Rules for the design of ladders and some drawings to help

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01 May 2016

often in order to save hard-explainable future owners of suburban property hired different artists.The house is being built by one contractor and interior fittings entrusted with a completely different company.As a result, the design of stairs is necessary to "adapt" to these criteria, the more often the architect of these designs are drawn only in the abstract.

know how ladders are designed, it is necessary and those who build their own country house.Indeed, despite its apparent simplicity, designed for a comfortable safe movement structure can not be attributed to the simple list.


What type of ladder you choose?↑

choice of material for the stairs of capital at home and determines the degree of fire resistance of the structure.The choice of form affects t

he area allocated for the construction of the staircase space, ceiling height, architectural style.The most convenient, ensuring maximum safety lifting and movement in the opposite direction recognize sloping design with a march and 15yu steps.

Designing of stairs: types of designs, most often used in rustic construction

However, limited space often forces us to seek alternative compact in the area of ​​options to install sophisticated spiral staircases: drawing them zabezhnymi steps you can "fit" virtually any project.The construction of two marches would take more space than the screw option, but less than a simple flat counterpart.Its projects can be as winders and playground between the marches.

Drawing stairs to the second floor
drawing stairs to the second floor to the left design with zabezhnymi steps, the right half-pace option with the landing

If you plan to design and manufacture of staircases to perform completely independently, it is desirable to pay close attention to wood as a building material.It is easier to process, minor errors can be corrected and adaptations are not overly expensive.In contrast to the monolithic structures, filled with concrete, all the components of the future structure should not be done on site.It is going out of individual elements, like iron stairs: the drawing can be designed for the construction of any of the existing types (screw, half-pace, gentle, U-shaped, semi-circular, and others.).

Stairs wooden, drawing buildings with one march
drawing simple odnomarshevoy stairs to the second floor

parameters necessary for the design ↑

goeth before design work measurements, it is necessary to accurately measure the area of ​​the plan, the size of the opening, the height of the lower floors to the ceiling and the thickness of the upper floors with thick floorcoating.If measurements are performed with the presence of only rough floors on both levels, you need to take into account the estimated future floor height.

If wide enough opening will have to increase the hole, cut through concrete and saw off the excess wood beams.

It is possible that the future will have to increase the staircase opening
often designed for a ladder is necessary to increase the opening

attention.The openings for stairs should have no communication.

To make literate drawing stairs to the second floor, will require detailed floor plan on the ground.It should be specified niches, ledges, doors and windows, if they are adjacent to the stairs.Measurements are carried out on the door trims, for precise notation window still need its location relative to the floor, and the dimensions of the window sill.

The project stairs with zabezhnymi steps
drawing stairs with zabezhnymi steps: the width at the narrowest point winder stage should not be less than 10 cm

needed for further calculations characteristics:

  • width of the march;
  • steepness;
  • number of stages.

All of these parameters depend on each other, can not be one of them just assign arbitrary.

We select a comfortable and safe width ↑

when moving the stairs in either direction users should not feel uncomfortable with the feeling the space is too narrow and dangerous.The width realize the distance between two rails, or the distance between the handrail and the partition wall.Does the design of spiral staircases or odnomarshevyh elementary structures, to determine this parameter are used interchangeably construction standards:

  • 125 cm in the project lay in the desire to achieve higher comfort;
  • 110 cm, if the facility will be located between two walls;
  • 90 cm, if the design has two fences or adjacent one side of the wall;
  • 80 cm with one fence permissible, if not supposed to use a ladder to carry bulky items;
  • 70 cm are appropriate in the garden house and domestic premises.
Design of wooden stairs: safe convenient width design
width of the stairs should provide easy access, not to create discomfort and instill a sense of danger

should know that under the spiral staircases drawings must be carried out taking into account a minimum width of 110 cm, the optimal size of 140 cm. The width of helical structures isthe distance from the edge of the stage to the base of the central rack.If a flight of stairs will be sent to each other "meet" between them should be a distance of at least 10 cm.

steepness or easier - slope stairs ↑

parameter interconnected with dimensions of steps and with an area of ​​projected construction.Steep stairs take up little space, but are comfortable, gentle options are convenient, but it will take away a lot of usable space.Those wishing to combine comfort and safety with minimal loss of movement of the area selected types of half-pace themselves carry out or order a drawing stairs with zabezhnymi steps or project design to entryway.

Classification of stairs on the degree of slope
most comfortable angles lift the stairs are in the range of 23 to 37 °, the steeper the ladder, the more dangerous ascent and descent on her
  • Instead of stairs with a gradient of 23º can be arranged sloping ramp.
  • most comfortable inclination over 23º, less than 37º.
  • slope of 45º construction translates into the category of structures, which can be down, but his face turned toward the stairs.

Over 50º slope can only be a ladder.

Calculations stage dimensions ↑

most convenient to move in both directions on the stairs found a ratio of the sum of the width of the tread (g) multiplied with two riser height (h).

g + h = 2 from 62 to 64 cm (standard pitch of an adult in a straight path)

Any variation from the heights and widths stage must meet this requirement.Depending on the steepness of the future construction and personal preferences calculated properly selected dimensions of the steps.

design and manufacture of staircases: the calculation of the width of the tread and the height of prostupenka depends on the steepness of the facilities and personal preferences

leg comfortably lifted to a height of no more than 32 cm, but the most comfortable height level considered 15 cm. Do risers above 17 cm is not recommended.If you are designing wooden stairs, constructions made of concrete or metal with two or more marches, it should be remembered that the most convenient way to one march was 10-15 degrees.

Depending on the selected destination ladder tread width.Minimum its 20 cm, 32 cm standard recommended limit of 40 cm. The permissible overhang of the tread riser, if the dimensions of the design do not allow for a fairly wide tread.When designing winders should be noted that less than 10 cm width of the narrow part of them should not be.

The maximum deviation of the height of the last stage in the march
maximum permissible deviation between the height of the riser of the last stage in the march

Notice.All stairs should be congruent: with an equal width and height.The maximum deviation of 0.5 cm.

number of treads in a stairway with landings is always one less than the number of risers, as one of the tread is located on site.

imaginary middle line ↑

Designer staircase with direct march traditionally lays it in the middle.But in curvilinear designs midline marches silently carried out in the 0.4-0.5 m from the front edge or span.The width of the winders along the middle line must be equivalent to the width of the steps simple straight marches.

The middle line in projects zabezhnymi steps held in 40-50 cm from the inner fences
Midline projects with zabezhnymi steps held in 40-50 cm from the inner fence, along the midline of the tread width should be equal to the width of the stage with a direct march

calculate the height of passage ↑

Clearance - characteristics that should be paidnote that if an independent designer is interested in providing comfort.

Design spiral staircases also provides for clearance
comfortable for movement clearance must be observed, and the design of spiral staircases, and when creating the project a simple march of construction and in the manufacture of stairs to the attic

noticed that at the height of the passage exceeding the growth coming downstairs person 5 cm,Instinctively, he will bend down his head and pulls.Because normal lumen recognized height from 1.9 m to 2.0 m.The height of the passage of the entire length of the ladder should be equal.

dealt with the nuances of the design, with the task of calculating and constructing stairs easily cope everyone to provide his home comfortable robust design.For information about the features of the design to help the owners of suburban mansions, confidence building stairs outsource intelligently monitor the implementation.