How to make a decoration of the well

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28 April 2016

Everyone knows that water - it is the source of life.Having own well once could only very rich people.But there was a woman who would not dream of it, wandered home from the rocker at the ready.Today, the achievements of civilization have reached the most remote places, and the water there flows through the water supply.But why do we still want to be in our yard was a well?Maybe it's a tribute to tradition, and, perhaps, something more related to the state of mind.In any case, this element of rural life is widely used in the regeneration of suburban mansions and villas.In this article, we'll show you how best to make a clearance well.


permitting the location of groundwater, its suit to have a natural water.As such there is no ability or desire, it is possible to build a decorative purpose.There is no doubt that this element will act as a central figure of the landscap

e design!The original design of the well log - is the product of considerable imagination!But thanks to the already existing solutions, you can create your own original and unique option.

Making sump tip ↑

to create modern manhole pits mainly use concrete ring.They are immersed in the ground to a predetermined depth and part of the ring is left on the surface.So he called the head.To protect concrete from destruction headroom usually planed planks sewn.We can not say they always look aesthetically pleasing, but it can be corrected.It is enough to pick up a brush and paint, then put on a bright trim figure.If you fix it with lacquer, then the well will look more attractive and less ordinary.

Decoration tip you can use pebbles, bricks or stones nice.To fix the latter apply grout.Stones can be pre-painted in different colors, and then to put them out of ornaments, drawing or to make a colorful abstract passages.In any case, your well will sparkle with new colors and will be pleasing to the eye.

bright corner of your yard
Decorative well under the canopy - a bright corner of your yard

Very often drawing well at the cottage is a wooden frame.One of its variants - the rough quadrangular frame, built of large logs.However, a much sleeker look houses with six or octagonal shape.

sump house to protect ↑

If your well is full of water, it is necessary to protect it from dust, dirt and debris.Otherwise, the water will be unsuitable for drinking, and can only be used for household purposes.To this end, over the shaft sump constructing a house, which come in different shapes and designs.It can be made of any material, but especially popular are wood products.This house is a unique element of landscape design.Do not forget that it should be in harmony with the rest of the buildings located at the dacha.

house for well
Fairy house for your well

Depending on the design features of such protection over the well can be a gazebo or marquee.Last it looks like a canopy, which is based on the rack.Besides covering a gazebo wall, so well get closed from all sides.One wall is necessarily equipped with a door opening which can go up to the mine pit.If required, it can be locked with a key.

form arbors can be very different - a fabulous cottage, a mill or a beehive.What does this mean?The fact that you can make a unique design of wells, a photo of which reflect this.They can be decorated with unique paintings and intricate carvings.That's why some samples of these elements of rural life, is generally considered to be masterpieces of wooden architecture.

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how to fit well into the landscape?↑

We already know how to add modern touches to the design of a traditional well.Then we will talk about how to decorate it with the decorative details, natural materials and plants.

  1. If you take out your site in a country style, the design of the well should be kept in the same style.How to do it?For example, in the yard, fenced wicker fence you put a decorative windmill and a cart with solid wheels.Then the well can be decorated with attachment wagon wheel.With this minor detail will remain the overall style of the site.

    style well
    Each family member can make a contribution to the design of
  2. Great looks well, surrounded by flowers, lawn grass and juniper bushes.To emphasize the rustic stone spread blind area, and not far from erecting a low wicker fence.If the site has a small pond, then thrown through the garden bridge will be very useful.The main thing - is to see a complete picture, then choose the option of registration of the well will be quite easy.
  3. to one of the most colorful ways of decorating wells are gustorastuschie flowers.As such a flower bed, you can use the well house roof.Flowering plants planted in hanging pots, and you can decorate the inside.Flower pots can be placed on the center pole, or put them on the ground at its base.
  4. Decorative well with alpine - is another interesting option.During the drilling of wells to the existing well is a large volume of soil.It is better not to remove, and build close to the Alpine hills.Piles of rocks interspersed with lush vegetation, among which are murmuring streams and mini waterfalls create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and pleasing to the eye.
  5. can apply and medieval style.As the decorations used natural stone, cobblestone, granite, roof and do well in the form of a metal dome.To the product look more modern, minimalist style is applied.Instead of columns - wrought iron supports, roof - made of polycarbonate, no ornate decoration.
  6. Very original looks well decorated in a nautical theme.Headroom and the pillars wrapped with a thick rope of the well, bucket instead use a wooden barrel and handle gate make a wheel.Anchors are like ornaments, hung in the uprights.No doubt many will want to look at your "point of interest"!

    beautiful well
    sea style elements bring his "zest»
  7. you can take as a basis one of the options to add your vision and imagination to connect.We hope that thanks to you the dispensation of the well, the yard will get new original paint!