Why outdoor heaters in the country and how to choose them

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28 April 2016

Despite the abundance of fruits and vegetables in stores, gardeners try to grow their own food supply.And the reason is not cost savings or quality.For many, work on the ground has become something of a hobby, physical workout that relieves stress.But the weather has an impact, and unexpected frosts may impair the growth of crops.Therefore, gardeners prepare for such eventualities, buying outdoor heaters.They will warm and greenhouse, and the hosts.


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What are outdoor infrared heaters ↑

It would seem, what's the pointput the heater on the street, if all the heat will be dissipated instantly in space, and so it is impossibl

e to heat the air volume.But "chip" that the infrared devices is not heated air as conventional oil systems, and all the objects and people that are in the dispersion zone rays.Similarly, the impact on our fire.Standing by the open fire, we immediately warms, even if freezing temperatures outside.

But unlike the fire that burns by burning oxygen, infrared element did not absorb from the atmosphere.Such devices are recommended to be put in unheated porches or gazebos, because they do not dry the air and do not cause headaches.

Types of IR systems ↑

There are two types of devices: gas heater outside and work on electricity.Vacationers buy both options, depending on the application.Consider, for use in the country than profitable.

Mobile Gas Heaters ↑

If you use the appliance more often outside the garden, you should choose Street infrared gas heater.It is convenient because it can be placed anywhere in the area, as it does not depend on the energy source.All that is necessary for the operation of (gas cylinder) is mounted in the instrument, to be exact - at the bottom of the structure.It turns the system by pressing the button, and then triggered piezo, strike sparks.He ignites the gas.He starts to warm up a special grid allocated infrared radiation.The rays reflected by the reflector and create a certain radius of heaters cone.

gas heater
One click - and natural gas, the system automatically ignites the flame

systems can run on two types of liquefied gas: propane and butane.If you use only the cottage in the summer, it is more profitable to use butane type, since at these temperatures it is more effective.In autumn and spring, when temperature changes from plus to minus, gives the best quality heating propane.If you find a model that works for both types of gas - it will be a better option because you can pick up fuel for the season.

But the gas systems in the level of losing electric heating.To the instrument issued by a temperature of about 20 degrees on the street must be at least + 10˚.Therefore, winter warmers are ineffective.Besides gas installations can not be used indoors because during combustion generated pollutants.

Another disadvantage - limited time.Gas cylinder has a capacity of about 30 liters.If you want it a permanent job, the stock of fuel will be enough just for a day, but, as a rule, the heater is used for a couple of hours, so that it may be enough power for about 8 parties.

not require refueling electrical ↑

If at the cottage a lot of open-end architectural structures - terraces, pavilions, terraces, etc., It is more convenient to use recognized infrared electric heaters street.They are fixed to the wall or ceiling in a room where the tea party is planned, include the outlet - and you can relax even a week.Indeed, in this heater fuel will never end.

The level of heat power systems are more efficient than gas.At temperatures close to zero, they can warm up all that is within the dispersion infrared rays to 15-20˚.

electric heater
permitting cord length, while the electric heater is easy to drink coffee in the cold, without Seated outerwear

But throughout the site outdoor electric heaters difficult to apply, since this is not enough cord length.The owners have to buy an extension cord, portability, and he is well, and yet rastyanesh wire is winded back (carefully!) - It takes a long time.In addition, during operation of the heater it is necessary to monitor the animals and children who may accidentally touch the wire.

Exterior gas installations ↑

original system on gas resembled the traditional lamps, floor lamps - the favorite attribute of Soviet life.The top looked like a cone-shaped cap, then was stretched leg, and the base has the form of round tables.The cabinet has been hidden away gas installation.

infrared heater
The heater-floor lamps infrared rays diverge in the form of a cone, widening the radius down

today to the old form to add more than the original, like a glass pyramid.Inside the pyramid - oblong bulb glass, which begins at ground level and extends to the top of the device.It is in the flask is a heating element which distributes the infrared light uniformly over the entire height of installation.For comparison - in torshernom heater heat going from top to bottom, and in this model - a pillar height of about 1.6 meters. To increase the safety of use and protect children from burns that could accidentally hook hand pyramid, mounted outside the protective grille.She did not give the glass to crack if dropped heater.

Pyramid heats uniformly the whole person, while the lamp heats a large area at the bottom of

Varieties of electrical infrared equipment ↑

heaters running from the power supply, also have two varieties.The first form - in the form of a street lamp (otherwise called "umbrella").It is fixed on a broad front.For outdoor use available models marked "water resistant."

electric heater
Elegant "umbrella" can not be used on the street, if he does not have the waterproof properties

In areas open type frequently used instrument in the form of panels.It is shaped like a rectangle and is fixed on the ceiling or wall.When buying such models it is important to relate the power of the heater with a height at which it is attached.So, for high greenhouses or premises where the person to be at least 1.5 meters, buy powerful systems (more than 2 kW).If the distance between the head rest and the system is not more than a meter, it is sufficient to power up to 800 watts.

outdoor heaters
Power IR panel is chosen taking into account the distance from the head of holidaymakers

Tips for Choosing a heater ↑

When choosing electric models, pay attention to the tube, which is hidden filament.The cheapest housing - quartz.He is 3-4 years, and then must be replaced.Approved for use only in the streets or a very large area indoors.More expensive shell - metal and ceramic.Such devices can be placed both at home and outside.

choosing a gas model, specify how the device is safe.Look in the manual, whether it is provided automatically turn off the gas if the heater falls or a gust of wind extinguish flames.

installation depends on the power of the radius of the heating.We gardeners are considered the most popular system with a capacity of 12 kW.They provide good quality warm up within a radius of six meters and at the same time spend a little bit of fuel.In the more powerful units greatly increases the gas flow rate, although the quality of heat remains approximately the same level as that of the medium-installation.

for easy movement on a site worth buying appliances on wheels.Then you do not have to drag the heater in his hands.

All that is indicated by the word "option" is not one of the obligatory elements of the heater, but they improve the usability of the device

Scope suburban application of infrared systems ↑

Sly gardeners have learned to use infrared devices, even where this is notmanufacturers planned.Those created a unit to increase the comfort of tourists, visitors to cafes longer could sit outside.

But giving applications of infrared heaters so much more.Here are the most popular:

  1. Protecting young flowering trees by night frosts.
  2. Warming the greenhouse in early spring.
  3. Maintaining temperature balance in a place where there are chickens, ducks, pigs and so on.
  4. Warming grapes and melons to speed up the ripening of fruits (especially in a cold summer).
  5. combat fungal diseases of cucumbers in the rainy summer (heating eliminates moisture, which provokes the development of infection).
  6. Cleansing tracks and a porch on the ice in winter.
  7. Drying wet shoes.

can not specifically say what the heater for the summer resident is more profitable - gas or electric.It is necessary to focus on where you are going to use it, how often and for what purposes.