Imitation fireplace or false fireplaces with their hands: types, methods of construction

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01 May 2016

Many people want to see your home beautiful, cozy and romantic.What can complement the interior?Of course, a fireplace.But here there is a small problem can be equipped with a full fireplace is not in all areas, and even permission from the relevant authorities is required.But do not worry, imitation fireplace - an excellent alternative, also made it easily, without a major construction skills.But fantasy and imagination in this case be required to create a real miracle, a spectacular home.


Raised fireplace - artwork ↑

clear and understandable, that the conditions of a city apartment is unacceptable to create a fireplace with open fire.Of course, there is such a thing as an electric fireplaces, but that's another story, much better to create an artificial fireplace and enjoy its contemplation, and be proud of yourself,

knowing that it is done by hand.

Imitation fireplace
imitation fireplace - beautiful!

Artificial fireplaces are characterized by a number of advantages:

  • first, a lot of money on equipment false chimney is not necessary, only on the material;
  • secondly, it can be made from widely available materials: chipboard, wood, foam concrete, plasterboard, bricks, cardboard, polyurethane, shingles;
  • Thirdly, in the area of ​​the furnace can be varied decor, so that false fireplace will vary, depending on the mood and desires of the person;
  • fourth, used for decorating tiles, mosaics, wrought iron elements, painting, and it is beautiful materials that can transform the false fireplace and make it unique and individual.

All this is well worth looking at false fireplaces: a photo in the article are the confirmation, you can see their beauty, variety of composite solutions and complementary role in the integrity of the interior decoration of the room.

Artificial fireplace in the apartment
artificial fireplace - the perfect solution, insert which can be in any interior

But that's not all, the image of a fireplace cold autumn and winter days, even a little bit unnatural, but still warms the atmosphere and brings into the room warm andcomfort.

imitation fire with their own hands - a creative process, interesting and exciting.

Classification Camino imitations ↑

Before proceeding to the immediate answer to the question: how to make an imitation fireplace, I would like to dwell on the concept of "false fire".In fact, it simulate the furnace and fireplaces portal, which serves as the decoration of the interior and gives it a unique flavor.Through this visual deception is achieved by the effect of the presence of the fire, but the false fireplaces can build with their own hands without installing chimneys and furnaces without a bulky device.This simulation can be performed in a variety of styles and variations with different functional features, it depends on the ideas of its founder.Often with the help of designers try to beat fireplaces some disadvantages of the interior, for example, the protrusions bearing structures or interior walls.

Artificial fireplaces are divided into three groups:

  • reliable - complete simulation of the present, with exactly the observed dimensions and design principles.The furnace can be installed burner bio fireplaces, which, in effect, a complete copy of a burning fire.This is the most expensive artist, but then they look believable.
  • contingencies - such false fireplaces are distinguished by the portal, which protrudes from the wall.The options for decorating their mass, firing a hole filled with firewood or to light candles.The main thing that it was concise and beautiful.
  • symbolic - are made of completely different materials, mostly they are in size or design does not look like a full fireplace.Often, this pattern formed on the wall, with little decorations.
Decorative Fireplace
Corner option false fireplace

There are also angular false fireplaces, they are very popular because they can be placed near the comfortable chairs and create a serene retreat for families.

Tricks arrangement ↑

advantage false fire is universal: it is possible to simulate a fire in the hearth, or just focus on decorating.Portal for the fireplace is made in different ways, the most refined - setting candles.If the opening of the fireplace insert in a chaotic manner to put small accessories and a variety of candles, the fireplace trim magically transformed into a wonderful backdrop for a romantic dinner or a meeting.

Artificial fireplace
imitation fireplace - romantic style

even greater reality can be achieved by filling the furnace up to the top logs.This decision looks especially impressive in the furnace with a semicircular top.On the mantel, you can put books or other items, such as items from the favorite collection: figurines, shells.

quite differently imitation fireplace in the apartment is as if on a metal grid with a yellow-red illumination and laid the wood.It is an amazing sight, we can say fantastic.

And most festive option - Christmas imitation fireplace, which can be placed garlands, Christmas balls, traditional socks for gifts.In this case, false fireplace in the interior creates a unique mood and expectation of a miracle.Children will be delighted necessarily such a beautiful fairy tale, and even with Christmas presents.

If false fireplace equipped in the "blank wall", it is possible to hang the lights on both sides, but only need to perform the hidden wiring, hanging wires to not spoil the overall picture.

to construct a false fireplace in the home ↑

How to make an imitation fireplace itself?Now a look.The easiest variant of the device of the fireplace - the purchase of finished portal, it is simply installed in the right place and filled with accessories.But this is something very simple and uninteresting.It is better to make some effort and do everything yourself.

Equipment false fireplace in the apartment
mounting of metal sheets

equipment for false fire plasterboard need profiles, screws, moldings, putty, glue and drywall sheets (without them anywhere).At the initial stage it is necessary to create a drawing and calculate the amount of materials.Here you can dream up and develop a good design, but do not be too carried away and remember that the size of the design should be in harmony with the size of the room.

Important: too large fireplace in a small volume of the room will look presentable, and very little comical.And plus to all, furnaces should not be too deep and high, so as not to burden the structure.

If the place chosen for the fireplace, you can set the frame of metal sheets.Then use the screws on the frame are attached sheets of drywall (measured out and fitted in size).This process is performed by one person, because the small sheets of drywall.

Mounting boxes made of plasterboard
Raised fireplace - construction of plasterboard

After final assembly design time came to seal the joints with putty, priming and painting the "newly" false fireplace.After the final drying to fix decorative moldings glue, and the use of candles is desirable to take care of protection against fire.For this purpose in the upper part of the furnace refractory material attached sheet.

artificial stone - the original finish ↑

How to make a false fireplace luxurious and pompous?Painting and pasting adhesive tape is the cheapest option is not very original and everyday.A man-made stone fireplace fit just right, if you want to eventually get rich and expensive false fireplace.

Fake diamond
Artificial stone - a multi-faceted material

With different types of artificial stone fireplace can be arranged in the ancient or modern style.And in parallel with the stone cladding used and decorative elements made of the same technology.This course gives the fireplace even more expressive, integrity and individuality.As these elements are used bas-reliefs, tiles, decorative tiles.

use of artificial stone opens vast horizons for the man.You can give free rein to the imagination, to use all kinds of forms, invoices, starting with "boulders" and ending with the cute "bricks".It all depends on the style of the room and on the desires, living in a house / apartment, because logically false fireplace should look like in the room, in harmony with the interior decoration and pleasing to the eye.

Imitation fireplace
rich decoration fireplace

imitation fireplace in the apartment (country house) - it is not a difficult and not very expensive, so it should be in every home, it's the romance, beauty and aesthetic addition.It should be a time to relax and let the whole world wait ...