Puts adjustable floor with their hands: briefing handyman

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03 May 2016

Gone are the days when the preparation of the ground floor was a dirty, extremely costly for Finance and forces the procedure.More and more developers are inclined to install the raised floor.In addition, these adjustable floor with their hands properly can put even a complete amateur in the construction business.

on adjustable base can lay any floor covering.The only difference here is the distance between joists.If the flooring or laminate can be placed in 500 mm, then the linoleum or tile floor this is not enough, another coating can quickly collapse.In this case, the logs are placed at a distance of 300 mm.


Benefits adjustable floor ↑

Raised floors overshadow allthe remaining base not only in its positive qualities, but also for its effectiveness.Consider what they have the same advantages:

  1. Underground period under the adjus
    table floor allows you to mount the heating and electrical systems directly to it, which allows you to hide all communications.Moreover, in this case it will be possible to do the minimum number of connection points required for the output elements of the system to the desired location.The main thing is to make the exact layout of pipes and cables, so that when a fault does not parse the whole floor, but only the desired area.
  2. air gap under the floor does not allow to cool flooring.If it arranged a heater, it will not only reduce heat loss floor, but also to improve its acoustic properties.
  3. Again, the air layer provides excellent ventilation, which prevents rotting log, so as a floor covering, you can use any, even impeding the penetration of air, materials (rubber, ceramic tile, etc.).
  4. If the home floors weaknesses that do not allow them to have a base with a large weight, raised floors, providing the minimum pressure will be the perfect option.
  5. not requiring time to dry, they differ in the speed of installation.
  6. Skilled craftsmen guarantee that laid them adjustable floor new construction, provided proper operation can last more than 50 years.
What good adjustable floors
space under the adjustable floor allows you to place it in the utilities

Types controlled floors and technology of their styling ↑

Currently raised floors are laid in two ways: on the water-resistant plywood and logs.

Adjustable plywood floors ↑

If the room is small height of the ceiling, if necessary, leveling the floor tenants are trying to save every centimeter of space.In this case, it is best to lay a special moisture-resistant coating on the plywood method that allows the adjustment of its height.

This base is indispensable for small fluctuations in the lower level floor rooms.It raises the entire surface is 3 mm.

Plywood adjustable floors
After installing and adjusting the position of all the speakers the floor elements "cut off»

Consider mounting technology:

  1. Role wooden lag is performed threaded bushings.Plywood should be prepared in the two layers.The sheets, designed for the first level, the drill holes of the sleeve.As a rule, the size of the plywood 1,5h1,5 m will need at least six pieces, the upper limit of the amount is limited only by the desires of the master.
  2. After the holes are set all bushes, leaf plant on the base with dowels.Now the height of the surface is regulated by means of an ordinary key by twisting the threaded bushings.When you set up be sure to use the building level.
  3. second layer of plywood serves as the finishing coat.It is attached with screws, so that the seams of this layer does not coincide with the previous stitches.
  4. Now you are ready to finish the deck cover.

Adjustable beam floor ↑

If ceiling height allows, it is better to use wood logs.

In this case the surface of the floor rises to 50-60 cm, but the result is a magnificent air space, about the benefits of which we have spoken above.

Raised floors on joists
Adjustable beam floor more quickly mounted by the presence of specific adjuster, excluding a number of time-consuming steps

consider and such technology laying in stages:

  1. The joists are drilled through holes, and their number depends on the projected load on the floor.
  2. Then they are placed on the concrete at a distance from each other, the most suitable for the selected floor.Again, tile, linoleum and other soft and fragile flooring materials, it must be at least 30 cm, and for parquet, laminate allowed to increase this by up to 50-60 cm. It is necessary to survive and the distance to the wall, it must be at least 60mm.
  3. Fixing lag to the base from the end.The overlapping of the hole drilled to a depth of 40-50 mm.This should be done through the cavity in the body of the rack installed in this hole.To fix, you can use any hardware: screws, dowels, wedges and others.The only requirement - do not tighten them immediately to the end to remain able to adjust.
  4. The plug is inserted into each hole and screwed plastic bolts.
  5. Adjustable floor height by adjusting the height of the bolts.
  6. Once exposed to the required height, all fasteners are tightened all the way.
  7. protruding bolt heads are removed with a chisel.
  8. on the joists using screws fasten sheets of plywood.
How to remove the protruding part of the screws
Speakers of the bolts can be easily removed with a chisel

Earlier this method of leveling floors are mainly used in industrial premises, and now he is gaining more admirers among the ordinary population.It can be used in country houses, in apartments, on balconies, in general, almost universally, and ease of installation allows you to perform these activities independently, greatly reducing the financial costs of Flooring.