Plasterboard ceilings in the hall: photo options, design techniques

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07 May 2016

Hallway - a person of any home or apartment.From here you go out in the morning to work, and here it is back after a hard day.This room is the first to meet you and your guests, so it kind of just have to make an impression.Walls, furniture, accessories - everything should ideally be combined with each other and have a common style and idea.Do not forget about the ceiling.Ceilings of plasterboard in the hallway look particularly solemn, if they are made in the same way as all the other elements of decoration.


Ceilings plasterboard small hallway ↑

many close theme of small and uncomfortable hallways, which are almost impossible to extend fordemolition or by the transfer of one of the walls.Someone is trying to take away from the tiny bathroom a few centimeters to somehow make a narrow hallway penaloobraznuyu roomier, someone is experimenting with all sorts of furniture and accessories, and someone in des

pair, leaving everything unchanged.

plasterboard, of course, do not turn your microscopic hallway in the chic lobby, however, properly chosen design can create an illusion of freedom and lightness, which are typically characteristic of large areas.

Most designers recommend for narrow and cramped corridors and hallways multilevel ceilings with clear graphic lines.A rectangle or square in the center will enable visually expand the boundaries of space and make it more spacious.And if the room is not only narrow, but also long, then these geometric figures to be a few.

The ceiling of plasterboard in the small hall
options plasterboard ceilings, visually increase the space of the small hallways
Option tiered ceiling plasterboard long and narrow hallway
multi-level ceiling plasterboard long and narrow hallway

large entrance hall and options ceilings ↑

In a large hall is where carousing fancy.You can endlessly improvise and experiment.The internet will flatten and multi-level ceilings, after an extensive area allows you to create even the most complex and unusual masterpiece.

One of artful design tricks to give the originality and uniqueness of any room, including entrance hall, is the creation of mnogurovnevogo ceiling.With easy installation and the possibility to realize the most daring ideas, multilevel ceilings have long conquered its place in the sun.

Let's look at some examples of drywall ceilings in large hallways.

The ceiling of plasterboard over a wide hallway
Multilevel construction of plasterboard ceiling with LEDs attached to a large hallway special effect

Unusual plasterboard ceilings: entrance hall photo that you see above, framed in an interesting way.The owners of the apartment did not think long and hard to create a sophisticated and design, they just made a very light and airy ceiling, which perfectly fit into the interior of the hall.A lot of spotlights room only added freshness and freedom.

Complex multi-level ceilings
Option plasterboard ceiling hallway medium size

In this photo, the designer chose to smooth curves and sharp lines right.It would seem, layering one level to another must be some burden the design of the ceiling, but in this case it is not so - a pure white color and a few lights create the illusion of lightness and weightlessness.Combined with the heavy walls, decorated by brick, the ceiling looks like a very elegant and stylish.

Design options plasterboard ceiling in the hallway
strict geometric lines without weighing structure

And the owners of the hall gathered all their imagination into a fist (or maybe it was the idea of ​​the designer) and came up with a very original and unusual in its form and design of the ceiling plasterboard.Equilateral triangle, which is the basis of the whole structure, gives the room flavor and charm.One gets the feeling that this is a canopy above the entrance to the bathroom and toilet.Highlighting only adds confidence in it.

The ceiling of plasterboard with an unusual design
original plasterboard ceiling in the great hall - light colors create a perfect mood

looked at this interesting drywall constructions, just remember the sunny summer day - yellow elements in the form of the ceiling beams - vivid proof.A light blue rectangular element reminiscent of the sky.Of course, not everyone will want to see a similar ceiling in his apartment, yet many prefer the classic versions of strict white.However, if you love all bright and unusual, if you go through life with a smile, it's your style.

Ceiling design options Duplex plasterboard ceiling in the great hall

Another interesting idea that not only decorates an interior hallway, but also makes it higher than it actually is.Trey ceilings with active LED backlight visually stretches the walls and expands the space is already not a small hallway.You can also note the impeccable taste owners of apartments, which have issued the ceiling in the same style as the walls.

Let's look at a few design options ceiling in the hallway.

Plasterboard ceilings in the hall
Options ceiling structures of plasterboard for narrow hallways
Option to narrow hallway ceiling
Trey ceilings in a narrow hallway
Unusual plasterboard hallway
unusual decision of the ceiling in the hallway emphasize the original style of the whole apartment
Multilevel ceiling in the hallway
Gypsum ceiling for pink hallway
An interesting solution for the decoration of the ceiling in the spacious hall
interesting solution for the decoration of the ceiling in the spacious hallway
Gypsum ceiling close to the entrance hall
Gypsum ceiling to close the hallway visually expand the space
Gypsum ceiling design for a large hall
spacious lobby any bold experiments with the device of ceilings plasterboard end successfully

Look at all these ceilingsDrywall: pictured corridor just changed, became more expressive, brighter and more original.In any of these facilities, and a pleasure to be welcome guests.

The list of advantages of plasterboard ceilings recently took the opportunity to self-installation, which clearly confirms the video:

Do not think that a decent clearance hall is only possible in a large and spacious apartment.After pictures contained in the paper proved the opposite.The desire for change, light and color, cunning designer and his rich imagination capable of even the smallest and uncomfortable to turn the hall into a real masterpiece.