What you need to know when buying lawnmowers

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01 May 2016

lovely country house, built in modern design and well-kept road trim, can easily lose their luster because of the dull, well-groomed territory.Indeed, the lawn tidy and evenly trimmed bushes are often the best decor than presentable facade.To bring order to the area, it is useful lawnmowers, or more simply, a braid, which allows you to trim the grass in inaccessible places for lawn mowers.


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important detail trimmer - cutting mechanism ↑

What is trim, self-explanatory: using it can mowgrass, some models are designed for trimming bushes.The main part used to be spit metal blade, which had sharpened two or three times a day.Modern garden equipment has several options for cutting mechanism:

  • durable metal knife;
  • Cord string (fishing line);
  • replacement option (knife and fishing line).

knife comes in two types: plastic, cheaper, and iron - expensive but able to cope with the tough grass and bush shoots.Knife haircut in handy when it's time to come the autumn harvest and need to cut the stems of woody thickets thickness of 5 mm.To understand how to choose a trimmer for precise, smooth cutting, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of teeth: The more, the better will look the treated area.Good results provide the blades with 6-8 teeth.

element electric spit
The line trimmer - the practical element is replaceable electric and gasoline braid

for purity analysis consider disadvantages of metal knives.They quickly tupyatsya if the work is carried out on a rocky area.Hence the second negative - regular sharpening.We should not forget about the weight of metal parts: they are much heavier than plastic.Facilitating total weight is achieved by using modified alloys not of such severe and more reliable.Instruments with this type of knives are marked with «heavy duty» and higher costs.
If you need to carefully trim the lawn to mow or bushes between the trees without damaging their bark, need another trim - how to choose and not to miscalculate?Feel free to buy a scythe and line.It captures the overgrown plot of half-meter wide, carefully remove the top layer of grass.Braids with cord string indispensable in heterogeneous terrain and for cutting grass in the garden between the trees.

Types trimmers for garden work ↑

market scored a variety of models of electric and gasoline braid, the electric tool can be powered either from the network or from the mobile battery.

Some types of trimmers are equipped with wheels for easy use

electric motor: the pros and cons ↑

Not every cottage has a electrocommunications, but if available, many are choosing Electrokos, as they have the following advantages.

  • Noisy much quieter than trimmers - any vacation can ruin your morning with a loud noise.
  • For Electrokos not required consumables - fuel, therefore, there will be additional expenses.
  • No petrol fumes, which is also nice.
  • Weight tool is small, cope with it even a woman.With easy to maneuver better braids in the garden, including fruit trees.
  • With top type of engine can even mow wet from dew or rain the grass.
choice of trim
Elektrotrimmer buying, be sure to check the information on the length of the power cord

the downside rapid overheating, so the process has to be interrupted to cool the equipment.You also need to get used to the wire, which will be constantly reaching for the mower.Sometimes, if the work area is far away from home, it becomes a problem, and then it is better to use the cordless tools.Do not forget to take into account the money spent on electricity costs, while in rural areas, as is well known, the rates are low.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the petrol engine ↑

Many are wondering what the best trimmer, gasoline and safely acquire, and here's why.Powerful four-cylinder engine allows mowing tough grass and shoots without much effort, and it is important for gardeners who, for example, berry bushes grow.In addition, thanks to self-powered trimmers are mobile, not attached to the house or the power supply.Most models have a universal fixture for a variety of mechanisms, not only cutting.

A sample of the gasoline mowers
Sample gasoline mowers - Japanese trimmer ECHO SRM-2655SI for mowing grass and shrubs

Nevertheless, popular trimmers have not entirely positive nuances.For example, the owner of this trimmer should always be a spare canister of gasoline, which at times has a habit to end.Mowing wet grass petrol tool is not recommended - it harms equipment and dangerous to humans.Lovers of comfort does not like loud noise, which produces gasoline engine.The crackling is such that the need for earplugs.Also grieve emissions with an unpleasant chemical odor.To sum up: if in the first place - the power, the choice falls on the trimmers, despite all these shortcomings.

Cordless Electrokos ↑

to far located parts of the garden and planting the perfect tool are rechargeable braids.Lack of fuel and cord trailing behind, minimum noise level, freedom of movement make them preferable for those who like to work in comfort.Many choose this small trimmer: a better mow it soft, silky grass around the trees or along the track?

cutting mechanism is a plastic knife, which is easily sheathed and Breakdown replaced.It is mounted on the cutting head, where the rotation angle reaches 90 degrees.The battery is located in the upper part of the tool and a battery.They come in two types: lithium-ion (more expensive) and Nickel-Cadmium (cheaper, but with a fast discharge).On charging the battery usually lasts 3-4 hours.

A good option for women
Not a bad option for women - Rechargeable Spit Monferme 21317M 40V 4 kg

strut for easy lawn or boundaries between the beds is usually enough Electrokos light, weighing less than 2 kg.Average processing area - 140 square meters.To mow the grass regularly, should buy more powerful model that weighs just over 3 kg and operates on an area of ​​250 m².Cordless trimmers are equipped with convenient D-shaped handle, adjust the angle cutting.Some models are heavier, have a set of replacement wheels.

Universal trimmers: types of baits ↑

It is possible to save on the purchase of a set of garden tools, acquiring a single trimmer universal type, that is, having a set of interchangeable nozzles.They are attached using a specially provided slot, quickly removed and do not cause difficulties during use.Each nozzle has a specific purpose, and the number of relevant bits is different - an average of 2 to 10. Consider the kinds of additional nozzles, the most popular for garden work:

  1. Many Motor mower equipped with a replaceable mechanism for snow removal.It is enough to set the cutting unit in place capture in a spiral as the trimmer is converted into a compact snowblower.Spiral rotates, dropping snow away.For cleaning large areas of power and capture a little trim, but remove the area in front of the house or to clear a path to the gate by means of this mechanism is quite real.It is, in fact, the best trimmer in the category of "winter-summer".
  2. For small areas, flower beds and flower beds, helpful tips cultivators in small mills, which are used for crushing and loosening the soil.Diameter of nozzles - an average of 12 to 24 cm. This is not elementary blades and a complicated mechanism, so its weight is rather high - up to 4-5 kg.
  3. number motokosilok equipped with shears - practical nozzles for forming crowns of trees and shrubs, removal of sick and dead branches.Devices characterized by a large length (3 m), which is necessary to reach to the top of the tree.
Replacing knives cultivator can loosen the ground and grind ground

Nozzles can be purchased either together with a scythe, and separately.The main argument for buying - the diameter of the connector, which should be the same.The standard diameters of 20 mm are considered and 24 mm.

Thus, choosing a tool for a garden plot, you must take into account many factors: weight, power, type of engine, the ability to change attachments, as well as the availability of energy supply, location of the site and the area of ​​cultivated land.And do not forget: manicured lawns and formed crowns ennoble suburban area not less than gorgeous fountain or intricate paths.