Garage at the cottage - options, projects, especially construction "avtodomika"

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29 April 2016

If the construction of a country house is perceived by us as something compulsory and serious, the unit garage lightly postponed "for later".Meanwhile, a garage in the country - the construction is very necessary: ​​in addition to its main function of the garage can serve as a workshop and storage for vegetables and garden tools.Variants of arrangement of several: detached construction, extension, even an underground garage at the cottage can be constructed, the main thing - expediency.In this article we look at the most popular variants of arrangement of the garage at the cottage.


So,you decide to build a garage at the cottage, where do you start?Any Construction begins with the project, which is created taking into account the topography, soil characteristics, the required size of the garage

and options for its location.Consider the most common variants of the device of the garage at the cottage.

Options arrangement garage at the cottage ↑

  1. Separately built garage.
  2. garage extension.
  3. garage in the basement of the house.
Garage built separately
Separately built garage - self-built, requires the organization of heating, which occupies a lot of space on the site

Separately built garage ↑

to the garage at the cottage was a separate building for him on the site will need plenty of space.It is better to place the garage at the border area close to the fence, then do not need to pave the driveway.If this is not possible, then the garage is placed near the farm buildings.

Garage located separately from the dwelling house is convenient because when the car in the house does not penetrate the exhaust gases and does not interfere with engine noise.This garage can be built of brick, blocks, and even metal.The main drawback - unreasonableness heating device due to the large heat loss.

Practical garage outbuilding ↑

have attached garage has its advantages: firstly, the possible flooding of precipitation and melt water (ground occupancy), and secondly, less the costs of communications (close to the main building), and thirdly,Attached garage is usually blends harmoniously into the overall integrity of the composition with the main structure (exterior finishing is performed in the same style with the house).

Garage Attached Garage
Attached garage - a sensible option that allows saving building materials, not requiring a separate heating system

If the borders of the site or the house has a small indentation (better with the end of the main building, on the north side, to a maximum distance from the living rooms), the choice of the garage project is of this type would be a reasonable solution, beneficial from an economic point of view.Paul made of concrete, is lifted from the ground level to 10-30sm.

garage in the basement of the house (built) ↑

compact and comfortable accommodation can be called directly garage in the basement of the house.Substantial savings on building materials, because the ceiling for the garage floor is the first floor, and serves as the foundation of the house walls.This garage can not be heated further.Ground in this case is located slightly higher than normal.

The device is a garage in the basement of the house
garage in the basement of the house does not take up much space, but its construction should be planned at the stage of the project

main problem in the regeneration of the built-in garage is waterproofing: it is important to dry the floor because the garage will be located below ground level, withpoor insulation from moisture precipitation will seep into the building.Another important point: the projects of houses for garden with built-in garage should include separate ventilation system.Use common home system is unacceptable.

next step after design - budgeting.Construction costs will depend on the version of the device, the size of the garage, select the type of building materials and prices of services builders.

Temporary garage
garage of corrugated board - the budget structure, which can build their own hands

Assume that an embodiment of the device defined, and what sizes are needed for the future of the garage?Firstly, the size of a garage depends on the size of the car, for example, for passenger cars will require 18m2 of space, but it is advisable to build in the future - perhaps you will ever gain a larger car.Secondly, in the garage, you can provide a place for a workshop and storage of garden tools.If your needs are small here's minimum parameters: the length of the garage should be 70cm longer than the length of the machine, width - 1.5 m to greater than its width.The height depends on the height of the machine, but not less than 2m.Door size also depends on the size of the car, but not less than: 2,3 × 1,8 m.

choosing construction materials, guided by the performance and the price of them.The choice of materials depends primarily on whether a heated garage.If you provide heating garage, then you need materials with good thermal insulation properties.

Temporary Garage at the cottage ↑

Above us was considered a variant of capital construction of the garage, there is another possibility: to establish a temporary garage in the country with their own hands.Temporary garage is a prefabricated structure made of wood or metal.Usually, temporary garages assembled from corrugated board.On sale is a set of consumables, ready-to-assemble, designed for different sizes of garages.To use a makeshift pier foundation.It was his device, and takes most of the time, the design team can be assembled without any trouble during the day.This embodiment of the apparatus of the garage is much simpler and cheaper options in capital construction, but the thin-walled design of the garage quickly rusts, conditions for storage of the vehicle can be called satisfactory (only protection against wind and rain): this garage is easy to crack.

viewing hole in the garage, you can equip only if a sufficiently low level of ground water (no higher than 2.5 m), due to condensation, corrosive, which is formed as a result of temperature changes.

course construction - is a difficult process, especially physically, also requires the necessary knowledge and skills, so it is advisable to entrust the execution team of experienced builders.But if you are confident in their abilities - build a garage in the country with their own hands.