Stock options plasterboard ceilings in the bedroom - a useful visual aid

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09 May 2016

Design solutions for the bedroom of their diverse styles and forms.For each individual person is important, unique style, which will be able to display his inner world and aspirations.Plasterboard ceilings are able to realize any desires.Multi-level or single-level location of the plasterboard will implement even the most daring design decisions, and expertly mounted lighting will transform the room.Designed by designer and masterfully executed plasterboard ceilings in the bedroom to make it a place where mind and body can completely relax and gain strength.


planning repairs in the apartment or private home, you shouldpay special attention to the design of the ceiling bedroom.It is in this room, people spend a large part of his life.The appearance of the surface is especially important in the bedroom.

Gypsum ceiling with a pattern of butterflies
plasterboard ceiling in the bedroom with a pattern

we go to bed, watching the ceiling surface, wake up and see it the same.Most people just like to gaze slid across the ceiling, studying its surface and pattern.Therefore, the design of the bedroom ceiling should be taken seriously, given all the details and details.

Factors influencing the design of the ceiling ↑

Despite the fact that plasterboard allows to realize almost any idea, there are some recommendations for installing ceilings, which help to create a harmonious design ceiling in the bedroom.

Plasterboard Option 1
plasterboard ceiling with concealed lighting

When designing the ceiling of plasterboard should pay attention to the height of the room.This option greatly reduces the number of possible design solutions.

The fact that the premises height of less than 3 meters the loss of 15 cm in height over the entire area of ​​the ceiling will be critical that the negative impact on the interior.

Important!There are several variants of multi-level ceilings, which can be installed in low areas.The main thing is to observe the harmonious relationship of proportions.

The ceiling for the low room
multilevel ceiling for a room with a low ceiling, separates the rest of the space for games and activities

second factor influencing the design of the bedroom, it is the lighting.If the bedroom receives little natural light, the brand ceiling should be made simple and without frills.In order to increase the light flux can be made glossy surface of the ceiling and competently to place additional light sources.

The ceiling with additional lighting to increase the luminous flux
ceiling with additional lighting: the ability to adjust the intensity of light

on the ceiling design is also influenced by the presence of neighbors on top.In multi-storey buildings can often flood the neighbors above, if it happens regularly and often, the plasterboard is not appropriate.In such cases, it saves the suspended ceiling of PVC fabric.Pictures of the

: the design of the ceiling in the bedroom ↑

Plaster ceiling in the bedroom
Design plasterboard ceiling in the bedroom - an actual classic

Since the bedroom is a place of rest, the design used for its warm and tranquil pastel colors.Gentle soothing and relaxing shades provide comfortable conditions for rest and sleep, and also will have a positive effect on the emotional sphere.These conditions are particularly important for the bedroom.

The design of the ceiling is best to use rounded shapes and smooth lines.Beautifully will look multi-level ceilings.Lighting plasterboard ceiling in the bedroom should be done stacked, partially hidden niches and ceiling cornices.

Gypsum ceiling with lights hidden in niches
stunning lighting effect, set in the hidden recesses

In this light bedroom is cozy and beautiful.In demonstrating plasterboard ceilings with lighting photo bedroom, hidden in niches and cornices ceiling looks very cozy and chic.

Pictures of the: multi-level ceilings ↑

One-level brand ceiling bedroom
One-level brand ceiling with original contour lighting

Run plasterboard in the bedroom can be in one level, that is the whole area of ​​the ceiling, paint or paste over it, mount lights and attach moldings.Then the field for the activities of design ideas narrowed to elements of the decor and lighting.To the ceiling in the bedroom looked really unique and original, it is possible to make a multi-level.In this case, the designer opened wide opportunities for action.

Multilevel ceiling
multilevel plasterboard

Multilevel ceilings made of plasterboard can visually enlarge the room.Specially designed hidden niches and cornices for lighting bring a sense of comfort.

Multilevel ceiling, reducing the room
ceiling, visually reduces the height of the room

multilevel plasterboard ceiling can be made as convex, concave and thus can visually make the room high or, conversely, a little lower.

The concave ceiling
Concave brand ceiling

What should particularly highlight is the possibility of multi-level ceiling visually zoned bedroom.

Zoning design of the ceiling in the bedroom
Design ceiling, delineate the boundaries of the bed

With niche above the bed, you can select it from the interior, define the space around it.Only the presence of a niche or projection space in the room will get a clear visual of the border.Pictures of the

: bedroom lighting ↑

Lighting in the bedroom should be immediately divided into primary and secondary.Skip to main natural sources of light are installed and chandeliers.They are designed for bright light when it is necessary that the whole room was bright and clearly visible.

Basic and additional lighting in the bedroom
Lighting ceiling in the bedroom: a combination of a central unit with additional light contour

to additional coverage include hidden in niches and ledges light sources, and various lamps and floor lamps.These lamps are designed to create a more secluded atmosphere of coziness.Sconces and light fixtures perfectly help fans bedtime reading, and the light from the hidden niches and cornices will create all the conditions for a more intimate and secluded atmosphere, disposing to sleep and rest.

Subdued lighting bedroom ceiling
Subdued lighting of the ceiling in the bedroom: the variability of using spotlights

Important!The light in the bedroom should be soft and slightly absent-minded.The perfect solution would be a luminous ceiling.When the skylights mounted in suspended plasterboard ceiling mounted lights.

video catalog with a variety of solutions to help design the ceiling to choose the optimum design:

sheets of drywall, as a building material, opening unlimited possibilities for the realization of the imagination.You can choose a design developed by a professional, but you can draw a sketch of their own.Masters of their craft will try to make it a reality.