blocks that are destroyed rapidly in the future.

Concrete foundations are also subject to destruction, but the processes are somewhat slower than in the brick structures.First cracks length of 20-30 cm in the vertical plane.Further there is a bulging of the destroyed parts of the foundation, and this is likely to endanger the safety of the entire house.Stronger than all considered concrete structures in which the protrusion is less pronounced due to the valve accepting the part of the stress from the pressure of the soil.

Stepwise replacement of worn pier foundation ↑

Old pier foundation, located in the ground saturated with water, it is best to replace the small recessed design.The technology is divided into several steps:

1. removal of topsoil;

2. excavation to the required depth, the presence of old - spend it draining and consolidation;

3. Sand bed unit;

4. laying concrete or concrete belt, which is installed on metal pipes with diameter 100-250 mm;

5. laying pipes on top of concrete or metal base plates, anchor and spend bonding of these elements.This prevents the shift of the upper plate.

Before the construction of foundations in difficult soils it is necessary to take effective measures for the drainage of the house.These include the removal of the eaves 0.5 m, the unit of trays or gutters, ditches or drainage device wells.

Video - reconstruction of the basement of an old house made of wood ↑

often happens that the repair is necessary not only worn foundations, but also destroyed as a result of errors builders base.In any case, significantly cheaper to build a new foundation for lasting than to rebuild the house.

When you replace all of the foundation or its parts is necessary to carry out preliminary calculations, which takes into account all the old and new load.This takes into account physical and mechanical properties of the local soil.