Types pile carpet - practical evaluation

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02 May 2016

Modern manufacturers produced such a great variety of carpets for the floor, which determine the choice sometimes - a little problem in a million.Type pile carpet - one of those characteristics, which need to pay attention in the first place.The most popular and the quality is rightly recognized as a high-pile carpet.But let's not get ahead.Everything in order.


Classification carpet ↑

From the quality of the pile will depend largely on how the service life of the coating, and general premises presentable.What types of pile carpeting is available to the buyer at the moment?

  • hinge;
  • split;
  • combined.

with the loop-pile carpet ↑

may be single-level and multilevel.

One-level brand of carpet

For this floor covering is characterized uncut loops of equal length.Carpeting can have both

a compact structure and more free.The latter allows you to increase the number of visual and tactile features.

«one-tier" gives the coverage of nobility.This carpet is durable, high-quality, durable.However, the above characteristics can boast a product in the manufacture of which were "well seasoned" the height and density of the pile.Carpeted Floor adequate density can be used in areas where the service load is quite high.

Features multi-level options

It is soft, supple and aesthetically attractive.It loops of different heights - it creates the "illusion" surround the figure.Multilevel carpet is mainly used in hotel rooms, residential area.

Ideal with any interior, thanks to the abundance of patterns and a wide color gamut.Attractive in all this coverage - and an unusual structure and "appearance" and coming from a feeling of comfort.

Carpet Scroll
Carpet Scroll: the original surface - the result of a specific haircut bonus

Scroll is a form of multi-level hinge carpet.Its characteristic feature - the top of the pile are subjected to "bonus" shearing and combing.Through manipulation is achieved quite an original effect.

carpet with split hair ↑

in turn subdivided into several subspecies:

  • coating with a short nap (up to 3 mm);
  • with an average (5 mm);
  • carpet with a long nap (5 mm).

most popular is the so-called "plush" kind of coverage.Depending on the yarn distinguished classical, semi-soft, soft velor.

Velour carpet
Velour (teddy) carpet attracted aristocratic velvet surface

At low cutting the pile material of equal length.Fluff loop creates a homogeneous smooth surface that resembles a flowing velvet.To improve performance on carpet applied printed pattern - a kind of "masking" the disadvantages that somehow arise during operation.

With split intersecting loop ↑

product is very peculiar.As such it becomes due to a special weaving, build machines (crossover movement grids with needles, a predetermined number of stitches per centimeter cover).This technology makes it possible to produce unique models.Production of this carpet has recently carried out in manual mode or in the far advanced looms.This incredible time and labor costs.

Coverage Friese created from high twisted yarns (high-heat treated).It is characterized by longevity and durability.Even years later, you will not be able to find flaws in it - no deformations or dents.Strong torsion-frieze carpet is able to hide the resulting pollution.Nevertheless, they are well cleaned, special care by the owner is not required.The combination of low cost and practicality make their choice "number one" for many.Carpet "frieze" universal - equally well accentuate the interior not only living but also the nursery corridor.

Carpet "Saxony" soft, high pile.Heat-set yarns - "piece de resistance" in its production.The villi, like soldiers, are in the upright position. Saxony effect the wool carpet.It has many advantages: it is elegant, beautiful, comfortable.

Carpet Saxony
Saxony carpet: the higher the density of the villi, the higher the quality of the carpet, the longer it will serve

Evrosaksoni - unequivocal leader of sales.Worth coating is thin and strongly twisted.His height - 7 mm.

Shag - a subspecies of "Saxony", has a rough and high pile.Ideal for lovers of drowning in the coating legs.Worth nizkoustoychiv - therefore not recommended for areas with high dynamic movements.

This carpet requires careful attitude, it is difficult to clean.

Combined types of carpet ↑

are manufactured with the latest technologies.In these blends simplicity and restraint with a strong personality.

layered with looped-split hair

This carpet stands out unique style.Aesthetics give him a section of uncut loops.The structure also includes a loop is cut into a special machine.This technology - one of the most modern and progressive.

One-level with the loop-pile split

you simultaneously (and very successfully) are combined and sheared looped pile one length.For its production using hooks with programmed parameters.These should pull the loop, do not be cut to the level of the cut pile.With various combinations of technology, the range of coverage is incredibly broad.

The range of carpet
Color range of carpet

Additional quilting carpet ↑

Cover with additional needling has some success.Produced by machines, the hallmark of which is the individual control of the needles - the technology of ICN.Software control allows goods c incredible color effects and unique design.

Video: recommendations choosing ↑

choosing carpet for apartments, country house or office, of course, you must follow your own taste, while not forgetting about the combination of the coating with the overall design of the interior.Consider also the operational load in the room.

Due to the wide range of carpets available on the market, the user can safely experiment with models.As is known, a material perfectly fit into one room, may be grossly impractical choice for another.