The combination of wallpaper in the interior: the traditional and non-standard methods

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08 May 2016

Even standard apartments in recent years, more and more different from each other.And it happens not only because of the variety of materials, but also through the efforts of talented designers that are often hesitant to non-traditional combinations in the style of interior decoration and selection of furniture and accessories.The easiest way to make your home an unusual and distinctive is the combination of colors and textures in the finishing of the walls.The most important thing to choose the right combination of wallpaper.For a person not having a similar experience, it can be difficult.This article sets out the basic rules of selection of wallpaper, furniture and textiles for building, designed in a variety of styles.


Basic rules of color combinations ↑

What is a "color wheel» ↑

Let us first deal with the basic rules of color combinations.It is very convenient to pick up the color of the so-called "color wheel".Arrange it in the following way:

range of colors
«color wheel" to help choose wisely colorful combination

It is believed that there are only three primary colors - red, blue and yellow.

If these colors mixed in pairs, we obtain the three secondary colors - purple, green and orange.

continuing mixing, get a palette of 12 colors.

How to use the "color wheel» ↑

to create a soft, quiet interior is recommended to combine adjacent colors of the spectrum.This solution is more suitable for the bedroom or recreation room, in a word for the rooms intended for relaxation and tranquility.

For active and bright interior color wheel opposite preferable.Their combination is justified in the living room, nursery or office.

Tasks combining Wallpaper ↑

Let's look at cases where the combination of different colors and shades of the wallpaper is not only of aesthetic value, but also helps to correct the shortcomings geometry of the room:

  • small room with high ceilings, always like a box, fix it will help correctthe combination of wallpaper.
  • There is a need to divide a large room into functional zones.
  • right combination of colors and textures will help visually expand the room is too stretched.
  • If the room has a large wall not occupied by furniture, a combination of wallpaper will give it momentum.
  • There is a need to put emphasis on one of the walls.

Some techniques combining ↑

Let's look at some of the most common methods of combining wallpaper and the results that can be achieved by applying them.

horizontal division walls ↑

most common in recent years, a combination of wallpaper method.

Horizontal dividing wall
horizontal dividing walls in the hall - a design method that creates the illusion of space expansion

The most common wall is divided into 3 parts, the two upper Wallpapers of the same color, and the lower - the other.There are several classical techniques such combination:

  • Bottom - strip top - plain wallpaper or fine pattern
  • Bottom - plain wallpaper, top - a major figure
  • Bottom - big flower ornament, top - plain wallpaper.

desirable that wallpaper was from the same series, or even combined with each other in color.Decorate the horizontal joint between the wallpaper can be either decorative strip or molding of penopoliuritana.Takoy method is most justified in rooms with high ceilings, where a large section of the wall is necessary to visually break up.

Alternating vertical stripes ↑

This method is ideal for owners of apartments in the houses of the Soviet construction, as a rule, one of the rooms here is more like a hallway or a pencil.Make it more square, at least visually, the combination will help bright wallpaper with a large figure with calm self-colored wallpaper.Pokleit them in three ways:

In the center of the long walls of the room are glued bright wide strips - one opposite the other.The effect is that a person visually perceives these bright spots and the room visually "shorten".

In order to room looked not just a shorter and slightly wider apply the principle of "asymmetry".At the same time on one of the long walls glue broad bright band in the center, and on the other a few narrow lanes in the far corner of the room.Preferably, these strips have different widths.

Another effective way to "expand" the narrow room - Striping.This is one of the long walls completely glued dark wallpaper, and one of the short - light.The second short wall glued alternating bands of light and dark wallpaper, with a small entering the second long wall.This alternation allows both to blur a clear outline of the room.

Important!Using this combination of wallpaper in the living room, bedroom or office, remember that the wallpaper should be of the same material.Otherwise, the joints between the sheets will not look neat.

Selections wall texture or color ↑

in buildings with sophisticated architecture is sometimes necessary to identify any structural element.This is especially true if the basic wallpaper in the room quite colorful.This drawing several "lubricates" the design features of the premises.It is enough to paste a niche or another string trellis texture or a more peaceful tone, they will immediately become visible.

Selecting a feature color
Selecting wallpaper other niche focuses on important pieces of furniture and interesting architectural elements

This combination of wallpaper applied in the case, if you want to draw attention to one of the interior.To do this, simply select a wall around it other wallpaper.

Selections wall texture or color
Allocation interior using a combination of wallpaper

When should clearly zoned room, the easiest way to do it a different finish walls.In this case it is possible to apply not only variation in color but also different types of wallpaper.

Isolation entire wall ↑

This method is used infrequently.The fact that the allocation of an entire wall wallpaper contrasting visually make the room smaller.

The combination of the wallpaper in the master bedroom
Highlight color, texture wallpaper pattern can be a whole wall

most often used is a combination of wallpaper in the bedroom large, when the selected lose some furniture in a spacious room.

visually separated rooms ↑

If you decide to get rid of bulky doorways and connected rooms, this method is for you.In order to visually separate one room from another, fairly wallpaper paste over their different colors.

combination of wallpaper in one of the adjoining rooms with the curtains in another

effect will be very spoiled, if the walls in two different rooms would be very different from each other.Fix it will help mix the wallpaper and curtains.For example, if the pattern and shade curtains in one adjacent room will blend in with the wallpaper in another.

«Panno" from Wallpaper ↑

Another fairly common way to decorate the walls in the living room - the formation of decorative inserts of bright tapestries.

Panels of wallpaper
«Panel" from the wallpaper in the room creates the desired mood of the owner

Certainly, looking at catalogs of expensive wallpaper you repeatedly admired the richness of color and elegance ornament.So it may be worth to buy just one roll and use it as a kind of art object.

«Turn", but monitor the imagination ↑

All the methods described above combination can be combined with each other.The main condition of success in creating the interior is a sense of proportion.In pursuit of originality is easy to "overdo it" and make your home look like a Harlequin costume.

If you liked the combination of wallpaper, photos you saw in a magazine, but the size of the room does not allow you to use just such a design, try to stick the same wallpaper differently.Perhaps what you will be no worse than the famous designer's creations.

Mural - a new word in the design ↑

Unfortunately, the word "Desktop" in the minds of many people associate with something for a long time out of fashion.And it is in vain.Just look catalogs producers of this miracle, and you will want to use it in your home.

Mural in the nursery
Selection color of the walls to the Mural Mural

probably the easiest way to diversify the interior.But they also require compliance with certain rules :

  • Do not overload the room - wallpaper do not suffer from a combination of a large pattern on the other tapestries.
  • sure to try to trim finishes to match the room wallpapers or stand in contrast interior - use the opposite color to the "color wheel".
  • Landscape wallpapers can not be bent, that is transferred from one wall to the other through the corner.
  • In a small room it is recommended to use a Desktop size in the wall.
  • Mural must clearly fit into the style of the interior.The room is designed in the style of hi-tech, even the most beautiful pink flowers would be inappropriate.
  • unique style, which does not tolerate the use photowall - classic.

applying in practice these tips, you can create a truly unique interior.Be bold, perhaps in a few years it will show off your work on the front pages of fashion magazines.