Ideas and guidelines for the construction of the tree house

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01 May 2016

Occasionally a child who bypasses the dream of having their cozy tree house.However, not all the crumbs, it comes true.Meanwhile, even as an adult, you can realize your childhood dreams by building a hideaway in the crown of oak and loved relaxing on the heights of the whole family.And if you have already become parents, imagine how your crumbs will appreciate the wonderful tree house, you can hide from the world and observe nature from the height ?!


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What idea to base the ↑

If you decide to build a tree house with his own hands in adulthood, suchbuilding can turn into an architectural masterpiece.As a child, even a box appears to housing, adults also want to do everything thoroughl

y, reliably and beautiful - to rest the soul and please the eye.

house for children
Treehouse for recreation whole family.Want a

If you plan to build a tree house for children and yourself will not use it, then everything is relatively easy.Suitable and tiny structure, the main thing - bright colors, entertainment devices and, of course, increased safety.Here, for example, in the photo below are all present.Your crumbs are crazy about such a gift.

Colorful house
Colorful house with a slide for children.As if from a fairy tale, right?

Meanwhile, modern construction of leisure spots on the altitude reached a high level, so treat yourself like "Towers" can and not having children.Who is actively developing the construction of houses on the trees for a variety of needs.In the trees you can see restaurants, tea rooms, hotel and even residential apartments - with utilities and furnishings.The biggest in the world this wonderful house is located at an altitude of Scotland, an area up to 557 square meters.In the hall of the restaurant can easily accommodate 120 guests.The proprietor had to pay for the project $ 7 million, but by the visitors no end.

a large tree house
largest tree house is close to Edinburgh

Swedish authorities have distinguished generosity, public park decorated with an unusual house of about 12 square meters.Each visitor to the park can enjoy a relaxing stay in this wonderful attics.There are a couple of balconies, terrace with a hammock, a wonderful library, kitchen and even the toilet.

House in the park
Meet famed house in the park Vasteras

Swedes apparently liked to spend time at the height, so one of the local entrepreneurs built a hotel with 5 rooms.The design consists of aluminum plates.The hotel is connected to electricity, the rooms are heated and have private bathrooms and a kitchenette where you can prepare coffee and breakfast.

If you want to live in such outlandish hotel, reserve rooms in advance as there are willing to visit thousands of travelers from around the world

In Japan, at the museum, in the midst of the garden with cherry blossoms eminent architect built the unusual tea house where you can goeach visitor to take part in a tea ceremony at a height.

tree house
In Japan, you can enjoy real tea right among the branches of cherry blossoms

But such masterpieces - the lot of businessmen and wealthy.However, your plan tree house can be just as interesting, though not so well-known.The main thing - a fantasy, desire, time and sound approach.Some families in your garden make ships or flying saucers, like other huts, others build castles.Select "own" the project and forward - toward a dream in the sky!

House can take on the mission of the entire gaming industry.In this case, the parents decided to make a few stairs, terrace and swing

any tree is suitable for the construction of ↑

Before you look for, how to build a tree house, you need to decide on the venue and platform for such a structure, because it is important that Terem hadnot only beautiful and reliable and durable.If you choose wood is wrong, you risk "throw away" money and time.How to do everything correctly?

First, check all the trees in your yard.

Second, choose the best for the realization of such an idea breed.For example, pine - not the best platform for the construction of places of rest at a height because she prickly branches and annoying "inhabitants" - the ants.In general, the majority of softwood different insufficient stability to give the lodge will have to use the strength of a few trees.Lipa will not work because the viscosity of wood, anything securely consolidate in such a barrel to be problematic.In poplar, willow and chestnut weak roots, therefore, for them to build a chamber's dangerous, because the structure may collapse with the tree.What stay?Experts recommend opting for oak, maple, fir, arborvitae, or that are stable, handsome and durable.However, for a tiny baby attics will fit perfectly and the apple tree, but for adults there better not to climb.

Third, find the right breed - half the battle, you also need to competently approach to the process of selecting the tree and the place where it grows.What are the requirements to be considered?

  1. plot should not be gritty.
  2. not start construction too old, or, conversely, young trees, which can not withstand the weight of the structure.
  3. Prefer branched trunk with horizontally growing branches, then you will have a lot of support points.
  4. branches for fastening structures must be a diameter of more than 20 centimeters.
  5. Check the trunk and branches, that they are not cracked, and the sharp narrowing of the signs of rot.
  6. Inspect the crown, and took to drink weak and withered branches, because they later still break the wind, what can damage the components of the house.
How to Choose
Your fotopodskazka selectable tree

Basic rules of construction at height ↑

So you've decided that your garden will decorate the tree house, how to build a wonderful Mansion competently?Are there any secrets?As in each case, this process has its own characteristics.Most importantly - do not harm the tree, because it is - "the foundation" of your structure.What kind of rules to follow to keep the "health" of the plant?

  • bark can be cut only half the depth, otherwise you will destroy the tree;
  • if the trunk is bent, the structure must be repeated this bending;
  • try to carry out major work on the ground, has saved the plant from excessive loads;
  • consider that the tree can still grow and change shape.

If Mansion for crumbs pobespokoytes to all components of the structure were protected - walls or rails.For the safety of movement kids need reliable ladder.Focus on age, sometimes a rope ladder - not the best solution.If you want to avoid trouble, Build out wooden steps.Again, the better for the kids to build gaming facilities at low altitude, using natural materials, and instead of nails - the nuts and bolts that need to be drowned in the trunk / branches.

start with drawing
Start by drawing with dimensions of the structure, then you can calculate the right amount of materials

necessary tool and materials ↑

To build "paradise" on the height, you must have the desire, time skillful hands, the required settools and materials.

Spend "inventory" in your garage or shed and prepare such tools:

  • building level,
  • saw,
  • plane,
  • hammer,
  • roulette,
  • drill,
  • screwdriver,
  • router,
  • square,
  • sandpaper,
  • wrench,
  • ladder.

You will also need protective clothing and gloves.

It is important to know!All wooden elements are pre-impregnated with a special compound that protects the wood from rotting.

The farm did not find the necessary tools?Do not rush to spend money, try to take them to use neighbors or friends

followed by an inventory of materials, identify what is already in your household, missing purchase.

Take, for example, a list of materials needed for a medium-sized house:

  • board 2 to 4 meters (5 to 25 cm);
  • boards 6 of length 3 meters (5 to 15 cm);
  • timber 3 to 4 meters in length (5 to 15 cm);
  • other boards, plywood for handrails, stairs, walls;
  • wire with a diameter of 0.6 cm;
  • 8 metal perforated plates to attach the bars;
  • stainless steel / galvanized screws;
  • nails, screws, hooks and other items for fastening;
  • tarp;
  • other items according to your design and drawing.

Video Guide to the construction tree house ↑

Step by step instructions of building ↑

standard height - 3 meters, of course, if the Towers will use small crumbs, it can be mounted lower.So, how to make a tree house with the help of the above components?

frame house
example mounted to the frame house

Take timber, loose nail nailed to a branch situated at a distance of less than 30 centimeters from the floor of the future attics.Using level, fasten the other end of the rail on the other branch is strictly horizontal.Repeat the operation with the other side of the trunk.Make sure that the boards are flush.Carefully remove the rack, measure the distance between the place where the nails were.Then, 4 m subtract this figure, the resulting number is divided into two - the size of the segment that you need to measure from the edge of the boards (5 to 25 cm).In these places, drill holes with a diameter of 1.5 cm. You also need to do more on each side of one such hole, departing from the first segment equal to the distance between the holes on the branches.Between the holes using a saw or jigsaw is necessary to make the slots in which you have to install spacers to fix the boards, and at the required distance from the trunk / branches.Materials not recommended tie, leaning against a tree, as it can continue to grow.

When the foundation is ready, you can move on to the floor.To do this, cut the board.2 boards (5 by 15 cm) should be equal to the length of the deck, the remaining 4 - 10 cm shorter.Short boards with screws to attach one of the long (perpendicular).The design lift up and tie to the supports.Then lock the second long board.Further, the case will go to the metal plates.To make the chamber's more stable, you can make stops.This requires a board 5 to 10 cm. The stops with screws, attach the lap.In the frame of the floor, set the board, making the gap of 1 cm (matchbox), because water is necessary to drain freely, and not to stay in the house.Previously on the boards should be made cutouts for the trunk and branches.Their diameter is recommended to do more than 5 cm, because the plant will continue to evolve.

It looks like the basis of the floor

From the remnants of the material make stairwell and railing.Gaps between the floor and the railings better sheathing plywood or boards.The roof can be made of canvas.To do this, at a height of 2 meters on either side of attics screw 2 hooks between them need to pull a cable.Through cable perekin'te tarpaulin on the perimeter and corners, pulling, fix the tissue.Stairs do on its own.Babies prefer the rope, however, consider the age of the "owners" of the house.

If the ladder will be installed at the center, it is necessary to make such a hatch

Mansion Now you can paint, decorate, equipped with furniture and attractions, for example, a swing or slide.Attracted to the work of all members of the family, and boring process turn into an exciting adventure.

That house and ready!Notice how attached roof of canvas (maybe in the text you process was not fully understood)

Treehouse - a wonderful opportunity to return to childhood and make happy their crumbs.