Metal stairs - examples of design and technology of installation

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01 May 2016

metal as a building material for the manufacture of stairs, on the background of other options allocates optimum carrying capacity and operational longevity.Its technological qualities allow the creation of small-sized, light-weight design of the configuration of any type and complexity, metal stairs fit perfectly in almost any interior composition.They are installed, both inside and outside of the structure, are in household and the central premises presentable.


additional advantage - a simple ladder welded metal can be done independently, and to gain experience and skills to start a handwritten exclusive manufacturing facilities.

Stairs made of metal with their hands
Welded steel ladder - if you want quite feasible idea, which requires basic skills in welding business, to get them can be a few practical lessons

Classification stairs of metal ↑

By design features metal ladders: interior and exterior are indistinguishableanalogs of concrete and wood.According to the typical standards and rules for them are drawn projects, selected the most rational form.By the method of manufacture may be forged and welded.The technique of forging definitely need to learn too long, but for quite a few skills welder practical lessons.

Structural differences ↑

types of the most common types of project that can bring his own are:

  • designs with metal stringers - a kind of ranges, which are mounted to the stage;
Metal stairs: Photo designs with kosuorami
Metal stairs: construction of a single carrier beam - stringers
  • stairs and rails of metal - structures without a skeleton consisting of individual steps, are attached to the supporting wall by means of special bolts;
Stairs made of metal and rails
metal staircase, some elements of which are fastened with screws to the wall
  • construction on sloping bearing beams - a bowstring between which a tread and risers or just tread;
Ladders metal outside beamed-withs
Stairs with two side load-bearing beams - withs
  • spiral staircases with spirally arranged stairs and carrying the central column;
How to cook a metal ladder
Production of metal stairs screw type is best left to professionals or to collect it from the factory finished modules
  • prefabricated metal stairs, consisting of modules made in the factory, the process of the construction of the assembly resembles a simple children's designer.

Draw metal building can only overlap.To improve the reliability can be established under the support of the landing, a segment of the stairs with zabezhnymi steps.

Staircase with a support of a metal tube
platform welded metal stairs with a support made of a metal pipe

venues as possible to fix the console and rack hidden in the wall.The function of the support member by a metal ladder to success can perform concrete or brick wall specially built interior.

A metal ladder leans on a brick built for her support
The hands can be cooked not only the frame, but also to build for him a supporting wall of bricks

Variations on combining ↑

Technological durable material blends perfectly with any kind of decoration, with wood, concrete, brick, natural stone, glass and organic analogue.Any kind of fences can be equipped with metal stairs: Photo shows how wonderful look facilities with standard vertical balusters and handrails traditional.Instead of the standard elements can be used in parallel prokidy, glass or perforated steel screens, hand-forged and carved wood.

Stairs made of metal with different types of finishes
Various design options for metal staircases: Left guard of Plexiglas, the left chromed parallel prokidy

Notice.Details of fences can be attached to the metal stairs in two ways: mounted on a stage or a fixed welded or bolted to the end stage.

Metal stairs: fastening elements of the side fences
Fastening elements fence to the end of the steps, based on a sawtooth string, made of sheet metal

Depending on the operational specificity and dictate the style of bearing metal elements can be supplemented by steps made of concrete, of expanded metal, porcelain, reinforcingsteel, corrugated iron and others. In the hall country house will look great metal staircase with wooden steps built on the original project.Its more modest equivalent, with success will provide communication between the household premises, or help arrange a separate entrance to the attic floor.

A metal staircase with wooden steps
metal staircase with wooden steps: Optional mounting vertical balusters with bolts

installed outside the building staircase can be fully metal, but created out of only one metal means domestic interstorey posts will not please users pleasant tactile sensations and warmth.Inside, it is desirable to use a finish.And the staircase of metal can be equipped not only with standard varieties of steps, it is useful carpet, wear-resistant laminate, parquet dies, facing ceramics.

Features independent structures ↑

For manufacturing require welding machine, a mechanical saw and emery wheel to remove burrs.If you intend to trim the wood, it is still circulating and saw, clamp for the temporary joining of parts and metal drill for forming holes for screws.

According to the pre-established project, the implementation of which can be read in the corresponding article, calculated as required meter metal profiles, pipes, steel sheets and steel reinforcement.Note that the metal staircase worthy of your hands will be cooked after a series of practical exercises, the course of which you can also go through their own video and description.

Small handy welding machine
with a compact apparatus for electric arc welding performed strong joints that turn construction into a monolithic structure with equivalent anywhere in the strength characteristics

for manufacturing support beams (kosoura or string) is recommended to use the channel, suitable girders, quite suitable angle steelpipes with rectangular cross-section.

example construction of the elementary structure ↑

this simple ladder made of metal with their hands will be built on the edge of the channel bar supplied with the sizes 8-10.If you intend to follow paneling, for the manufacture of steps, you can use sheet steel, for outdoor stages designs require sheets with relief molded fit slatted metal flooring or similar material with anti-slip properties.For fences need to be angled steel, to perform treads supports for reinforcement.

Stairs made of metal with their hands: the scheme
scheme simple metal ladder with supporting beams of channels, which are welded fittings made from mare
  • From fittings to do on project size fillies - congruent to each other support device, mounted on the beam.
  • to that part of fillies, which immediately "lay down" stage, it is necessary to weld brackets for mounting.
  • To put on an edge u-mare should be welded at the exact pre-made layouts.
  • In order to achieve full identity of the second channel is recommended to apply to u-beam welded to the already fillies and adjust the layout in case otkloneniy.Obratite attention.For devices with a standard width of the stairs up to 1 meter is enough to make two or kosoura string.More extensive construction should be equipped with three or more beams.
  • Then all components of metal ladders come together through arc welding, if done of metal or by setting the wooden steps.
  • finished building should be primed and cover protects against corrosion composition.

bearing elements for mounting steps can serve as welded of channel rack, metal corners, welded to the joists.

options welded to the support beam for adjustment stages left - welded from channel, to the right of the corner rolled

more sophisticated version - production of stairs from metal with a cut from thick sheet steel sawtooth bowstring.Cutting the need to very carefully, thoroughly respecting the dimensions.

technology tree trim levels ↑

Suppose decided that the outer metal staircase is equipped with wooden plates for treads.Before performing plating is necessary to evaluate the probability of the Advanced tab fasteners.

  • on metal levels is marked the location of the holes for the screws or bolts with washers, 15 cm intervals. From the end of the openings must retreat at least 2 cm.
  • K metal tread mounted substrate of plywood.Its fixation is done by a specific mounting adhesive filling effect, it is not crushed after solidification.Filling the void glue will help to eliminate defects, even with the inevitable qualitative performance svarke.Vnimanie.Attach the mounting substrate foam is impossible, sinceit is not resistant to collapse.
  • two clamps strip of wood is fixed to the metal tread and fasten with screws through the drilled holes in the bottom or open podtaet bolts and screws.
A metal staircase with wooden steps
metal staircase with wooden steps: fastening elements of the timber in "pottay" hidden from observation

learn simple techniques and learn how to cook a metal ladder, you can safely proceed to the device a simple construction, leading, for example,cellar.And then already an experienced performer will be quite able to make a more complex, more aesthetically pleasing design, handwritten production which is not a sin and boast.