How to choose a reliable gasoline generator

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29 April 2016

most comfortable in a city apartment can not compare with the pleasure of country walks and recreation in the country, where a person becomes a part of nature.But to completely abandon the civilized conditions it is very difficult even for a day.And travel easily overshadows outage.To protect yourself and your family from unexpected "surprises" can be generated by the generator.There are petrol and diesel models, running on gas.All of them will be able to solve the problem, but the best option is to give first.It remains an open question just how to choose a gasoline generator specifically for their needs of the entire range available on the market?


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easy to do without a source of electricity ↑

Outside the town commo

n is a power outage and sudden changes in voltage.And if it can be easy to spoil the plans (not get to see your favorite TV show or finish outlined the case), then the other would be a real tragedy.Sour baby food in the refrigerator, turn this time into a regular cabinet will not be able to cook dinner on an electric stove, as usual care for a sick person, and in the winter even without heating will have to stay.The list is endless, so the backup source of electricity is purchased at the construction stage home.

selection of the generator
gasoline generator will not allow the failure in the electrical disrupt plans

market is ready to meet any request.And before you choose a generator to give, you must decide what tasks he must cope.This will ensure complete comfort and not spend extra money.

to "tent" and the cottage ↑

first indicator to which you should pay attention when choosing the unit is power.

  • Up to 1 kW - good for hiking, fishing trips.This is a compact device which is easy to transport in a backpack or trolley.
  • 2-5 kW - great for small cottages.
  • 6-10 kW - the optimum choice for a country house average.
  • More than 10 kW - powerful equipment that can perform a stationary power source.

It totals.To determine which oscillator choose to testify, or at home, it is necessary to lay down the power of all devices need to be connected, and the resulting value is multiplied by a factor (1.2-1.5).This margin is necessary because when you run some electrical equipment increases its capacity.

small power generator
low power equipment is easy to transport, so it is indispensable for outdoor recreation
  • pumps, compressors, transformers, welding machines - in 3-4 times.
  • starting power is little different from working at the drill, jigsaw, TV, refrigerator, computer.
  • not affect soldering, irons, electric.

This is interesting!If the manufacturer specifies the kVA, then transfer to the kW figure should be multiplied by 0.8.

It should be borne in mind that there are different alternators.

  • Synchronous easily tolerate transient increase in load.
  • Asynchronous are cheaper, but do not tolerate differences of the peak.Their advantage is the ability to maintain a voltage with high accuracy, that is suitable for feeding a highly sensitive electronic equipment.

detrimental effect on the operation of the equipment jumps electricity supply.And it's not just about opportunities for small repairs, but also the complete replacement of important details.So be sure to provide a voltage regulator.

How to choose the ideal model ↑

Ideals almost non-existent, but your purchase, you can bring to it, when you consider all the nuances.

  • Compliance wiring

required to provide that coincided Phase household appliances and gasoline generator.When single-phase (220 V) wiring redundant power must also be single phase.

Important!If purchased trehfazhny (380), the load is distributed so as to bias the phases was not more than 20%.In such models often has access to a single-phase voltage.

If the three-phase wiring and emergency supplies purchased by single phase unit, the most important customers to be connected to one phase.

Reserve power
Reserve power must be purchased at the construction stage home
  • Cooling

small capacity models are air cooled.They do not differ impressive size and weight, therefore easy to transport.Without fail can work about 8 hours.After that it must be shut off "to rest."The only exception is winter.

model heating systems can only be moved in trucks, but can work with little or no interruption.This type is provided in units of medium and high power.

  • Engine Type

Select gasoline generator to give you can with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine.The push-pull single-phase aluminum block with low power, has a margin 500 hours and designed for smooth operation of a brief (approximately 3 hours).The same, but with cast iron cylinder liners, designed for 1500 hours.It has small size and convenient for frequent visits.Perfect as a backup source in the country for short-term power outages.

The four with a V-twin engine designed for a long time when a large consumption.The most powerful is a gasoline generator to the engine type OHV.It provides a supply of oil under pressure, the system automatically stops at reducing its level, a large safety margin (4000 hours).The engine does not produce a lot of the noise and quite economical.

  • Noise

Running gasoline generator has a "sound".Much discomfort it causes, if the equipment is located under the window.The metal casing reduces the noise, but it very quickly heats up the engine.It does not have to stop after 8 hours, and after 3.

Nizkoobrotnye (1500 rev / min) models are less noisy, has a margin of safety for 500 hours, but are more expensive.If this reserve is not enough, you should choose high-speed (3000 rev / min) station.

  • Startup type

This figure can be attributed to the additional convenience (inconvenience).To have a small generator in good weather, you can manually.All the "taste" of anguish felt by the arrival of winter, when frosty sunny day just attracted to the country.And almost all models of the high capacity of the plant key, otherwise the process will turn into a real test.

For consumers with high power ↑

Thinking about how to select a generator can not be left unattended electrical equipment, which is not only used for domestic purposes, but also provides the daily work, the construction process.If the total capacity of more than 20 kW (not to forget about the stock!), It is worth considering diesel models.They are more expensive, but very reliable and economical.

types of generators
Diesel models can ensure the smooth operation of the set of consumers

Specific recommendations on how to choose a diesel generator, no.They differ in the same performance as gasoline.But for many priority may be not only a large capacity but also the type of fuel, which is economically advantageous.

What does the brand ↑

main criteria in determining the producer should be availability of spare parts, service.Be sure to verify that the certificate.It is important, and the warranty period.It may be up to 5 years from the date of sale.

unambiguous give preference to goods of foreign production is not necessary.The main reason is the quality of fuel in our country, which is different from the one on which the resource is designed generator.But here, all individually.

practical rules ↑

Any model requires proper operation and respect.To extend the operation of the installation, it is necessary to carry out simple activities.

the life of the generator
only proper care and respect extend the life of
  • Pay attention to preventive examinations.The frequency depends on the power and resources.
  • Timely oil changes.Use only brand recommended for the specific engine.
  • Do not connect or disconnect the devices during the operation of the station.
  • Avoid overheating.
  • Observe the operating rules prescribed in the documents.
the appointment of the generator
generator provides a pleasant and relaxing away from civilization

With such a power plant can not only ride out the carefree temporary power outage, but also to provide a comfortable environment in a completely deserted place.Maybe this is a "piece" of heaven?