How to build a fence of corrugated board to testify and other materials

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26 April 2016

No holiday is complete without a section of the fence.It may be an element of decor or to perform security functions.A variety of materials for its construction makes it possible to make a choice on your wallet.

Through strength, beauty, and a relatively low price, popular are the fence of corrugated board to testify.Design options are many: from simple fencing to decorating their territory.


possibleYou can not even imagine how much variety can be fences to testify: a photo of fences of corrugated presented below

fence of corrugated metal poles will save your budget
metal fence
elements of forging will add sophistication to your fence
the color of the fence
notRemember that the colors should be combined with the appearance of a country house

Benefits fence of corrugated sheeting ↑

- a building material that is a sheet steel profile.They are galvanized and coated with polymer compositions.Galvanized sheets are subject to rapid oxidation and destruction under the weather.

more reliable is the one which is coated with polymer compositions.It is more expensive, but its service life is 50 years.Another advantage is that it does not need additional paint and brush.


  • reliability - ensure the safety of your premises;
  • versatility - you can build around the industrial area, suburban area, at home;
  • strength - grooved profile ensures high mechanical resistance;
  • corrosion resistance - thanks to a special coating;
  • easy to install - you can very quickly the fence with their hands to build the country, without the help of experts;
  • combination with other materials - can be built in conjunction with a brick, wood, stone;
  • affordable price allows significant savings in the construction of the fence;
  • various colors.
color corrugated
you can at will and taste to choose the color of corrugated board for your fence

Features of construction of the fence of corrugated ↑

For those who want to build protective structures of corrugated metal poles alone, offer a few recommendations:

  • dig holes for bars at a distance of 2.5 meters (depth of the wells: 100-120 cm);
  • pour gravel in the pit, about 20 cm;
  • install metal poles;
  • pour a mixture of concrete and sand (1: 8);
  • then welded to the posts 2-3 logs of the profiled pipe;
  • fasten corrugated sheets using self-tapping screws.
with their own hands
scheme of construction of corrugated fence with their hands

Fences made of other materials ↑

build a fence in the country you can also made of wood, plastic or metal.

  • Wooden

considered eco-friendly wooden fences for cottages - is the perfect and timeless version of the fence.What they feature?

  1. tree - it is a beautiful natural material that any design will look advantageous.
  2. looks elegant and refined.
  3. is relatively inexpensive.
  4. build a wooden fence can be yourself.

There are several types of fencing:

  • stockade made of stakes that are hammered into the ground;
for construction will need a large amount of wood
  • plank fence: the vertical poles are nailed horizontally boards;
Location boards
boards can be positioned horizontally, vertically or diagonally
  • picket fence made of boards that are vertically mounted on a horizontal bar;
picket fence will decorate your garden, but do not protect against burglars
  • pasture fence type is assembled from rods;
low fence
Decorative fencing option that is best used within your site
  • fence made of branches of young trees and bushes;
types of fences
Wattle can perform a decorative and protecting function depending on the selected height
  • -lattice fence - a wooden lattice frame framed.
fence on the site
This fence will skip the sunlight on your site

This is important! to recommend the use of wooden fences cedar, pine or larch.Wood necessarily rasp and ostrugivayut and then treated with preservative.Due to this processing, the protective structure will last much longer and will be less succumb to rot.

  • Plastic

Plastic fences to testify - is an alternative to wooden and metal fences.

Invoice "under the tree"
Texture "under the tree" - for lovers of natural materials

Low plastic fences used for flower beds, fences, playground.


  • very easy to assemble and disassemble;
  • practical and convenient;
  • always easy to keep clean (simply clean with water);
  • options are available in various colors;
  • slowly wears out.

Such fences are of different shapes and sizes.Each summer visitor will be able to choose something special.For example, the fence painted flowers or butterflies.

rail beds
Cute butterflies decorate flowerbed and will please your opinion
  • Metal

Metal fences to testify are the most popular because of its durability, reliability and strength.

them there are several types:

  • forged;
  • welded;
  • sheet metal;
  • sectional;
  • fine.
protect territory
sectional weld metal fence - this is a cheap and easy way to protect a large area

Decorative fences ↑

In order to distinguish between your site and give it a more attractive and complete form, install decorative fences to testify.

They can perform several tasks:

  • give the territory a neat and well-groomed appearance;
  • protect your beds away from pets and small children;
  • hold the plants and not to grow on neighboring beds.

among the most popular ornamental fence of concrete considered.They can be bought ready-made or ordered by your sample.They are quite durable and beautiful.

fence on the site
Concrete fences have aesthetic appearance and have high strength
low fence
For flowerbeds choose a low fence

also to decorate their territory often use plastic, wooden or wrought-iron fencing facilities.And if you like to combine, then we hasten to please you - virtually all building materials can be combined.For example, a stone with forged elements, wood and metal.

Video: ideas for garden fences ↑

decorate cottage fence ↑

How to decorate a fence in the country - the issue most likely to occur when he begins to age and lose the aesthetic appearance.

There are many techniques and design ideas that can help you.

easiest - is to take and repaint.Beautiful and attractive will look, if you will paint it or decorate decorative creepers.

fence pattern
Shall describe fence interesting patterns

You can also attach the vases with flowers on the outside and on the inside of the fence.

flowers on the fence
Such beauty will delight not only you, but also the neighbors
Use special vases for flowers

You can also use the available materials to decorate and liven up your fence.An interesting solution - use bright rubber boots as vases for flowers.

Wattle usually decorate pottery or sunflowers.You can attach a decorative sunflowers or grow their own hands.

Now you can define the material for the fence, taking into account all the above features and advantages.Build the fence with their hands or make ready, decorate it and enjoy the result.