Make a built-in closet under the stairs - the types of structures and their installation

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24 April 2016

Private residence space galore, but even in such cramped conditions is not often necessary to optimize the living space.For these purposes fit and a wide window sill, which can easily be converted into a small locker for small items, adding to its plasterboard structures and niche, and even the empty space under the stairs.It's about the staircase and will be discussed in this article, or rather how to make the closet under the stairs and how to adapt it to suit your needs.


Preparing for installation ↑

Naturally, to begin to prepare the work areanamely, to make room under the stairs from the partition separating podlestnichnoe space of the room, if any, or removed from under her trash, dumped back to better times.

The second step will be to develop a plan and scheme of the future cabinet.It all depends on the size of podlestnichnogo space and you

r imagination.

The layout of the cabinets under the stairs
One of the many accommodation options cupboards under the stairs.Podlestnichnoe space used to the maximum.

When you are ready, you can prepare the instrument.You will need:

  • Bulgarian or ordinary hacksaw
  • Roulette
  • drill
  • material for covering the internal space of the cabinet
  • bars section 50x50
  • facades doors and / or drawers.

Now we need to protect the floor from possible trouble occurring during repair and construction works.The usual plastic film will be quite enough.And now you can start to do cupboard under the stairs with his hands

Interior decoration of the future cabinet ↑

What can be built-in closet under the stairs?Yes, even how!Though pantry cupboard with lots of shelves, though closet, though no open cabinet doors.Fantasy, as they say, is walking!Consider the case of installation of double closet in the beginning steps - wardrobe, and in the place where the ladder is at its peak - pantry cupboard.

Sliding wardrobe under the stairs
design options podlestnichnogo space.Mirrored closet doors with beveled.
Staircase with drawers
staircase design options: stage used for the device in their storage boxes and all kinds of little things.

first sheathe better future inside the cabinets and set between the partition.You can make the last of the drywall, and several bars height equal podlestnichnogo space.Bars can take 50x50 section.It will be enough to support the weight of the cabinet shelf lying to them things.

Fix the bars with screws and have them drywall screw.The ladder rack will look nicer if the partition structure in plasterboard sheathing on both sides, not one.

material for the shelves you can buy in a store: it can be ready shelves, baskets, or the most common board that you yourself under adjust the desired size.

bars Mount Shelf ↑

No closet under the stairs is not without shelves.About how to make them, you'll know right now.

You will need pieces of wood and the actual benches.Measure the width of your closet and you sawed the desired number of bars.The length of the bars must be equal to the width of the cabinet.

Bruskov should be as long as you plan to do the shelves.If the shelves will have six, the bars should be 12 (six on each wall of the enclosure).Fix the bars on the walls with screws, the distance between them choose their own depending on what exactly will be stored on shelves.Thereafter, shelf can be laid on the bars.For greater reliability, the shelves can be screwed to the bars with screws.

Installation bars for future shelves
bars for the shelves are mounted to your liking: their height, length and width you choose yourself

shelves under the steps to do more complicated, because they were not fastened to anything.We'll have to make another partition and place it at a convenient for you to distance from the end of the stairs.Do not get too much deeper under the stage - space there is still not enough and it is unlikely you will be able to get at least something to push.

Depart from the first stage of 60-80 centimeters and even meters, and set there another partition (by the way, you can make a few, then your wardrobe will be much more comfortable and roomy).

correctly put sliding doors ↑

Since wardrobe do a double, then the door will be two, or rather three, one for storage, and the other two for the cabinet compartment.

much easier, if you pre-order a box and, and facades.To do this, call the master, which will make the necessary measurements and will make you the door.Buy in them will not work, because each has its own staircase features: its height, length, krutizinu.

can make doors and box yourself, but believe me, it's not worth the effort - it is unlikely you will achieve a perfect result.

doorframe set simply.Tighten all the elements of the box on the screws, and frames can be stuck on construction glue or nail them with nails without hats.Set the loops and hang the door.

With sliding door cabinet compartment is necessary to tinker a little longer, because first you need to fix the top and bottom rails, tie clips to the facades, and only then install sliding doors.

Mounting clips on door fronts
need for cabinet compartment rails (rails) and rollers.The rollers are mounted on the door fronts

Now you have an idea of ​​how to make closet under the stairs, and then to cope with this difficult task will be easier.