How to make the rocks glow in the dark

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02 May 2016

Everyone wants to make your home cozy and beautiful.People are planting flowers front gardens, gazebos and parked constructing decorative wells.Each Viet its nest in the best of their ability.Some do it with the help of cutting-edge interior frills and gadgets, and some with their master's hands interesting design masterpieces.These man-made wonders could be called the glowing stones.


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in ancient myths say that such stones have a special power and energy.It is clear that the legend can talk a lot, but that glowing stones that you are not decorated, cheer up - it's a fact.

stones, glowing in the darkness are used in the manufacture of souvenirs, decorating photo frames and other details.They are used in interior decoration, decorate their aquariums, bookshelf and flower pots.In general - w

ith their help the world around you, you can change beyond recognition, it would wish.

how to make a glowing stones
glowing stones that you would either have decorated them, cheer up

operating principle of a miracle stones ↑

Originally such stones were made of plastic and filled them with luminous paint.But at home the workpiece covered with acrylic paints with luminescent effect.The paint has a glossy or matte surface that defies wash-out or burn.During the day, the fluorescent surface, like a battery, accumulating sunlight and at nightfall begins to radiate.Therefore, these stones are very popular not only in decorating detail, but in landscape design.They look great on summer flower beds, and off the coast of a pond.Very original looks like a glass vessel filled with such stones.It can be used not only as decoration but also as a lamp.

stones in a glass vessel
Originally looks a glass jar filled with glowing pebbles

great advantage of these stones is that they are charged not only by sunlight.This can be done by a flashlight or the most simple lighter, so if the weather is gloomy, it does not mean that the stone does not shine at night.Large color palette makes it possible to draw up any room with stones, while fitting in its design.

create beauty with their hands ↑

before a glowing stones own, you must decide what you will decorate them, to find the right shape and size.In order not to wrestle with what the company is better to take the blank, you can use a natural material - ordinary stones or pebbles.In addition, you will need Fotoluminiscent TAT33 paint, which you want to paint your stones.The dry surface can be used immediately.Luminous paint does not deteriorate even if there is a moist environment, so it is often decorated with ornamental pond and the bottom of the aquarium.Also, the paint is environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals.It can be safely painted interior.

The stones in the aquarium
Stones in the aquarium are excellent night illumination

With this paint for concrete surfaces can be made whole luminous borders, and this is a good way to beautify the area, not spending a lot of money.If you want to make a luminous paving tiles, then you need to cover it after installation.But if you need to make a bed of stones or the curb, you must first paint them and dry.

Luminous stones have become an indispensable thing for landscaping.Experts divide them into three kinds of which depend on the sizes grit (about 5 mm in diameter), river pebbles (1-2 cm) and boulder (27h17 cm).These standards come from the manufacturers of finishing materials, so you do not need a ruler to measure each workpiece and generally adhere to specific figures.After all, you are creating for themselves comfort, then choose the size and shape of stones.

Decorate your home glowing stones can not only outside, stick them on the finishing tile.If you want to decorate the inside of the house, then svezheshtukaturennuyu wall is necessary to impose a grid construction, which is labeled pre-painted stones.Empty spaces between the stones neatly overwritten plaster.Ceiling tiles can also be frame glowing crumbs.

Manufacturing glowing stones often turns into a hobby.Even if you already have decorated them all that is possible, your hands are drawn to paint again and again.In such cases, people are beginning to learn the art of even deeper and find a way to fairly good earnings.So it makes sense to work.

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Decorating your site in the first place will require your own imagination.If you want to strew their path, it is better to use pebbles, colored in the color that blends into the garden design.The boundary between the path and the lawn can be laid boulders.Sufficient glowing stones in the garden waste is significantly save on electricity and do not allow to stumble in the dark.

illuminated track
Shining stones will not allow to stumble in the dark

path can also strew pebbles of different colors, for example, the main color - blue, and spot blotches - pink.Or make a mix of natural gravel and colored stones, at night it look like "Moonlight" that any romance will love it.Particularly relevant glowing stones in the regions where the day sharply into night and almost never dusk they have time to recharge as much as possible when it is dark and very intense start to glow.

Another version of the track is provided for those who have it already lined with another material.Typically, these trails are made of log or logs in a country style, that's just between masonry and wood need to fill all the small stones, you can even crumbs.

colored stones
Mix of natural gravel and colored stones at night looks like "Moonlight»

necessary to enclose flowerbeds boulders.They can arrange a dot between colors if they do not grow very densely.If the lawn is dotted with places bed, it is decorated with colored crumbs, inventing beautiful patterns that can be seen not only at night but during the day.

With the talent of the artist, can be lonely boulders paint.If this is not your competence, on a flat surface of the stone, apply a special sticker on transparencies and pick the surface with varnish.Large glowing boulder and looks very attractive for naturally curly fragrant flowers such as peas or morning glory.If the stone is woven hop, you can close any plant shrub with bright buds.

Garden decorative framed well as at the base and on the racks.Depending on its size is determined by the quantity of stones.The roof is better to paste over crumbs or pebbles.Also glowing stones are ideal to decorate the children's sandbox.The main thing - they have to be large and heavy, so the child is not able to pick up and drop on his foot.Pebbles decorate the playground do not want their children to taste like, and it is not safe for health.

Thus, glowing stones - a design element that awakens the imagination and makes improvise.And who, if not you better know how to decorate their territory.Good luck and success!