Finish sauna inside: a selection of photos to help wishing perfectly equip

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01 May 2016

It would seem that interesting and unusual can come up with for the interior of the bath?Especially there is not clear, and the purpose of the premises on the alleged existence of some exquisite pieces of furniture and accessories.But the "mysterious Russian soul" even from the washing can create a brilliant creation, a work of art and a source of pride.How can look inside and finishing baths style solutions which most designers use in their activities?


dressing room: options for resettlement ↑

dressing room - the personbath.It is here that hot body requires calm and relaxation, this is where everything must be thoroughly planned and it is in this room need to invest maximum efforts to create a really comfortable area to relax.

The most common vestibule is small, but recently some owners baths began to expand the boundaries of space, transfo

rming it from a small island where you can rest before the next stops in the steam room, a huge continent with pleasure.This may well be a dressing room and a cinema room and a billiard room, and a bar.

Option finish changing room
spacious dressing room.Simple, spacious, comfortable

Here, for example, an option that shows how to finish inside the bath has transformed a large room waiting room.Clean rustic style vestibule with log walls, wooden floors and mud brick oven turned a standard box in the upper room cozy and bright.Here are all literally "steeped" wood, even tables, benches, doors and cabinet are made of birch - material, perfect for bath.

Option vestibule finishes in the bath
medium-sized dressing room loft-style

Finish bath photos which you can see above, is a mixture of the two styles.On one side of the wall waiting room mimic dilapidated brickwork, which is typical for the style of the loft, and the other - mod white leather sofas on thin curved legs.It would seem that a combination of absurd, but looks very impressive and fashionable.

Large dressing room
of finishes in a large waiting room "knight" style

But another option of finishing the vestibule.Here, the owner moved away from the "Russian" stereotypes and instead of logs and planks used marble tiles, and it looks equally good on the floor and on the walls.

dressing room almost in a minimalist style, because in addition to chairs, lamps, pictures and TV are nothing more.Although it is still necessary for the person to relax after a hot guy?

Small dressing room
of finishes a small waiting room

This waiting room is not so small, but compared with the previous much inferior in size.The owner was able to a few square meters area and expertly place for rest and a dressing area.Cute curtains in large color creates additional comfort and panels under the beam gives the room light and airy.

Finish changing room in the Russian style
unusual furnace transformed the vestibule, turning it into a comfort zone for relaxing

large Russian stove from an old brick turned dressing room pictured in the "hut on chicken legs."It is the center of the oven space, because it takes a lot of space and has a bright and stylish texture.Colorful appearance of the furnace is ideally complemented by timber walls and carved beams on the ceiling - one of the main elements of the Russian style.

Finish pair: Standards ↑

If there is a place in the dressing room for the imagination, in the steam room, it usually dries up.The fact is that the finishing bath inside means more functional approach than stylistic, because the small space steam must be used to the maximum and at the same time leave enough space for the free circulation of hot air.It was at this point before the master bath is a reasonable question arises: "What can you come up to 5 square meters?»

Well shelves do, put benches, heater and ... all!What else?However, even these indispensable attributes of the steam room, you can make an original and unusual, such that everyone who has come to warm up, surprised and said: "Ah!»

Standard setting steam
Furnishings guys have to combine comfort, functionality, security and freedom of movement

begin withthe simplest option: a single-level wooden shelves and the same shop.Rather dry and boring?Maybe, but it is very functional, because the small space steam fully involved.

Pair of finishes
special grace and ease attach fixtures

That this option much more attractive, but this attraction is mainly produce exquisite little lamps.Yes, and a lot more space here than in the first photo.Originality room gives also slightly rounded ceiling made from the same material as the other furnishings.

Finish steam
Modestly but originally due brickwork

Another way to decorate a pair - to combine different textures together.

brick and wood in general look very vivid and natural, and in an atmosphere of steam and heat so they do not have equal.

An interesting style decision furnish steam
visual vertical elements make up steam

Luxury finishing baths inside - photos and then failed to convey the beauty and originality - is presented above.Here the designer (or the owner) solved the problem of low ceilings is very simple - use the vertical layout of the wooden bunks and unusual design of the ceiling in the form of an arch.From the owner of the bath regiments he refused and was limited to just one shop.But even in minimalism has its own charm.

The idea to place the bench in the steam room
interesting option to install benches

To save space, you can steam, and even necessary, to use a corner shelves and benches.So it will have more free space, and the interior will be more interesting and brighter.

A wooden wall paneling in the finishing pair
modern heater - a striking addition to the interior humble guy

give the room a modern steam bath you can with the help of fashion elements.In this case, the style stove-heater and the wall, decorated with natural stone.

Washing: style and functionality ↑

Before washing was located directly in the steam room, which created a lot of problems (some can not stand the heat and come in a bath to a wash).Today wash - it is a separate element, which is like a waiting room, and steam room, has its own style.

Washing with shower
Washing with shower: Russian style in the interior does not spoil modern plumbing

So, the first option - the standard: shop for accessories and personal care products and a shower.In principle, nothing more, but it sparingly.Although the photo looks even very good.

Washing with the tub
tubs perfusion - a fashionable accessory today, this means for hardening, and a method of increasing the tone

This option has recently acquired a crazy popularity.Do not believe?Type in a search engine "in a photo finish baths" and see for yourself how the Russian people fell in love with an ordinary wooden tub.Convenience and use of this accessory on your face - hanging rope or chain facilitate pouring and cold water hardens the body.Due to the tub let down communications, it will always be full.

Washing with shower
Washing with shower

Well, this wash will appeal to those who prefer the comfort throughout.Shower with hydro-massage effect not only performs its main function, but also allows the owner of the bath room include a washing clean, because the water does not fall on the floor and walls.

Video: interesting ideas finishing baths ↑

finishing baths in their own hands - a creative process, and rather complicated, but, putting a little effort, and giving free rein to their imagination, you will easily be able to create a bright and stylish interior.