Instructions for creating a waterfall in the country with their own hands

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07 May 2016

waterfall in the country - is a dream that many seem unattainable.In fact, it is carried out quite easily.This waterfall in the garden with his own hands you can make in a single weekend.The most important thing - to have some construction skills.And our recommendations will help you determine the choice of materials and technology.Imagine just a few hours of simple work in the fresh air and summer waterfall will delight you and your children for years to come.Want to learn how to do it quickly and correctly - read on!


Video tips for creating cascades of waterfalls ↑

decorative waterfall garden - the form and content ↑

If your garden has a pond or small pool, almost half of the work, think, done.After th

e construction of mini-waterfall implies three components:

  • decorative hill on which the water runs away;
  • tank, where it flows;
  • electric pump, which, actually, and circulates the water flow.

If the pond is not, before a waterfall in the garden, you need to find a suitable location for and select an interesting shape.It all depends on your imagination and personal preferences.

Little hint: in the nature of regular geometric shape almost never occur.So naturally will look vodoёmchik "a la naturel."

waterfall in the garden
delightful spot in your garden

But even if you are a supporter of regular geometric shape, in any case - boldly embodies this, they say, "in stone and concrete," or others dear to you scrap building materials.Especially as examples of such landscaping solutions abound.

waterfall mod for people who love clarity around

Holiday waterfalls correct geometry, by the way, look great in areas decorated in the style of hi-tech and modern.

Well, if your garden is fascinating for its exquisite negligence, the undeniable charm give him a supplement in the same vintage style.Remarkably, for the creation of a suitable all the charms:

  • left over from repairing the pipe;
  • broken pots and shards;
  • old watering cans, buckets, bowls;
  • second-hand plumbing.

Make a waterfall in the garden with his own hands from the picturesque pile of stones, and then in the evening to listen to the gentle murmur of a mysterious jet - what else is needed for a romantic soul repose?

Waterfall with their hands
romantic charm of natural beauty

In notebook: Already at the design stage, decide whether to stay in your pond fish and plants.Garden waterfall is very salutary for the fish and different algae:

  • first, he supplies them with oxygen;
  • secondly, in the moving water fish feel much freer than in a standing;
  • third, waterfall maintains a comfortable temperature of water for the inhabitants, which is particularly important in the hot summer.

On the other hand, some flowers, such as lilies, running water acts too depressing - they will feel uncomfortable.Therefore, when choosing a waterfall of flora and fauna make allowances for the "Think for yourself, decide for yourself - or may not have."

fish in the pond
whole pool of goldfish - imagine how many wishes can come true!

And now from the words down to business.How to make a waterfall in the garden, you will find out right now.We drink coffee and start!

waterfall in the country with their own hands - the steps of creating ↑

pit ↑

defined the shape of the pond in my head and on paper, drawn with this form on earth.

  • Step №1.We are clearing the area.Free the land of stones, turf and other unnecessary.And if necessary - remove extra shovel hill.Ideally, a place in the pool the future should be as flat;
  • Step №2.Mark the contours (for example, pegs with a rope or the remainder of the lime whitewash) or draw out the finished plastic form;
platform under the waterfall
markup place under the waterfall.Note - pad thoroughly cleaned and leveled
  • Step №3.We arm with a shovel ordinary (1 pc.) And begin to dig.

excavated soil in any case not to scatter, anyhow, on the site, and gather somewhere, alone.It is useful for the device itself falls.

Tip: When digging the ground immediately clean it from all branches, rocks, roots, debris, if any.Then, with a clean ground will work much more convenient.

In the process of digging the walls will crumble the earth.You should not be afraid of this.This disadvantage is eliminated very easy: while digging the walls must be periodically moisten with water and ram carefully clapping hands.

When the desired depth is reached the pond, do not stop there (because the process is so fascinating!) - More dig 10-15 cm layer and fill this place is fine river sand.Now he, too, need to properly compacted and the easiest option - from the heart to jump there.And the most fun option - to call the children and plenty to gallop on the sand as you wish.

Marking area
As if there were looking for a treasure ...

Waterproofing ↑

If you select yourself as a bowl Pond finished form, this section can safely skip - waterproofing problem is solved automatically.If you dug a pond from scratch, without proper waterproofing you can not do, or body of water is constantly dry.On the contrary, the garden waterfall will last a very long time, if by this stage come with great responsibility.

waterproof coating several options:

  • PVC film;
  • butyl rubber film;
  • EPDM film;
  • concreting of the pit.

consider each of them separately.

PVC film - the most common version of the cover of the pit for the future pond.The period of its operation quite substantial: from 10 to 15 years.The advantage - low price.The main drawback - the waterfalls garden with a waterproofing require special care.The water in the winter will have to merge, otherwise break the ice film.

Butyl film - a material specifically designed to cover the bottom of ornamental ponds and swimming pools.Not afraid of the frost (up -45˚S), very elastic (stretch up to 430% of the original length) and wear-resistant.The warranty period of 45-50 years.Price matches the quality of the material - about 2000 rubles per meter + the cost of the required set of accessories (special pieces for connecting strips of film, supplies for the pump, etc.).

Synthetic rubber EPDM - rubber is a modern film, which as a whole, has similar characteristics with butyl rubber.The main advantages of the material - a unique elasticity (due to the porous structure), and ease of installation.Therefore, the coating material refers to a premium.The cost of EPDM - within 400 rubles for "square" (3800-4000 rubles per meter).

Butyl film and synthetic rubber sold in three versions thickness: 0.75 mm, 1.125 mm and 1.5 mm.Of course, most durable modification (1.5 mm) is the most resistant to mechanical damage.But the form with intricate bends its will to lay more difficult.Especially, it concerns the butyl rubber.

Recommendations skilled masters: the flexible cover before laying the ground should be free of rocks, roots and other "alien elements".But it's best to lay the film on the surface of the already protected.As a protective material using geotextiles or thick cardboard.Cheap option: the old linoleum or simply newsprint.The optimum thickness of the "draft" of the protective layer - 2.5 cm.

're coming out to blanket the ground

Concreting - the most reliable version of the waterproofing of the pond.If the concrete - it's your choice, you should mentally prepare for the following operations:

  • bottom of the pit was covered with a protective layer (cushion + waterproofing), as an insulating material using PVC film or a conventional polyethylene - cheap and reliable;
  • produce a framework of reinforcement (for the bottom of the pool and the pool walls separately) when you install using plastic clips;
  • set the formwork and pour concrete floor (cement M300 and higher fraction of rubble from 5 to 20 mm.);
  • forward to pour the bottom and, only then, to take the walls (installation of formwork + fill);it is important to remember that the carcass reinforcement for the walls tied with wire without welding.

As you can see, nothing complicated.It would be the time and desire.By the way, if both of you are in short supply, you can simply buy a ready plastic pool.

concrete bowl
Here is a concrete bowl

Helpful Hints:

  • Before laying a flexible material (EPDM, butyl rubber) need to give it to lie in the sun for about 15 minutes film becomes softer and installation much easier.
  • 1 meter
  • After installation, it is necessary to keep the water in the pond to see if I get a flat level and there are no leaks.

optimum height cascades ↑

Usually height suburban Falls does not exceed 1.5 meters.Yes, frankly, not Niagara, but the pump will cope with their work "on Pyaterochka".
If the project includes a waterfall stone ledges, it is best to use a sandstone - it is light in the processing and natural looks.

Stack ledges start from the bottom.The first tier should be as smooth.And now the next can be any - depending on your preference.Here are a few interesting options:

  • mirror wall of water - the rocks, from which flows the stream must be absolutely smooth and flat;
  • jet falling apart - this effect will provide ledges with grooves and rough rugged surface;
  • water flows smoothly and slowly - it needs the stones with depressions in the middle;in this case, they form a kind of cup and water, filling a cup will be poured steadily and slowly down;
  • powerful stream, crashing into a fine spray on the lower level - the water flows under pressure between two closely spaced stones.The waterfall - from 1 meter and above.

stones waterfall tiers, stacking, should be bonded to each other with foam or cement mortar.At the edges is better to make small bumpers to keep the water flowing in the line installed by you, not overflowed wide puddle.

Tip: When gluing foam stones she often ugly extends over the edge.To mask this defect immediately after gluing, osypte speaking foam handful of ordinary river sand.So it will look very natural.

Steps appeasement

Choosing a pump for a waterfall ↑

Well, now go to the heart of the waterfall - the electric pump, because it is clear that by itself the water in artificial ponds not zabezhit top.For the waterfall height of about one and a half meters is enough to pump power of 70 watts.

Naturally, the higher waterfall, the stronger must be the pump.

puts it at the bottom of the reservoir so that neither he nor the cables are not visible from the outside.At the pump should be two windows: one through the water is absorbed (the hose on him, fastened to the top of the waterfall), through another - pushed (this hose will remain on the bottom of the pond).Moreover, the pump must be connected to a low-voltage transformer, and the transformer must be in the room.If you need to lengthen the connection cable, make sure you need the connectors, not afraid of water.

The waterfall
bit of technical wizardry: if you want your waterfall was high (more than 1.5 meters) you will need a powerful electric pump of 100 W and above

Decoration waterfall ↑

Thus, the pond is ready, the hill was built, the pump is running, andFalls starts splatter.Now comes the creative part of our work - decoration.This is really nothing fancy may roam endless!This small sculpture, and alpine gardens, and a variety of flowers and ornamental plants, and LED lanterns - a word that your heart desires!

will look wonderful on the banks of your pond colorful pebbles and coarse gravel.A constant humidity will allow comfort to grow many plants, such as sanguisorba, valerian, iris and many others.

For myself, you can set the bench disposing to rest, or, better yet, hang a hammock.And for the children - to deliver wonderful figurines fairy-tale characters.

short waterfall ready.Now is not a sin and relax - near his pond, the sound of the waterfall and shimmering water splashes, the splash goldfish and the fragrance of flowers near ... Heaven on Earth exists, and you've just created it yourself!

paradise, probably looked like