Can I include air conditioning or winter heating operation rules

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27 April 2016

purchasing a home split system, you suddenly think about whether you can operate the air conditioner in the winter?The question is quite reasonable, because even in the instructions and technical documentation for the purchased equipment climatic states that operating temperature range of reversible air-conditioning (which are often bought and sold) is from -5 to +25 degrees.It turns out that if the street is -5, the split system could cope with the function of heating.What if there is not -5 and -30?Let's find out how real the air conditioner in the winter.


What conditioners are suitable for heating?↑

Pay attention to the instructions in your air conditioner.Surely you see there already voiced above parameters, well, or very close to them.If the temperature of the board is less than -5, the air conditioner simply los

e stated in the technical documentation of heat output.Sooner or later, she did drop to zero.And yet, is it possible to use the air conditioner in the winter?

Domestic air conditioners generally not be operated in the winter.The fact that dissolved in the refrigerant oil is effectively "operates" only when specified in the instruction parameters.Breaking it (instructions), you run the risk of "losing" his friend forever, because the friction parts will be almost dry running because of thickened oil, and this will inevitably lead to rapid wear of the compressor and its eventual failure.That's why you can not operate the air conditioner in the winter!

Work konditsinera winter
«Winter» temperature for efficient operation of the reversible air conditioners should not be lower than -5 degrees

But then there is another question: "Why do some companies impose the purchase of a special" winter kit ", which supposedly allows the air conditioner to work at temperatures below zerowithout loss of thermal performance? "The answer is banal:" In order to cash in on those who believe this bike. "In fact, the low-temperature kit consists of three units: crankcase heater, preventing oil thickening, heating drainage, prevents the formation of ice cover on the outdoor unit and moderator speed outdoor fan.These measures are aimed at increasing the operating temperature range of a split system, so you have the opportunity to use your air conditioner to cool the room in the winter, and not for his heat.Due

device winter start operating the air conditioner in winter is possible, and not in the range specified in the instruction, and at much lower temperatures.

turns out that the air conditioner for heating in the winter - a myth?Not really!Some models of split systems, such as Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin , can be used for space heating, even under the condition that the outdoor temperature is -25 degrees, which, you will agree, a good achievement.

Air conditioner in the winter
conditioners brands Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric can operate even at -25 degrees

issues for misuse ↑

worth knowing that the air conditioning in the winter can lead to a number of troubles, and their character depends inwhat mode you are being exploited and which in this case was the temperature outside.

mode "Heating", the temperature is below -5 degrees

  • emitted from the outdoor unit while the air conditioner condensation begins to be covered with ice;
  • deteriorating heat, reduced heat output;
  • liquid refrigerant can enter the compressor, causing it to break.

mode "Cooling", the temperature of 5 degrees or lower

  • freeze external power and drainage tube;
  • decreases the compressor;
  • increases the risk of damage to the compressor when the air conditioner.

Preparation of domestic air-conditioner for the winter ↑

If winter does not include air conditioning, or rather its operation is not planned, it is worth it to prepare for the cold.To do this:

  1. include split-system mode "Ventilation" at 2-2.5 hours to remove moisture from the indoor heat exchanger;
  2. clean filters (can be on their own);
  3. close the external power waterproof material.

Check the air conditioner in the winter ↑

Another relevant for many issues remain "a snack", "How to check the air conditioning in the winter?" Check it could be only if the outside temperature rises to the specified instructionsminimum or if you have a "winter kit".No other way!

So, if you bought it and decided to install a split system in the winter, when the street -25-30 degrees, you should either wait for the warming, and then deal with the installation, or to trust the company that sold you the HVAC equipment, and turn on the system in the spring.Yes!And do not forget!Before you check the air conditioner in the winter, make sure that the street really is the temperature that corresponds to the parameters in the statement.