Floor Filler 3D: photo collection options, tips designers

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07 May 2016

If you have to replace the sexes, and determine the choice of technology does not work (the laminate has been, for a long time to lay parquet, tiles cold and so on to infinity), pay attention to flood the floors 3D.Among other advantages (high performance) stands out the possibility of realization of any design plan, self-leveling floors are especially impressive 3D - ready-made photos of the interiors create the effect of striking three-dimensional image on a plane.


Priming the floor with a 3D effect three-dimensional image on a plane
Priming the floor with a 3D effect three-dimensional image on a plane

Popular novelty can be a worthy substitute for this practical and beautiful floor coverings like laminate or linoleum.The floors are made with the use of transparent polymeric materials, characterized by high wear resistance, durability, resistance to moisture, the development of various fungi and molds.Smooth transparent coating is very hard and toug

h, is particularly interesting in terms of the implementation of various design decisions.

Technology of self-leveling floor provides a virtually unique flooring: on the prepared surface laid out various objects (stones, leaves, beads) and the clear solution is poured over with hardener.

As you can see, the technology of manufacturing new-fangled 3D floor is quite simple, but, of course, requires certain skills and accuracy in their work.The desired effect is achieved by a transparent coating composition specially prepared printed image.

Priming the floor with 3d effect
Priming floor with 3d effect provides an opportunity to widely deploy the imagination of designers: you can literally bring any ideas

self-leveling floor can be of any color, can include any image, including a 3D-effect.This floor is easy to clean, it is seamless, from the point of view of hygiene is an indisputable advantage - there is nowhere to accumulate dirt.Sex is resistant to abrasion and aesthetic.Along with high strength, self-leveling coating is characterized by low conductivity.

Screed an image of high precision printing
Priming the floor, an image of high precision printing

Polymer floors: the pros / cons ↑

Consider the advantages of flood 3d floor:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • strength;
  • not conduct electricity;
  • good thermal conductivity;
  • resistance to acids;
  • resistance to fading;
  • monolithic floor (free of seams).

high cost - the main drawback.Flooded floors 3d cost 4 times more expensive than laminate coating.To a large extent depends on the cost of expensive printed image (the image is put on a special fabric, be sure to print quality).The essence of the 3D image technology is that, when viewed from a certain point to create the illusion of depth to the image plane.But to achieve the desired effect will need a large space.

Self-leveling floors in the living room 3D
in a large room is quite appropriate-size drawing

Poured floors can effectively mimic the different surfaces that is achieved by using a two-dimensional graphic prints depicting high precision printing.Transparent polymer layer additionally creates the illusion of depth picture.Depending on the thickness of the transparent thin-film layer are distinguished and highly filled flooded floors.

latter can be used in the field of industrial importance because of the increased strength and resistance to abrasion.Ideal flat plane - the main condition for the uniformity of the coating.

Room design with 3d floor ↑

few tips from the designer:

  • free central space of the furniture (3d floor is already very active element of decor room, try not to spoil the interior of superfluous additions);
  • for better viewing position drawing along the longest wall in the room;
  • abundance of bright contrast detail in the design of the floor is able to visually reduce the room, if it is desired to increase the visual space - Avoid bright colors.
Flooded floors in the bathroom
No coverage is not able to create such a realistic effect

is widely believed that the flood 3d floor is better to use only in the bathroom.Indeed, perfectly smooth coating resistant to moisture, is durable, resistant to chemical stress, which makes possible its use in the regeneration of floors in the bathroom, but limited to the bathroom is not necessary.

Self-leveling floors 3D (floral themes)
Filler 3D floor in the nursery: bright, colorful, charging energy

actually much wider range of applications - flooded floors 3D effectively complement the interior of a cafe or a trading floor of a large supermarket (the life of the floor of 30-40 years).Using polymer flooring everything for the floor in a residential area is welcome, because the installation uses eco-friendly materials, hygienic coating, can be used under the system "warm floor".Possible to produce a smooth, moderately rough or rough coating.

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