Combining the wallpaper in the bedroom: picture ideas, interesting design solutions

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09 May 2016

accessing any premises, we first of all pay attention to the decoration of walls.This happens because they occupy a large area of ​​a particular room.Knowledge of this fact has led many designers and inquisitive minds of ordinary people to the fact that during the repair work, special attention should be paid to the decoration of the walls.And one of the most important decisions to date was a combination of wallpaper in the bedroom.It allows you to combine wonderfully in this room several moods.


Ideas combining wallpaper a huge amount, but all of them can be divided into several groups:

  • Vertical combining.
  • Horizontal combining.
  • Isolation niches with traditional wallpaper a different color and texture.
  • Upholstery insert.

Results vertical combinations ↑

essence of this kind of combination is that the wallpaper glued to the wall by alternatin

g bands.It should be noted that these options alternation weight.

Firstly, the strip may have different widths, and secondly, they may be combined by color or contrast with each other.In addition, the wallpaper and can vary in texture.

Combining the wallpaper in the bedroom
Vertical combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

Vertical combining to create a desired visual effects, so it is ideal for small bedrooms or rooms where there are low ceilings.The fact that vertical stripes visually increase the height of the ceiling, and competent alternation bandwidths will create the effect of expansion room.

Vertical combination of wallpaper
Combining wallpaper with vertical stripes

When using contrasting wallpaper should not abuse the large number of pieces of furniture in the room.Otherwise it lost and the desired effect on the contrast emphasis.

The combination of different wallpapers in the bedroom
combination of vertical strips of wallpaper

However, when choosing surfacing materials should take into account the fact that the strip of wallpaper must necessarily have the same thickness.Otherwise, the wall decoration lose all charm, despite the original decision.Location

wallpaper horizontally ↑

Horizontal combination of wallpaper in the rooms, especially in the bedroom, get a much more widespread than the other versions of this material combination.With this combination of the horizontal wall is divided into parts, the height of which is determined individually in each case.

Horizontal combination of wallpaper in the bedroom
Horizontal combining wallpaper with a border

As a rule, if the low ceilings in the bedroom, the height of the lower part is about 1-1.5 m. In rooms with a high ceiling, it is 1.5-2 m. Specialistsrecommended the lower part of the wall to finish colored wallpaper that will highlight drawing the material at the top.However, if desired, can be and vice versa.

The combination of wallpaper in the bedroom
original combination of different kinds of wallpaper in the bedroom: dark top, striped bottom

border between the two parts of the wall are usually distinguished by a border that can match the color and style of wallpaper or contrast with them.

combined clearance niche ↑

Niches in the bedroom was fairly widespread.They allow you to deploy a lot of little things that create comfort and coziness in the room.

In addition, extremely comfortable niche with lighting, located in the headboard.

Decoration wallpaper niche in the bedroom
stylishly tasteful select niches and other architectural elements

most frequently isolated niche wallpaper, contrasting in color to the main color scheme bedroom.Particularly relevant this option if the niche has any intricate shape.Lighting it will enable tune wallpaper with new colors, creating eye-catching visual effects.

Combining the wallpaper in the bedroom if there is a niche
eternal relevance contrast combining wallpaper

combining different wallpapers in a niche on the main wall, must take into account a large number of angles, planes, requiring careful vymerki all sizes.

Upholstery insert: depart from the standards ↑

Combining wallpaper by creating upholstery inserts involves working with an already finished the basic material of the wall surface.Already pasted wallpaper superimposed insert made of a different color or wallpaper texture.Ugly edges are masked by a curb or wooden frames.

Upholstery insert
Upholstery insert in the bedroom will help create a unique interior painting

inserts can have very different shapes.So, for the style of "baroque" ideal rectangular or square wallpaper coating paste.For neoclassical characteristic of more complex geometric shapes.

Upholstery insert in the bedroom
Upholstery insert "balance" colorful sound different in style, texture and color of interior elements

complete solution, of course, will not only give the bedroom of originality, but will express their own individuality.

Thus, the combination of wallpaper in the bedroom - a modern solution that is suitable for any room, regardless of its style decision.The main thing - properly choose the necessary finishing materials.