What tile to choose for the kitchen: valuable tips and video guide

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04 May 2016

Everyone started repairs in the kitchen, it will have a lot of trouble with the selection of appropriate option processing facilities and to the implementation of the plan.The question of choice of materials for finishing important not less than the design project.The basic material wall decoration you can use washable wallpaper, and linings, and even wood.But whether such a functional choice for the kitchen?The most practical option for many years considered a ceramic tile.Because of the resistance to aggressive influences, environmental and always impeccable appearance.Embodiments of the tile has a great variety: it is different not only in color, texture and size, there are lots of differences in performance.To decide what's best for the kitchen tile, a closer look at all aspects of the selection.


Landmark - performance ↑

  • durability.
  • surface hardness.
  • Resistance to temperature changes.
  • water absorption.
  • Resistance chemically aggressive action.
  • Resistance slip.
Облицовка рабочей поверхности и "фартука"
Example of decorative elements in facing

Durability - Conservative interest ↑

Lifetime floor tiles depends on matching the selected material anticipated loads.

Durability or in other words, the abrasion resistance of floor tiles designed for kitchen belongs to the group 3, as a measure of abrasion tiles for rooms with average traffic.Denoted PEI III.

hardness of the tile ↑

tile surface hardness (determined by the scale of "MEP") - an indicator determining the material's ability to resist scratches from the effects of the different abrasives.Number from 1 to 10 in ascending denotes resistance to scratching.For the kitchen tiles quite figure 5.

Resistance temperature extremes ↑

Resistance to temperature changes at first glance, not so important indicator in a kitchen.But if you intend to tiling surface on which can inadvertently put hot tea, it is best to choose tiles with the corresponding figures (at least 125◦S).

ability to absorb moisture ↑

water absorption and frost resistance depends on the porosity of the material.These figures are important, if you plan to finish the surface in an unheated room.

Option facing kitchen mosaic
Option cladding mosaic

Resistance to chemical attack ↑

This indicator determines the degree of resistance to the surface of various household chemicals, and stain resistance.The ability of a surface to resist stains is estimated from the larger figure (1) to a smaller (3), Kitchen optimal value of 1 or 2. The index resistance to chemicals AA means that the product is not exposed to chemicals, the indicator means that the product is resistant to aggressiveEffects.

On Anti-slip floor ↑

What tiles should be safe, there is no doubt.When selecting floor tiles basic requirement for safety - resistance slip.This figure shows the coefficient of friction.Most often it is measured according to the standards DIN.Flooring Kitchens corresponding figure R10, category A.

Option facing "apron»

What's better for kitchen tiles ↑

If the tile is supposed to coat a portion of the wall: the working surface of the sink, part of the wall near the cooking surfaceover the counter top (so-called "apron"), it is advisable to choose a tile small size of regular shape.Perhaps the addition or insertion of a decorative frieze of decorative elements between the rows of flat tiles.The main thing - the size of a match the decor and basic tiles, in the case of even small, seemingly, differences of a few millimeters, alternating geometric elements inevitably reveal a flaw.The stitches will be of different sizes, which in turn does not decorate a general view of the tiled surface.A few words about the grout.You can choose the color of the grout to match the shade of the tiles, grout or use a contrasting color (repeating the color of flooring, furniture or color).In any case, the use of special plastic material for grouting tiling will protect against the development of mold and fungi, as well as a possible lag tiles from the wall.

How to choose: tips ↑

Embossed clean out the fat droplets harder than smooth.Therefore, when choosing wall tiles had better pay attention to the tiles with a smooth surface.But when choosing a tile floor is better to pay attention to a matte surface or a little relief on the smooth floor will be significantly smaller scratches.

for caution when buying tiles from the reserve.About 10% of the tiles will be useful for several reasons: firstly, in the case of unforeseen trouble during installation, you will protect yourself from having to search for the missing tile shop.Secondly, so you consider the possibility of restoring the surface in the future.It is important to bear in mind that you can easily "do not get into the color" when buying tiles of the same collection, but the other party.

Tile Kitchen
unity of style wall and floor tiles

When choosing colors finishing each guided by personal preference, but it often happens that on the stand in the store tiles seemed spectacular, and here at home for some reason, do not look.The fact that the choice of color, texture and pattern of tiles should take into account several factors: light, room dimensions, the general stylistic direction in the interior.Choosing the floor and wall tiles, it is important to consider the compatibility of colors and textures.Sales also have ready-made collection of tiles that have already chosen the combination of colors of decorative elements, wall, floor tiles.It is only necessary to make accurate measurements of food and calculate the required number of tiles of each kind.

choosing tiles, pay attention not only to its coloring, but also the quality - the evenness of the corners, edges of integrity, quality enamel and so on.Do it best with a specialist who will this tile stack, because in any case there are a lot of subtleties, which the average consumer does not even realize.Of course, a perfectly flat tiles do not exist, yet.One measure of the quality of the tiles is the reputation of its products, not to be tempted by the cheapness - risk to buy a pig in a poke, and a very expensive brand is not worth chasing - overpayment for popularity.Here's a tip - always choose a middle ground.

Video guide to choosing tile ↑

As you can see, a matter of choice for the kitchen tile can be easily solved.Suffice it to take an interest and to arm the relevant information on the topic.