How to make a bed of tires: a step by step master class

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10 May 2016

One of the easiest ways to elevate country land - decorate it with flower arrangements.The colorful flowerbeds, mixborders and ridges blooming transform the territory, making it elegant and cozy at the same time.To emphasize the natural beauty of flowering compositions, they need to be framed in a decent frame, as that may make beds of tires.Made with their hands vases serve not only a functional design element, but will give a portion of exclusivity.


flowerbeds of wheels - a new application of old things ↑

Wanting to formalize land, adding to its picturesque multi-level containers, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money for the purchase of finished vases in gardening stores.Make a beautiful and durable pots can be from end of life tires.The main advantage of

this material is resistant to adverse weather conditions and the ability to maintain an attractive appearance for several seasons.

flowerbed of tires
Decorative flower bed of old tires can not only emphasize the grandeur of paints flowering plants, but gives the composition of completion

to manufacture beds from the tire with your hands, you can use the bus both imported and domestic production.But if there is a choice, the preference is to give all the imported products, because they are made of softer rubber, which is much easier to work with.Choosing between the summer and winter tires, better to prefer the second option.

Since the production of such a flowerpot most difficult question is how to turn the bus for a bed, after a pretty tough rubber material, to facilitate the work better to choose tires with a maximum tread wear.

arrangement of flower beds are suitable for tire diameters R12-R17.The product is the desired size, you can always get hold of any tire shop.

garden decoration
Using tires of different sizes can make the original multi-level beds, which will be spectacular decoration of the front area or areas for recreation in the country site

How to make a bed of tires, from simple to complex ↑

easiest option arrangement outdoor flowerpot ofautomobile tires - the creation of a flower bed of tires, which cut the side rubber surface and filled with a mixture of soil.

decoration flowerpot
on the production of the flowerpot will take no more than half an hour.Make the outer sides of the pot easily by painting the surface of oil paint in various shades

But to make the original pot on the leg, bordered by a fringe, or issued in the form of a big flower, take a little more effort.

decoration flowerpot
flower bed of tires with their hands may take the form of the pot with smooth edges or bowl with a wavy line cut, or else altogether outlandish flower, framed by curly petals

Before you make a bed out of the wheel, you need to thoroughly clean the base.Dirty road wheels are cleaned from sand and dirt.This procedure is necessary in order to facilitate the work in the future: the blade of a knife or a saw blade blunts much faster in cutting edges on the dirty stuff.

Prorisovyvanie contour and lancing ↑

determine the shape of the future flower beds of the tires, should be applied on the side of the tire prepared by using chalk or marker circuit, on which will be held in the following line of cut.

of tires
planning to issue vase in the shape of a flower, the petals should be applied to the circuit so that the size of each of them does not exceed 12-15 cm.

If you make larger petals, after a reversing of the tire bed can not take desiredcircular shape, and the joints will have angular sections.

to perform cuts need to prepare well-sharpened knife shoemaker.Raise slide the knife blade during the cutting process can be achieved by lubricating the surface of liquid soap.Significantly help to facilitate the process of cutting the use of the jigsaw, using which it is convenient to perform any figured cutting.

cutting beds
All sections were performed on a soft rubber, the boundary of which is the metal cord underneath the tread within the tire

Screwing out tires ↑

arrangement for sustainable ornamental flowerbeds leg must be prepared bus with cut edges turn inside out.The process of reversing of the wheel is one of the most labor-intensive stages of work, and for many craftsmen often becomes a real stumbling block.Knowing little trick will help to cope with this difficult work: the need to make every effort to turn out and only a small portion of the tire inside out, and further work will be "like clockwork."Tires overturn cuts down and placed on a flat surface.That part of the tire, where the rim goes to a hard tread is pressed against foot and rubber evert at an angle of 45 degrees from the center outwards.

One example that illustrates the process of reversing of the wheel.

How to paint a flower bed of a wheel: design options ↑

Pot is almost ready.It only remains to adjust the shape of the edges and place it in the same style with other elements of landscape design.While the outer walls of the inside-floor flowerpot is not covered with dust, they need to be painted.For these purposes may be used enamel, oil, or the nitro.Damage to clean skim surface coat of paint will last more than one season.For the decoration of the pot can be used as the remains of the car paint in aerosol cans, spray that on the side walls and leg beds can be just a few minutes.

Stain is desirable not only the outer part of the pot, but the "capture" the top 10-15 centimeters inner surface.

painting of flower beds
When making a flower bed is better to use the paint bright colors that will partially reflect the sun's rays, preventing overheating of the soil in the container
original look colorful flower beds, painted in contrasting colors and decorated with strange patterns

unusual addition toornament can be glued glass pebbles resembling frozen dew.But when decorating flower beds too zealous not worth it, because the planted climbing and creeping plants will close a large part of the walls of the beds.