Remote lighting: comfort and functionality Intelligent Systems

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26 April 2016

achievements of civilization designed to facilitate our lives and make it more comfortable.Such innovations were made and our "fortress."In recent years, on every corner hear talk about the equipment housing technical equipment.Quite recently there was such a thing as a "smart house" that includes a lot of tools and systems.Remote lighting replaced the normal regulation of light.


Intelligent lighting control ↑

more than 120 years, there is electricity.However, despite such a venerable age, the majority of homes are covered to this day Thomas Edison incandescent type.By the way, the light is converted only 15% of energy consumption, the remaining 85% takes the form of heat.Therefore, we can say with confidence that such systems are not economical and completely


Benefits Remote Control ↑

Gone lighting system controlled exclusively manually.The system of "smart house" allows you to control lighting by installing the remote control light with a rheostat.Such schemes under the force given to remember the brightness level, and turn on the lights in a different room.

Сущность системы "умный дом"
essence of the "smart house»

equipment houses Remote lighting system provides their owners undeniable advantages in comparison with standard lighting devices.For example, back home, you open the door to the hallway room that is flooded with light, and you do not have to fumble in the dark to find the switch.Do not think no one forgot to turn off the light, leaving.

step switching system is able to turn on the lights ahead of human movement.You will go on the lighting of the room, which is especially important if there are children in the house.This is the advantage of having intelligent lighting in the house, which responds to the appearance of people and housing tenants to move between rooms.

System elements remote lighting Depending on the sensor sensitive to any changes in the environment.A remote console allows to decide which room and at what time will turn off and turn on the lights.That bulb burns out, you will know immediately upon.

But the main advantage of intelligent lighting control - dimmerovanie lighting that allows you to smoothly change the light levels and save energy.The parameters of the system menu can be set in advance to make a scenario in which the light will turn on.

Office interior lighting ↑

Intelligent interior lighting in the house is carried out taking into account the day of the week and time of day.Such schemes are equipped with a mechanism for real-time clock and ideally suited for people who forget to switch off the light in the room or the bathroom, going to sleep.Light level can be adjusted based on the presence of people in the room, remote light switches disconnect or incorporate lighting in a particular room.Additionally, this feature is aimed at substantial energy savings.

Driving remote control home lighting
Driving remote control home lighting

outdoor lighting control ↑

Intelligent lighting control system also allow you to control exterior lighting.Such systems rank as members of the auxiliary and garage lighting and spotlights, which are regulated by remote control or light sensors.Outdoor lighting in addition to the functionality of bears also decorative component: lights green areas, flower beds, fountains and artificial ponds.Management of street light controller with "smart home" does away with the manual regulation of different groups of lighting.

lighting scenarios: variation ↑

brightness of light in an intelligent lighting system can be adjusted depending on the given scheme you light background.Options for light scenarios - quite diverse, they provide conditions for all everyday situations and events.Lighting scenarios can be programmed respectively wishes of the owner.

Classic lighting options:

  • scenario "holiday" involves remote on the entire home lighting, street lighting circuits at home, changing the color and intensity of light;
  • scenario "evening light garden" implies lighting around the perimeter of the infield all sorts of lamps, lighting and shapes of trees, marked footpaths;
  • scenario "romantic dinner" is to organize the muted light in the room or in the coverage of a certain area home;
  • scenario "alarm" lies in the inclusion of light throughout the house (Option "flashing light");
  • scenario "home cinema" organized by ambient lighting in the living room while watching your favorite movies.
The classic scenario of remote lighting in the house
classic scenario of remote lighting in the house: a romantic dinner with a nice subdued light spectrum

During your absence, you can select a scenario of light illumination wicket gate and the main elements of the house.Such lights after dark will become more intense.When you open the gate, and the gate will turn light gate, exit to the garage, tracks and external doors, and at the opening of the front door - the system of internal lighting home.Approaching a decorative element - a fountain, flower beds, a gazebo located in the garden, includes their illumination.Thus, the "smart" light contributes to a significant human comfort in all situations.

electronic remote switches ↑

main advantage of remote switches is that the installation does not require additional work.Even if the apartment is doroguschy renovation, the drilling of walls and ceilings, as well as the purchase and installation of additional wiring is needed.It does not need the destruction of what was produced by extreme mental and physical effort.

switches to infrared ↑

Remote light switches electronic type is divided into two large groups - and infrared remote control.What are the advantages and benefits of these devices to a circuit breaker?Here it is necessary to remember how in the old days it was necessary to approach the TV and manually switch channels.Perhaps the first devices that were equipped with remote controls, are just the TV.

Later, there were video recorders and DVD-players, who were equipped with such remote control.But at the same time to enable the extra lamp had to go to the switch through the entire room.This situation has led some firms to create sockets, dimmers and switches, which are controlled by the IR - rays.

Remote switches to infrared
remote switch on the infrared provide the ability to command the lighting within sight

Modern light switch with remote control has one indisputable advantage: the management of several different bulbs is possible to use a switch instead of a desperate search for the right remote controlto turn each light bulb.

remote control infrared allows you to send commands only in the line of sight, so the signal transmission distance is small - no more than 12 meters.Everything is determined by transmitter power.

RADIO Remote Control ↑

With all the advantages of remote control infrared inherent in them is one drawback - the functioning of line of sight.This lack deprived panels that operate on radio waves.Thus there is no clogging or radiohuliganstva ether.These panels allow you to control intelligent lighting remote load - ie lighting fixtures that are located in the next room.

transmitters operate at frequencies that are set aside for this purpose - 433 or 868 MHz, and their capacity is only 10 milliwatts, which is enough to operate in a radius of 100 meters.Such power is regulated by law, so the more powerful consoles simply not available.

Various natural obstacles, for example, the intercommunication ceilings or walls reduce radio signal strength, reducing the range of the device.To compensate for the loss of power used by a radio repeater.By the way, this apparatus may be used in the system of "smart house" or as a standalone device to control any electrical equipment that is installed in the house.

RADIO remote lighting control
RADIO remote lighting control can control lighting, despite the obstacles: concrete, brick walls, and other significant distance.

Remote switches consist of at least two parts - the actuator and controller.Sometimes it may be necessary to install additional devices - signal repeaters in the case when RF signal is significantly weakened, in particular reinforcement in concrete structures.

RADIO produced in the form of adapters that are simply inserted into the already-existing socket and controlled by the remote control which are included in the equipment.How to be funny sounds, but about the device often recall in the last turn.

Thus, the remote lighting control system can be configured to synchronize with changes in the real time of day.It is enough to program the timer number and intensity of the light.The remote lighting will work on a user-defined script.Moreover, such a brightness control of light in the house allows to save energy costs.