How to install the air conditioner in the apartment - an example of installation of a split system

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28 April 2016

Buying air conditioner, a perfect day for the sake of creating and maintaining a comfortable indoor conditions, may become completely useless ... Because if the choice of air-conditioning systems, most of us tend to listen to the opinion of qualified experts (buying is not "random," and balanced, taking into accountthe volume of the room, wall material, number of door and window openings sought by the information available about the products selected brand), then by a skilled installation teams, many refused, preferring to set the air conditioner in the apartment of their own.But the prospect of "ditch" artisanal installing expensive equipment much more real than the probability of faultless operation of high-quality equipment installed clumsy hands.Comparative analysis of household air conditioners and identify the main features of each type - a topic for another article.Today we consider the particular installation of a split system - the most popular varieties of air conditioners designed to maintain

a comfortable microclimate in the apartment.


How it workssplit systems ↑

split-system consists of interconnected copper pipes and wiring external and internal units.To avoid heat losses connecting tubes must be in thermal insulation.Each unit is a heat exchanger, a closed system is absolutely tight, it is filled with coolant (mostly Freon).Established in the outdoor unit compressor compresses Freon into a liquid state.In this outdoor heat exchanger (condenser) is heated, giving heat to the air in the street.

Air conditioning system
conditioning system, consisting of indoor and outdoor units

For effective cooling in the outdoor unit with a fan.Chilled liquid fraction flows through the copper pipe to the indoor unit (evaporator), which provided a constructive transformation of a liquid into a gaseous fraction.Freon transition from liquid to gaseous state (evaporation) is accompanied by a strong cooling of the indoor unit.Air taken from the room, the fan is run through a heat exchanger, is cooled and returned.This process is accompanied by the formation of condensate, which is discharged to the outside using a special plastic drainage, ideally connected to the sewer, in practice it is often just extracted out.

preparatory stage ↑

Installation of air conditioners in the apartment starts with choosing the location of the internal and external units.It is necessary to arrange the units so that they can function effectively not interfere with others, to be accessible for maintenance and are located as close as possible to each other.

features and rules of the outside unit ↑

Conditioning best installed during the repair.In the first stage of installation (during rough work), you can install the outdoor unit, proshtrobit walls and lay them in the communication from the outdoor unit to the place of future installation of the indoor unit, and hold the wiring.Air conditioning consumes a lot of power to protect the basic electrical circuit overload, require a single line of wiring and circuit breaker.

Install the outdoor unit on the wall of the building
Install the outdoor unit on the wall of the building must be carried out very carefully and with use of tethers

Choosing attaching an external unit air conditioner, also consider the need for periodic maintenance.The air conditioner must be reliably protected against the ingress of water during rain and snow melt.To protect the outdoor unit can be installed visor.Bracket for fixing the air conditioner must match the required load.If possible, it is highly desirable to select the shortest distance between the outer and inner blocks.Connecting and assembling such a system would be less costly, in addition, the operation will be less energy losses.High-altitude work must be performed only by qualified personnel using special equipment with.

all about the installation of the indoor unit ↑

next stage of the installation is carried out after completion of all draft works, it includes the installation of indoor units connected to the outside by means of tubes, filling of freon, connect the power supply and commissioning.

Decorative box for communication
If the air conditioner is installed after the repair, cutting cutting grooves inappropriate, communication in this case, has to hide in a decorative box

choosing the location of the indoor unit of a split system, guided by the need to ensure the smooth circulation of air (do not install wall mounted at a distanceless than 10 cm from the ceiling, as well as on high cabinet furniture).Consider the flow of cooled air: the flow should not be directed to a place of frequent stay of people (bed, work space, dining table).The place chosen for the installation of the indoor unit must be capable of easy laying of cables and pipelines.Remember to periodically service, it is imperative that the unit has been placed in the area of ​​free access.

Case in which you can do without the box - all located in the wall
Communications installed in the wall to the point of attachment of the indoor unit in advance, during the repair

most often a company that sells air conditioners offer a range of services: commit to put air conditioning in the apartment and carry out maintenance.It is much more profitable to take advantage of this offer, you buy the unit and only then look for a qualified team.In the first case, you save money on the installation and in case of damage the air conditioner can count on the warranty.In the second case, the age-old question "Who is guilty?" Remains unanswered: the firm that sold you the air conditioner can not be responsible for the consequences "of poor installation," and producing installation experts can not guarantee the quality of the work "was originally defective unit."

As you can see, installation of air-conditioning system is quite complex and requires the use of expensive highly specialized equipment.Also important tools necessary knowledge and skills, because installation of the air conditioner - it is not only reliable fastening units, and the correct connection of connecting pipes, electrical wiring, and skillful adjustment of the system.Efficient operation of the device depends on many factors, in particular, it is important to calculate the power of the device and the right to choose where to install the air conditioner in the apartment.

Video example of the personal experience of mounting ↑